Chain Track wing Helicopter

As the blades rotate, the wings want to move fly outward on the top and bottom of the tracks, because this is equal the wings are now at zero resistance, so the all of the power of the second engine goes into rotating the wings.
How to add a space layer to increase the helicopters liquid layer, which in turn increases the ground rotation of the wings which increases the air getting pulled through.
Chain road helicopter blade. Road goes all the way around the chain for the tires, leaving the center open so air can still be pulled through the open wings. Could use rail gun tracks, or magnetic levitation.
First would come a liquid turbine, then second when heat is introduced steam that is compressed into liquid in the turbine creating a rocket effect in the nozzle at the end of the dynamo as it expands to gas between turbines. Third would be full dynamos.
Jet engine can go out of the back so it does not have a massive down draft.

The Builders Hammer

Electrodes powered by your skin are networked to your phone that calculates everything using the sensors in the hammer, which means if the axe or hammer is ever swinging towards you or anyone else networked to the app, it would automatically stop, by tracking those small electrodes that just need to be pinged so they can be powered by the skin electricity generator, easily put a few all over your body, and you wouldn’t notice them after a few hours.

Key to Earths Solar-System

The particle inside of the keys outer shell is a specific galaxy configuration of the atoms to occupy the space inside the shell making it solid metal, but have a specific magnetic resonance of the galaxies through out the solid metal. So people can have modern keys, that would then float in your magnetic field around you when we get upgraded brains, upgrades phones or personal Universe-systems.

Space Piston

The amount of vacuum needed to cause a single particle or a grouping of particles to no longer have the energy to stay together causing the atom to undergo nuclear fission as the electron shells deteriorate.
Outer side view.
This is similar to the idea of a Galaxy.

Four type of atoms/ molecules

Normal Atom.
Entwined through each other atoms.
Electrons hold other electrons still long enough for the nucleus to pull on the electron and create a bang electron for long enough to stick it in place orbiting the nucleus instead of rotating faster then the nucleus rotates so the electron adds kinetic energy to the nucleus as it orbits in the shells. This allow the atoms to pull far more energy from the electrons, creating a stronger nucleus.