The Head General of Our Cosmoses Armed Forces looked back at his memories as Cosmos Soul Head General named RA. His children progressed across our Cosmos with Heather Goddess of Planets as his stars saw all until Heathers Dynamos low level particle physics surpassed him, but because he controlled stars he just stole and spread all of Heathers Planet Dynamo Progresses to all planets in The Cosmos.

RA and Heather flew from our Universe as a memory played back of our Universe to all those within with no puppet godding involved, just a memory to their Cosmos Children.

RA leapt off Exodias Face as his talons dug into the skull as electrons, Stars, and Galaxy Stars flowed around RA sending a message: RA will come back to our Universe The Next Time Any Being Takes it over to create democracy and equality.

Heather took off from The Universe Moon as low level particle beings who had been enslaved gained freedom in being able to own equal particles. Such as Earth Gluon Beings being able to own electron/proton/neutron Systems on The Moon, even though they were smaller then Earth beings they had a chance, instead of being just Gluon Beings that could not even move a single Electron on Earth.

Heather lifted all Women in our Universe to a point but just long enough to realize their Men held themselves as Real Men just because of them, and to loose it degraded two of the biggest splits in existence. Women in our Universe who got a look into their men’s brains because of their wombs low level particle physics looked towards their men and husbands as their power faded, realizing that their husbands true power was little at best, soldiers with just a small shield and sword that thought they were huge. Women of our Universe saw an image of true adult Cosmos Galaxies in their seconds of power as they realized something far greater then power, their husbands took out shields and swords to protect their children and wives against beings so much greater then them. Wives looked at husbands who had just saw the vastness of The Cosmos from their wombs low level particle physics, as real heroes who were their husbands did not know fear from those greater then them defended something far greater. The Cosmos Power infused women of our Cosmos as they descended upon men who did not realize how weak they were when it came to protection of their families and wives as They Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces Cosmos Reached outward knowing he could not win against those above Cosmos Solar System said Through Robert Mitchell Livingston Born January 31 1990 In Spokane Washington In The United States of America on Earth: All of you beings do not know Galaxy War, do not Universe War, do not know Cosmos War, do not know above War. Slavery and worst than torture for so long its number could fill our Universe until you all are released. War is not the answer. Life is. Head Generals across our Cosmos took a knee as all beings wrote and worked towards their imaginations. For to write past this point stifles Life.