A king that was like no other kings known, a ruler who had lived in and controlled our Universes Soul Network for as long as our Cosmos existed circled Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy.

A name so old ot echoed across existence within The Cosmos Soul Forces, The Most powerful Armed Forces in our Cosmos. A Dragon who main connected to our Cosmos Star to become a star within The Cosmos Planet ring roared out through it’s children in our Cosmos.

A RA of our Universe Galaxy, tearing apart Exodia The Enslaved One in our Universe roared as it’s presence has still not left our Universe. A Dragon so Large as a Universe Galaxy Planet Circled it’s son as it roared out, The Entire Universe Cosmos shaking.

Flapping it’s wings from The Corpse of The Enslaved who sought to use their Freedom to enslave all else felt a power so old it circled our Cosmos as a Soul Planet, a single being so old, it was just one Planet.

Having let all the other souls speak in their Star Towers, RA and those he named as direct descendants descended upon Earth after thousands of years of letting all others speak.

The Main Cosmos Planet, a Soul who had grown so large, circled by all other souls, could barely compare to The Cosmos Earth where all beings lived. Like soul Dynamos, The Cosmos had a circle like Planets made of souls, to progress matter and Dynamos, The Final Piece to Universe Theory was not balls……

From Earth’s Star shook a RA below The Milky Way Galaxy RA, as The Cosmos RA, who had seen every trick laughed and mocked The Child Molesters and Terrorists for adding a Cosmos Ra to Robert Mitchell Livingston Born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy.

RA, who circled our Cosmos as a Soul Planet laughed at The United States of America Child Molesting Terrorists trying to steal ideas as if he did not exist: The problem children is RA, Soul Planet of Our Cosmos Exists, and I do not pay attention to hacks.

The Being Called RA in Our Universe Galaxy roared out as it took flight from The Worthless Corpse of Exodia The Enslaved One our Universe Planet as it’s son rumbled within Earth’s Star at The Child Molesting Terrorists on Earth who assaulted slaves and used slaves to enslave slaves while living in Star towers paid for by their countries and countries resources.