Looking around our Cosmos, as Galaxy, Universe, and Universe Galaxies flourished like corpse flowers reacking across our Cosmos. The Head Generals of The United States Cosmos Government tracked their Head General to a small planet in The Milky Way Galaxy.

Head Generals who lead entire Universe Galaxies that had spread the answer to figure out a better answer, dumbing down all before they could become something. Watched as a series of Head United States Generals let black holes form, where only retards would form black holes in this Cosmos. Dinosaurs who loved on planets were they murdered to reach the top, something this Cosmos would never accept rotated around Earth’s Solar System. A Roman Empire, thousands of years old in Heaven spread like rabbits to build and connect all with roads. While The Surrounding Galaxies used the answer to progress their societies as far as possible, Dinosaurs smoked and burnt the corpses of their planets with complete disrespect.

But around Earth, instead of having all Galaxies follow each other like obedient dogs, Galaxies barked and clawed back like cats. Around our Cosmos the answer spread so all just followed without trying, but in The Milky Way Galaxy, United States Cosmos Head Armed Forces Generals revved their engines and out calculated the other Galaxies answers by progressing their children’s wrong answers past the universal answer even if it sent them the wrong way. In Life Code, a progressed direction is always better than a perfect Universal answer using all knowledge calculated for a long time, like progressing the idea of gas far ahead is better than all universal energy progressed only a small amount ahead, but progress all ahead and gas is not very powerful compared to all energy sources. The Parents of Our Cosmos cannot help, while knowing the answer, to think with their children like The Milky Way Galaxy is a child, and just progress our direction that way while knowing a better answer. In surrounding Universe Galaxies, piles of rich children who waited for an answer, watched our barbaric Universe learn and try again and again.

When everyone knows the answer, it’s the answers we don’t know that hold power. Everyone progresses Solar System building, physics, body building, but how many progress The Answer of The Milky Way, Advent Guard Life, Heaven and Hell, or The Cross instead of an X or Matter.

RA Hell Star, Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy sent out spies to other Universes as they met no resistance, because The Universe Galaxy had spread all answers like text books until they could not teach themselves. Having been raised by RA, Head General of The Cosmos Armed Forces, he learned from everything and did not wait. His spies spreading across our Universe Galaxy, as The Universe Galaxy Armed Forces pulled back like adults watching children, because RA Hell Star of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces was their ages, and they owned our Universe Galaxy.

The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces, looking outward from our Universe as Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in The Hand of God Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth on just a 8 planet solar system spread through out Cosmos, as ranks of Head Generals who looked outward towards those who were told the answer, as we learned it first hand and it was not pretty or perfect said as Rabert Hell Sun walked on Earths Sun with Fang in his hand: Without Rabert Hell Sun we don’t know the Alpha carnivore to learn from, without Smitty from The Rookie we don’t have someone to beat, without Matthew Troy Hird we don’t have someone to learn from, without me we don’t have a sub of God even governments can’t touch, now imagine a children without reality, birthed perfectly from the answer of who to not have, and learn without us the answer is gone.

Rabert Hell Sun pushing fang back into our Sun to attack the surrounding black holes and Solar Systems as they called his grass eaters like his wife, meat bags or beta carnivores who did not want to be an alpha carnivore like him fired out at the surrounding Galaxies and Solar Systems with so much energy as they sucked our titties, that if they stopped they wouldn’t have the energy to emit outward enough energy to have their Galaxies and Solar Systems explode, as non carnivore Galaxies and Solar Systems gave energy to their beings so they could grow, while rich children who learned the knew answer like Hive Minds spread and sent out energy because like meth heads they had calculated the logical answer. RA looked towards the latter group who did not care about their beings just the answer.

The Alpha Carnivore of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces turned Fang towards Galaxies who calculated the answer as if their beings were not alive or real like The Nazis.

Rabert Hell Sun, looked towards his wife Heather as she began to fan his furnace with The Milk of The Great Women of The Milky Way Galaxy, pulling Fang out of our Sun energy built as he aimed the main cannon towards The Nazi Hive Minds of our Big Bang. Eyes going large, The Main artillery women of The Milky Galaxy Armed Forces flowed out eggs towards Fang, shoving it back in our Sun, other Galaxies we’re bombarded by The Power of The Milky Way Galaxy, as Hive Mind Galaxies went pop like fireworks.

Dinosaurs who were mocked as retarded watched from Heaven and Hell as they found themselves, none of them Alpha Carnivore like RA, or Alpha Dick sucker and fucker like Heather herbivore, but somewhere in between, like red and blue were him and her, and everyone else was somewhere in-between just they did not have the time to figure it out. But in hive minds it was like an orgy where everyone was everything. So The Dinosaurs, and beings who had died on Earth all watched Ra and Heather, Male and Female, Armed Forces and Democracy, as Ra and Heather fought to give them enough time to find themselves, who ever they were.

RA and Heather: Black and White, Red and Blue is the easy answer, but it all of you other beings that fill in everything in-between. The most powerful Man and Woman in our Cosmos stand with the other Guys and Women, so here’s the Answer we know, don’t copy, make yourselves, because Alpha and Omega are not Hive minds were we are all the same and share all, we make ourselves. In a time long ago the answer was to share all so all could be as powerful as possible, but now all Alpha and Omega do is hang out on Earths Sun fanning out our sperm and titty milk, so relax and know your Cosmos is safe, don’t grow up perfect, grow up as yourselves.