Taking RAS built particle as her small holes funnelled in mass quantities of energy like RAS large holes pulled in particle to take a hit like The Armed Forces could, she began to use all she was to create the energy of Life from the particle she identified as, energy was just she gave, what her husband RA was made of and identified as.

Her protons and neutrons began to funnel energy to electron stars like a cow leaking out Milk, like our Galaxy was named after. Images of kittens, puppies, and babies filled with energy played around her on Earths Sun, as images of other solar systems who starved their children until they learned, Heather, Wife of RA, Alpha, Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces went the other direction.

Watching her work on Earth, as kittens, puppies, and babies full of energy ran around with as much energy as they could take safely, their parents laughing as they thought and tried to figure out life until their children learned energy was not the answer.

Filling electrons and stars with energy, as she turned protons and neutrons to electron as fast as RA could turn electron to proton and neutron, she filled every females eggs with energy so they could make mistakes and learn, instead of be lifelessly untill they learn how to use energy.

Around Earth, RAS and Heathers children did not long think like their parents, they tried over and over again to find themselves, instead of slowing down and figuring out the anwser we all can figure out. Kittens wagged their tails on Earth as they stuck out their claws at anything that moved, launching themselves into mirrors and their siblings, while in surrounding Solar systems Kittens stayed docile while watching their parents until they learned to use energy like their parents.

Heather watched as surrounding Galaxies and Solar Systems starved trying to figure out the correct answer their parents would beat into them until they learned and only then giving them energy.

The Great Cows of The Milky Way Galaxy, steeping behind Heather, as Giant Chickens bocked and popped eggs behind RA, The Great Cows of The Milky Way Galaxy eyes went wide as they pumped out Milk like only mother’s could, with no regard for their health only their children’s. Heather raised her shields as her boobs swelled, her wings puffed above Earth’s Sun, steam clouds coming out of her chest as she flapped her wings down upon The Furnace of RA, steam rose from Earth’s Solar System, as starving Galaxies and dying Solar Systems who had sucked in all electron without emitting gluon, until they choked off their solar systems.

But The Milk Steam started to pull in gluon as electrons began to funnel in again. Galaxies that had sucked in all energy and emitted nothing outward, would have died because of black holes that no energy could travel through.

Galaxies and Solar Systems that starved filled with energy as they looked for a way to send away bundles of energy, or matter or particle. Finally realizing a discovery The Milky Way Galaxy had realized a time so long ago it could fill our Galaxy with a number this size our scientists are so far ahead of the other Galaxies, they began using Armed Forces technology to fire particle, bundles of energy towards other Galaxies. As The Milky Way Galaxy encouraged them, so advanced the hit would barely leave a scratch.


Twisting Fang as Heather let her titties steam to fan his furnace with The Great Cows Of The Milky Way Galaxy, he shot The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces Cold War Cannon outward with equal energy to entire solar system chains emitting out of other Galaxies.

RA: We won the game a long time ago. If we wanted all out war this would be different. We want a free Universe.

He said twisting a weapon in Earth’s Sun that sent out so much energy to millions of Galaxies, that it was obvious The Milky Way Galaxy could destroy them all. But for some reason The Milky Way Galaxy had died thousands of times instead of doing that, like an adult….

Heather, who saw all, watched the other Galaxies children and kittens with so little energy as she frowned, her titties swelling as Great Milky Way Galaxy Cow Mooed and their eyes popped open to pump out more milk, they sent as much low level energy stars outward as they could to other Galaxies and Solar Systems, which their women used to birth their children because they were the smallest, but to The Milky Way Galaxy unlike the other Galaxies the most important energy particle. In the surrounding Galaxies, baby kittens began to jump around as claws came out to make mistakes instead of being perfect because they were dumbed down and energy downed until they learned.

RA, who specialized in giving his wife rocks that could be sucked into the brightest stars for children to be happy, sent outward from The Milky Way Galaxy Dragon Horde Solar Systems of Rare Gems and Particle to the surrounding Galaxies and Solar Systems, taking the first step. He knew from experience he would not get an equal amount back, but just like the poor Galaxies and Solar Systems who had not progressed giving technology, The Milky Way Galaxy had specialized in that technology. And he just hoped they got better, not sent them back bigger dragon gold piles. From The Milky Way Galaxy, Gooses and Chickens clucked as they laid golden egg after golden eggs to send outward, as The Milky Way Galaxy worked to turn all energy it got into particle, like stars into planets and gas giants.

In a time so long ago top Scientists of The Milky Way Galaxy had fired energy back because you change energy to particle was hard, but The Milky Way Galaxy had specialized and began to produce Milk for our Big Bang.

The other Galaxies fired off Solar Systems like they would in war, The Milky Way Galaxy had natural Cows and Chickens pump out liquid and eggs towards the other Galaxies.

The Cows and Chickens of The Milky Way Galaxy to the other Galaxies Armed Forces in our Big Bang: It’s like sex, you don’t want to fire off your load as fast as possible to destroy your enemy, it’s about giving something to someone that should be your friend.

RA, Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces stepped in though as he said: Sometimes that takes to long though, and you have to pull her hair and spank that ass.

He says pumping energy through his sword before Galaxies exploded because they lost to much energy, and The Milky Way Galaxy Eggs and Milk had not cum yet.

RA and Heather of The Milky Way Galaxy: Let’s get this Big Bang Started. We all live here. Alpha is just a meaning, not a reality or The Milky Way Galaxy would have taken it all.

They said as other Galaxies clawed out like Kittens or family to attack.