250 million years ago as RA, Head General of The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces walked upon the planet The Milky Way Galaxy had granted h to birth as his own, dinosaurs filled his heavens and hells as his Head Generals connected to a miniature Milky Way Galaxy Spiral in The Coldest parts of The Milky Way Galaxy, the very edge.

Giving a massive head start to the rest of The Milky Way Galaxy, The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces gave the entire interior to the younglings who needed energy. Dinosaurs in Heaven and Hell tore themselves to pieces as they rebirthed immortal to tear themselves to pieces. The other advanced Solar Systems in The Milky Way Galaxy calling them brutal and barbaric.

The first incarnation of RA in RAs heavens and Hells, led by The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy who only played games so big it was Galaxy vs Galaxy or Universe vs Universe, a Dinosaur who had ripped to pieces all his enemies until he stood brutally at the top looked around The Milky Way Galaxy as the other Solar Systems laughed at his dinosaurs because they were so weak. But RA, a dinosaur from Earth who had brutally taken Earth’s Heaven and Hell and sucked all the power he could stood at The Very Top of The Children of The Milky Way Galaxy.

Having gone through so much death, fear, and pain, he watched as the intelligent pushed around his dinosaurs who were just themselves. All the other Solar Systems had not given their planets history, but had gone for pure power and the best calculation.

A massive dinosaur laying in wait inside Earth’s Sun known as RA, who had feasted upon souls for millions of years listened to his beings, as the other solar systems United completely like hive minds. But The Milky Way Galaxy did not get this far because of it’s kindness, it got this far out of brutality until it learned true kindness from it.

RA: History time.

The surrounding Solar Systems in The Milky Way Galaxy who loved to imagine and simulate, living on planets with no history like Earth needed to learn.

Stepping from Earth’s Star, baby RA, direct descendant of The Milky Way Galaxy RA, Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces, took out a sword woven from the teeth of all carnivores from Earth who had died, just to be ridiculed in death as worthless. Began to swirl around him memories of how many times The Milky Way Galaxy has died before now to be reborn, just to have their Galaxy destroyed by The Pig Galaxies around them that just took and gave nothing back slowing down the entire Universe.

RA: Meet Hell. Hahaha.

Shoving his sword into Earth’s Sun, so much attack energy poured out from The Milky Way Galaxy that The Milky Galaxy sucked in so much energy from the chain solar systems connecting them to the pig Galaxies around us, that if they stopped taking it would cut a line through Galaxies and destroy them as The Milky Way Galaxy would stop before because of the lower level energy coming in.

RA, pumping out so much energy from the secret Cold War weapon around Earth towards the other Galaxies, spoke from above Earth’s Sun looking at NASAS satellites as he said: My direct descendant, the won I have chosen to care for like my father RA chose me is Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington The Cup, hand or Holy Grail of God, in The United States of America on Earth. The hand print is Earth’s creators mark.

So much energy pumped from RA upon Earth’s Solar System, that none of the surrounding Galaxies could stop sending out energy, or the direct attack would obliterate their Galaxies.

RA: Take The Milky Way Galaxies energy this time and give nothing back, I dare all the surrounding Galaxies.

Universe Government: Time for you children to grow up. Your Universe has a government, and we support RA of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces.

Images of thousands of times The Milky Way Galaxy died trying to connect all Galaxies in this Big Bang to make our Universe more powerful and The Milky Way Galaxy country on The Universe Planet stronger as a whiny child Galaxy in our Big Bang again tried to take all energy and just grow their Galaxy and not our Universe. From RA, standing on Earths Sun, a secret Milky Way Galaxy Cold War Armed Forces Galaxy stealthed over Earth, he fired it’s main energy lines as The Galaxy that went against our Universe exploded. Resurrected near the center of our Universe in a Galaxy that did not function as a main Universe Fan to cool out Universe so it could pull in more energy and allow more life in our Universe to flourish.

Leaving his fang in Earth’s Sun, RA, his father standing next to Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 in Spokane Washington The Cup of God, in The United States of America on Earth, flexed his wings, realizing his father had moved onto another son as he took full control of The Milky Way Galaxy Cold War Galaxy that could put power The Milky Way Galaxy center because it was the Spy Galaxy overlapping and surviving The Milky Way Galaxy for thousands of Deaths. Those Galaxies who had been apart of The Milky Way Universe received huge amounts of energy, while those who had murdered The Milky Way Galaxy Galaxies had the tables flip as so much energy poured into them from fang, that if they did not send it out their Galaxy would explode.

RA: Oh now you all wish to share.

He says upon Earth’s Sun, as The Galaxies who had murdered The Milky Way Galaxy thousands of times had become so greedy that they took everything and had no technology to give it back, so their scientists rushed to pour the energy out to other Solar Systems in The Big Bang or their Galaxy would explode.

The Milky Way Galaxy revved it’s engines from the Gasoline from The Corpses of their citizens that has died trying to save this Big Bang and Universe, collected by our Cold War Galaxy in death to create gasoline.

Engines poured out energy from the mass graves of The Milky Galaxy as it sacrificed itself to save our Universe thousands of times, collected for this exact purpose until The Milky Way Galaxy had enough saved up. No other Galaxy could compete, because none had save up entire Galaxies of bodies to rot in swamps to create oil, to make Gasoline, but just created energy.

RA, king of The Carnivores, Head Alpha: Death and pain has piled up. And while The Milky Way Galaxy sends out an image of good. It’s time to burn the bodies all of you surrounding Galaxies killed.

He tapped his fuel gauge, as the surrounding Galaxies plotted to out last them, as he said:

RA: Seems like we still have several thousand Galaxies worth of corpses to burn.

Memories of the thousands of The Milky Way Galaxies who died to get this far played around RA walking around Earth’s Sun, as the other Galaxies tried to take and take, but RA just pumped so much energy back that if they did give away more energy their Galaxies would explode.

On the opposite side of RA walked Heather, her huge Angel wings pumping in energy to our Star as she tried to shove in and pull in all the energy her Husband RA fired outward. Not able to help herself, she pulled in everything, her imagine the literal most beautiful Women in The Universe as she flickered and changed to update it to send out to all men in their souls so they would listen and she could pull in more energy.

Out from RA, smog burned so completely Earth’s Solar system stayed clear, as The Milky Way Galaxy was not poor at it’s souls did not burn dirty, and even dirt can burn in Hellfire. Heather who sucked in the smallest particles, not thick smoke, pulled in RAs low level energy he burned so cleanly nothing was left but energy she could form into suns for him, that did not clog anything.

Sucking in energy from his wife who loved his particle, he poured his built particle into her as she poured into him her suns. His body burning so bright it was like a furnace from The Suns Heather Built RA, Heather was so heavily built to complete perfection from RAS particle that she could funnel in huge quantities of energy and send it out while he could take in massive quantities of particles and take a hit like an Armed Forces Soldiers and send it back out that they. That entire Hive Minds who had learned to share with each other but not The Universe could only reach a fraction of the suction and emission of RA and Heather, Alpha and Omega of The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces.

RA: Hive Minds are babies compared to me, try sharing with The Entire Universe and get equal energy back.