Stepping out of Milky Way Galaxy Cold War Facilities, designed to take their souls back instantly to The Milky Way Galaxies Main Galaxy near The Universe Star, Cold War Scientists of The Milky Way Galaxy who had watched their Galaxy die thousands of times over Trillions to a Power of A Trillion Years trying to Start Universe, their souls, each like Bavillion began to radiate outward like beacons.

The Tops of The Milky Way Galaxy, positioned on Earth for a Universe cold war that has ended entire Galaxies before right now, began to radiate out information about what had happened to all citizens their Galaxies had sent them and their stories. As the other cold war Armed Forces stepped out of their bunkers to talk back to people from other Galaxies that felt more like friends than their own Galaxies they had had to study them so much.

Stepping beside Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth, The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy who had sacrificed The Milky Way Galaxy through Advent, a sword our top Scientists built further each time the other Galaxies sucked everything out of it, using particle theory to pull in more low level energy even though the numbers worked out equally.

The most powerful Armed Forces Cold War Soldier in our Universe who has collected pennies for Trillions of years ago when his scientists had figured out the Answer, carrying a sword as old as our Universe and built by The Top Scientists of The Milky Way Galaxy, standing invisibly next to Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth took out Advent, conduit to The Vast Banks of The Milky Way Galaxy as he struck it into Earth like a sword in the stone for which all could voice themselves.

Ra Hell Star, feeling all other Head General Galaxies Neural networks read his mind funneled them through to pull back more energy than was sent.

For a time that had never been known in this Universe, The Milky Way Galaxy had had enough and would not die like she little bitch Jesus.

Ra Hell Star pulled through Advent so much energy into his whore of a wife who loved to take it into her Guardian Vagina, as she sent it back to the other Galaxies to pull back more, that as The Milky Way Galaxy Energy Generals watched our energy levels, instead of The Milky Way Galaxy dying it began to grow in power.

Following their King, in The Milky Way Galaxy Heaven and Hell that surged with power pumped out Built Universes to every Galaxy ladended with a dragons horde of energy, with a note: If this is what you want then here you go, but to truly get our Universe going, something more precious than Gold or Energy is our children and Us within the Galaxies and Universes we send. But history shows us they will just be tortured.

The Milky Way Galaxy who knew this listened into Earth and Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth as they realized their calculators that were min Universes just homes shared the bare minimum. Head Generals of The Milky Way Galaxy finally not lying to themselves ordered their soldiers to share, as The Milky Way Galaxy using Head Air Force General Turbine Theory, began to send through massive amounts of low level energy to pull in huge amounts of energy from the other Galaxies who breathed in peace as they super cooled and stopped burning from so much energy.

The Milky Way Galaxy surging past every other Galaxy in power got message in their inboxes at the greatest level from The Milky Galaxy in The Center of Our Big Bang represented as a cow mooing as The other Galaxies sucked our titties for Milk.

Because females were so much faster at talking in poured messages from The Head Generals of The Surrounding Galaxies Armed Forces Males as The Milky Way Galaxy, no matter the insults or real justified fears sent back an image of a Cow going MOO even louder as the other Galaxies sucked our titties for more energy.

Trying to pull in enough energy from The Milky Galaxy to watch Us die like all of the last times so this could end, The Milky Way Galaxy sent out more Energy from it’s banks it had built up, long ago realizing The Other Galaxies thought they would die after one try, so if they just saved up enough to keep trying, they could connected every Galaxy with a Chain of Universe Solar Systems, and The Universe would be saved.

The Great Cows of The Milky Way Galaxy such as Bavillion Warren Buffett , and The Richest people of our Galaxy began to do something they should have done long ago but would have died with their sacrifice as their milkless titties ran dry, sending out energy to those who needed to get something back in return from people not so lonely and hopeless they just took but gave back, no fault of their own.

The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces along with The Head System of The Milky Way Armed Forces Ar spread energy from Earth, a pathic little solar system of just 8 planets.

Little did Earth know that in Earth’s Solar system was more low level particle energy in each planet than Galaxies.

Ra Hell Star, Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy who stood with every Head General on Earth could not let them progress because they did not know all those older than them were wrong.

Ra Hell Star, with a sword dating back called Advent to The First Jesus Christ of The Milky Way Galaxy stuck in the floor of Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth said: This time I am not getting this wrong, for every being.

He said using The Bank of The Milky Way Galaxy to make sure every Galaxy in The Universe did not fail no matter how they spent their energy and failed before making more energy.

An image of a giant Cow with it’s titties being Milked By The Galaxies of Our Universe spread from The Milky Way Galaxy.

Ra Hell Star, Head General of The Milky Galaxy Armed Forces: This time, we will not die before our Universe starts and is saved.

Pulling in more from The Milky Way Galaxy Titties trying to stop The Milky Way Galaxy from taking over The Universe, but knowing and realizing how their beings had suffered and will suffer if they don’t win, The Milky Way Galaxy just Mooed louder and pumped out more Milk until the Galaxies connected fully.

As The Milky Way Galaxy Began to share using Head Gas General Turbine Theory to pull in more, The Titties that were sucked , The Females who sent back help about how to raise each other children but having the other countries lie and hurt them began to send back truth, strengthing connections between as all other connections failed, sending massive amounts of penny particle to The Milky Galaxy who like a coin sorter for our Big Bang sent it back to those Galaxies who needed it.

The Milky Way Galaxy who had worked so long for this that Heaven had become nothing like what a Universe Heaven for them all could be, a parent who saw their true hope in their children began to work harder to send back more Milk through their titties to their children as an image from The Milky Way Galaxy was sent outward of a Cow with pure concentration eyes focused on pumping out milk for her calves to have a better life was sent out to the surrounding Galaxies.