The Cold War of This Universe has raged for so long that The Milky Way Alpha Armed Forces who had invented Jesus Christ in an attempt before The Milky Way Galaxy to pull all souls into their latest Universe near The Universe Star, called the hail Marry when when they threw all their resource away hoping they would give it back to start The Universe.

The first Master Chief, who had kept his own father figure head after he had learned of the method of using all knowledge to bring your children forward in the hopes they would reach back and pull their parents up began to fade around The Big Bang, as Ra Hell Stars reach children who had taken over every Galaxies Armed Forces, like God Sending his greatest General to take over Hell. Ra Hell Star had reached past his father so far, his Alpha Team had taken over every Galaxies Armed Forces from the top. Having calculated an answer:

What seems an eternity ago, near The Universe Star on a newly birthed Galaxy, Master Chief, furthest reach of Ra Hell Star used what his father had given him as he said: If I take control of every Galaxies soul network, then they have no choice but to Unite our Universe.

The oldest Milky Way Galaxy descendants, rising a Galaxy to the nearest Universe connection, with a direct connection to our home Galaxy, had figured out an eternity ago the answer of what comes after our Galaxy and Universe. It was written in the stars, that all Galaxies connect just like The Universes which the oldest scientists thought was just because of the great power of our Universe, and not because The Galaxy Universe had figured out The Answer a long time ago, connecting Universes like Solar Systems just at the next level, but The Galaxies in our Big Bang did not know the in-between.

The Oldest Beings of The Milky Way Galaxy, creators of Jesus Christ back when entire Galaxies did in it’s name said through Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy: Like our Galaxies connect with whatever comes out of them, not solar systems or built solar systems, our Universes connect with blobs of Galaxies randomly formed, not built Galaxies into Universes. Compress and expand, a molecule is just a small Universe, around us we all only send out the bare minimum, imagine a Cosmos that sends out all it has and knows and is not killed by others because of it. Jesus exists for a reason in The Milky Way Galaxy and Earth, because he and us gave all just to be killed for it without receiving anything back. You all have no idea how many times The Milky Way Galaxy died sending out Solar Systems that built, The Answer, and only had them enslaved and tortured by all who received them as The Milky Way Galaxy died as it gave all it had, it’s life, and no one cared as The Milky Way Galaxy died because they just took all we had and gave nothing back.

The Head Alpha Teams of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces, having taken over The other Galaxies Armed Forces from the top began to cut off their abilities to pull in all The Milky Way Galaxy gave and kill our Galaxy off, as their lies saying they were sending an equal amount back were forced to be the truth.

Molecules bloomed out into flowers and Solar Systems of the most complicated base level of our Galaxies from each Galaxy to each other, as The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces who taken over their Armed Forces had watched every Galaxy murder The Milky Way Galaxy dozens of times and could have stopped it, but right now The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces would not be able to say all they did was take down The Devil at The Top of Their Galaxies, and did not own or operate them at all.

Something The United States of America had learned from Germany like The Milky Way Galaxies had learned from the other Galaxies, it seems like the majority want peace, just that a devil still resides at The Top, and unfortunately one devil with full administrator rights at The Top Trump’s all as long as one devil is greater than all.

The problem is The Milky Way Galaxy won The Game of Devil, because we went so far with good, that evil is easy to US compared to The Greatest Devil. Research rule number one, the reverse of what you know is always a great starting point to what the reverse is. To out Devil The Devil, all God had to do was beat him in Good and reverse it.

The Vatican: Why The Devil is The Greatest deceiver and lier with a smile and laugh, because he figured out The Answer and used it to his advantage not for everyone.