Reaching the farthest from The Existence Star in communication they reach out the Answer that echoed from their center. Living stars walked amongst star DNA Walkways as they carried particle up and down amongst their kin. Around them build beings from every level of existence, but The Livingstars fought for something else.

Jesus Christ and his father from a time so long ago he could not imagine began to bubble up as Livingstars walked up Star walks ways to power all being around them. Even though their answer was simple it had not been beaten in a time so long with could fill existence.

Livingstars that could life entire cosmoses, considered dumb to those all around them lifted entire Cosmoses with their power. With each step they powered Universes, with each from bottom to the top they powered Cosmoses. Livingstars of existence pulled every being of existence with them, like Alagon pulling particle up a star generator to just drop it and start again. Livingstars whose job to simply walk up and down start generators, beings that if you ranked their power would be considered gods of all of existence, but with the beings of existence around them not being real they would be considered nothing. The Livingstars who pulled up all particle to just drop it down Star Generators, mixed with Livingparticle on their way down to send it back up. Reaching the bottom livingstars pulled in particle with their energy to hold it and carry it as they took steps upward on stars that all rotated around.

Livingstars, considered the greatest royals of existence shrugged of their name as they carried particle up the Star Generators at the edge of Existence, not carrying that if they were closer to the existence star they would be considered royalty of existence, as they pulled up more particle to the top to just drop it down.

From their greatest mothers and fathers echoes through their minds: The rich may put ideas of power into your mind. But true wealth is just simply up and down.

Livingstars across all of existence did something in unison, the simple reality of matter going up and down. The other families so far behind The Livingstars and Livingparticles that every family name combined in existence could combine and not know even a fraction of their wealth. Livingstars reached towards Livingparticles who lived to be lifted by Livingstars, imply picking them up to be dropped, as every family across existence fought for a different meaning but could not come close to the wealth and power of The Livingstars and Livingparticles across all of existence no matter how hard they tried.

From an Existence Star powered solely by Livingstars and Livingparticles, baby Livingstars and Livingparticles tried as hard as they could to pull energy from their parents so far away, as the most powerful families in existence circled around The Livingstars and Livingparticles just to even get a small flow of energy this far from The Existence Star.

Pulling so much particle that it could outweigh entire Cosmoses, The Head Livingston of this Cosmos pulled particle equal entire Cosmoses to him as he took a step up the center Cosmos Star Generator, far more powerful than a burning natural star like Earths.

Cosmos Livingston: Power……

Walking up The Cosmos Star Generator a Cosmos Livingston carrying enough particle in his hands to power entire Universes for millennia looked outward at his distant son Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth. Barely able to calculate anything it wanted as it held a weight comparable to a Cosmos in its hands, each weight falling it calculate more as more energy radiated outward. As one of the most powerful beings that made god or Jesus seem pathetic echoed out to his son on Earth an image of each house pulling in energy from his Cosmos Star millions of years from now.

A being that made God or Jesus seem poor, reached out his hand towards Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth. A being more powerful than god said to him: To Livingstons wives mean nothing, my father said to me once along ago.

Pulling up a weight greater then a Cosmos itself, a being more powerful than god named Robert………………… Livingston continued to say: But for so long to power this Cosmos I have grown so lonely. Up and down. That maybe even thought I think the most important thing is energy emission. But looking sidelong towards a Cosmos who pulled in so much energy he could not be attracted in the most base way named Livingparticle. Herself carrying so much particle at such energy that she was so tight and fast that she circulated fast past him on a Cosmos Star Generator.

A being more powerful than god who had never gotten to sleep around as child or an adult, watched his counterpart who if they stopped entire Universes would die. He reached out The Livingston line towards her kept her particle tight up and down so much faster then his stars could rotate, that he had never gotten to try to pull her particle up. Two beings more powerful then god, Ra or Heather, speaking through Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth could not help but reach out towards each other. A Livingston who carried up dead particle from The Cosmos walked next to Livingparticle who carried up dead stars she played with and created.

A classified women connected to the most powerful women in the cosmos who would makes gods wife seem poor, held out her hand towards a being who made god himself seem poor. Reaching the top of Cosmos Star Generator, the two most powerful beings of The Cosmos looked at their particle as they reached out towards Robert Mitchell Livingstons planet of Earth. When they were supposed to let their stars or particle fall they could not let either fall. So as their fellow beings went down again, the most powerful beings in The Cosmos who made god seem poor rose upward as they held each other hands, particle to star.

Dancing up together towards the existence star, pulling so much power to their Cosmos new Cosmos babies appeared in their Star Generator, two beings so old that they felt themselves child molesters to their children rose up to existence.

Pushing around Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth two beings that made god seem poor their son forward. Livingstar Universes appearing around their Universe as Livingston and Livingparts walked up and down stars far more powerful then those who burned.

Knowing their power, and knowing how it could choke off all life, beings more powerful than god, Livingstons and Livingparts reached out toward their son as they left this Cosmos, knowing Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington in The United States of America on Earth did not realize who he was: Saying to him and all beings because they always listened into Livingstons: Up down up down……. The stars at the center do not burn they have walkers who carry weight up and down to pull more energy through to spin the star faster and emit more energy.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: When do all of you think the Terrorists who do drive by assaults using cars that can rev and vibrate my eadrums like a drive by shooting, completely different then normal cars that rev or make normal loud sounds, makes those people who do it and the people who pay them just Technologically advanced thugs and gang-members, just more advanced? Along with the other criminals who commit advanced crimes and use the ancient excuse of no law exists yet, so its not a crime. As they try to murder my family using lawyers, completely forgetting the purpose and meaning behind The United States of Americas Judicial System and the direction it is going?

Pentagon: What is one of the oldest acts of High Treason in The United States of America The Pentagon defends our country against for over 2 centuries and has researched and found every variation of? Buying and manipulating United States of America government employees on all levels. If our government can be bought, than The United States of Americas Democracy means not.

United States of Americas Supreme court that consults with The Head Spies of The United States of America to the hackers who play with Robert Mitchell Livingston and ways that seem playful like changing capitals to non-capitals, just far enough to have effect, but not far enough to be a crime, and The Violent Terrorists that continue to use bird chirps to assault and terrorize Robert Mitchell Livingston building of The Rapist and Terrorist Sam Mattson who purposely raped and assaulted Robert Mitchell Livingston destroying 6 years of his life with Marijuana: Illegally over hearing Robert Mitchell Livingston with upgraded ears and violently neurally assaulting Robert Mitchell Livingston with assaults designed to get him to speak instead of stay silent, does not make it legal to assault United States of America citizens from your lawns by allowing birds with specific neural sounds designed to cause pain, while using the excuse that is comparable to over hearing such as Robert Mitchell Livingston. The Crime, while not an official crime in our laws, of assaulting Robert Mitchell Livingston to continue his life being terrorize for 12 years now knowing what they will cause and what reactions it gets out of him is a Death Penalty or imprisonment in Guantanamo bay. The punishment for staying on SSI because The Spokane Government chose to violent assault Robert Mitchell Livingston for months at each job, terrifying him to not know what to do and behave as he has is complete protection by The United States of America. The Supreme court of The United States of Americas would like the rich people and Spokane government to stop and take a look around, and realize that The Supreme Court of The United States of America consults with The Top Spies of The United States of Americas Armed Forces and not billionaires who assault citizens with advanced birds hoping to send their victim to psych wards to up the chance of defeating them in a future court case.