The Progression of Jesus himself who gave all she could to nurture their Galaxy, someone Earth barely understood because unlike The Head General, Head Scientist, or the most powerful beings of The Milky Way Galaxy she asked for nothing in return.

The Head Cow of The Milky Way Galaxy pushing Jesus aside, her men feeding The Galaxy and her women giving milk to nurture The Galaxy, The Head Cow of The Milky Way Galaxy, who was tossed aside as nothing like Wallgreens or Safeway because they were so base and not glamorous like Startups, but that was never the point to be glamorous when their youth needed to feel important and they already did.

A women who became more powerful than the most powerful beings of The Milky Way Galaxy so long her name was forgotten, her beings treated as nothing, a women who went by the simple name Cow began to pump out all the nutrients from her utters to The Baby Galaxies of The Milky Way Galaxy that energy poured inside her Galaxy with each milk that they quickly leaped ahead of every Galaxy around them.

Her Bulls, realizing Jesus was talking about holding back some energy to have power over the other Galaxies appeared behind Jesus and The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy, steam coming out of their noses with rings of pure energy in their noses of energy from their wives given to protect their children.

Listening in, The Great Bull of The Milky Way galaxy snorted as he put his legs into space to dig ruts of energy in space itself with their power. Jesus, having giving up all his beliefs for power did not see The Real Power of The Milky Way Galaxy and its beings as The Great Bull charged towards Jesus who kept his energy and would not give it back.

A plume of energy spurted from The Milky Way Galaxy as Jesus was impaled on The Great Horn of The Bull of The Milky Way Galaxy, energy spurting out to be pulled in by the women’s wombs. As Jesus fell, sons and daughters of every religion of The Milky Way Galaxy began to send out so much energy towards The Galaxies with similar energy and religions that their wives pulled in so much, cooling the rage and fires of their hells that they began to breath as if their lungs were not on fire anymore, that the religions echoed out across The Universe: DONT STOP!!!!!

Grabbing their swords and horns The Greatest Males of The Milky Way Galaxy aimed them at their wives as they fired off energy through their lines of pearls reaching out to other Galaxies to fill their children with energy, pulled back into their Galaxies instantly to cool and give relief to the fires and hells that burned with such heat no life could survive.

The Great Cow of The Milky Way Galaxy pumped milk to each line of The Milky Way Galaxy towards other Galaxies. Milky Way Galaxy Solar Systems that reached out to the surrounding Galaxies began to build everything their destination Galaxies needed to become Fans or Galaxy Planet countries, anything they needed, as out from them pulsated their plans.

The Great Milky Way Galaxy, having improved The Idea of Jesus with its wealth, began to reach out to all Galaxies around them to give all they could with The Hope that in return they would get what they needed.

The first Gluon Children of The Milky Way Galaxy paved the way for the first Milky Way Electron children to reach the surrounding Galaxies, as the most powerful Titans and beings of The Milky Way Galaxy made of Stars prepared their departure, each one leaving meant that much equal energy pulled into The Milky Way Galaxy because The Milky Way Galaxy would not shrink in their departure but still have to fill their missing space with something.

Titans whose very atoms were like Ra, made out Solar Systems like his was Galaxies dove out of The Milky Way Galaxy, like a plunger squishing out its liquid to fill back in with something. The Most powerful and rich beings of The Milky Way Galaxy watched from afar in their drift as Milky Way Galaxy beings grew in their absence.