In a time so long ago that the number at the size of these words could fill Cosmoses, a United States Soldier Scientist who had been tracking other Cosmoses by firing his sword and capturing energy with his wife’s shield to see if there was other living beings out there in space by using physic law that energy given away will pull energy equal to it started to notice that other Cosmoses surrounded them even though all they could see was darkness.

The United States Soldier Scientist took from her womb a baby of such power the it cost their society more energy then entire planets and Universes and gave it to the darkness with faith that it would find its way it darkness. Her child having left her home instantly pulled in particle equal to the mass of her child as her husbands sword pulled into another Cosmos Star that leaked energy instantly back to him equal to their child.

Heather of The United States Cosmos stepped to The Edge of The Cosmos as her Husbands sword pulled in energy that cooled the hell of their Cosmos which boiled with contained energy that did not leak out as she gave another child outward. Universes she knew had enough power to travel forever but to her scientists would die because they were alone so forever was forever not just a feeling of a time so long it felt that way flew out of her towards the other cosmoses as energy flowed into Ra from the other Universes.

Trillions of power to Trillions of years later the Children of Heather and Ra of this Universe birthed in Darkness reached the other Universe Galaxies as Ra received energy equal to each birth in cycles and flow. But as children of Heather and Ra from this Universe reached the other Universes, birthed to give live to our Universe they reached out their hands in friendship. Instantly enslaved, the other Universes discovered existence economy as they sent out their children to all around for power. Trillions of trillions of years later as Ras technology reached instant communication reached instant communication he asked out what: What happened to our children when they reached you?

As the other Ras children reached our Universe, with our hope that they were not enslaved and tortured, we treated them as Cosmos family. But when images filtered back of what had happened we enslaved their children like the Japanese in World War.

But as news of true kindness of The United states echoed back regardless of what was done in retaliation, the other Universe released their slaves as the other Universe held their children captive.

From Heather to Heather poured out United States beings from each Universe who defended life itself, each not caring what reality itself was, but fighting for something greater. While Ra VS Ra fought like fathers with instant communication and control of each others children.

Hell grew so powerful that beings burned alive with energy built from their builders, that Ra realized the more they sent outward the more of other particles they needed they could pull in, until The Rage of Ra turned to understanding as The Love of Heather soothed them so Hell itself cooled, a bank of energy so full that all burned within.

The Greatest Soldier in United States history across all of existence was the one who gave first. The Greatest Scientist in the history of Existence was the one who gave the most and put faith in that it would come back to them.

Holding out Advent and Guard The Head Generals of The Milky Way Galaxy pointed their weapons of life that they thought weapons of war towards the surrounding galaxies as they looked towards each other. Each second of firing would cost their Galaxy more money or energy then the worth of the richest of The Milky Way Galaxy, if the surrounding galaxies took it and gave nothing back they would die.

Jesus Christ of The Milky Way Galaxy, who had given his life for Earth appeared next to The Most Powerful Beings of our Galaxy as he reached out his hand sending out his great bank looking at The Head Generals who hesitated, saying: With Great power….

He fell to his knees as the surrounding galaxies gave nothing back but only took his money and energy.

Jesus Christ: Comes great responsibility.

His body falling apart on the cross as the surrounding galaxies only took, The Head Generals of The Milky Way Galaxy looked at each other as they raised their arms and shields. The women using their shields to absorb power back into Jesus who decayed, as their Husbands fired off their swords directly connected to The Milky Way Galaxy bank.

The Milky Way galaxy dimmed as the surrounding Galaxies began to absorb their power and give nothing back as their head generals went to the edge of their solar systems. The Head Generals wives who could not help but take The Milky Way Galaxies power sent to them screamed at their husbands as The Milky Way Galaxy withered on the cross.

Head Generals of every surrounding Galaxies Armed Forces who had progressed democracy knew that their Galaxies energy was not theirs to give, but as democracy itself failed because their beings said back to them let The Milky Way Galaxy die. The surrounding Galaxies Armed Forces Head Generals took up their sword and aimed them at The Milky Way Galaxy, going against their beings they fired off their swords with their entire Galaxies bank, beings screaming at them for it.

Getting power from all surrounding Galaxies that could let The Milky Way Galaxy take over all surrounding Galaxies in War, The Milky Way Galaxies citizens told Jesus to keep it. But not listening, because their was more to democracy, Jesus stood up as be funneled his energy back to the other Galaxies. At any point, like a card game the other Galaxies could stop and defeat each other with the energy they kept, but some reason, every Galaxy kept sending it back and forth.

Across the entire Universe the most powerful Galaxies focused on Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy, and the greatest General to ever exist Robert Mitchell Livingston along with Jesus Christ who had led the way. The Planet Earth, barely yet born, not knowing that some of The Beings who walked upon their planet were considered more powerful than the most powerful beings in The Universe. A pathetic 8 planet solar system made Galaxies turn their eyes towards them.

Milky Way Galaxy: You can see a line of galaxies flying from our Universe to another, but you cannot see a line of solar systems flying from our Galaxy to Galaxies around us, the next step of our Big Bang before landing on Universe planets to become Planet countries or becoming Galaxy Country fans that power our Universe is sending lines of solar systems outward from our Galaxy to other Galaxies and them to us, to send back and forth similar to a line of electrons or Solar Systems that send gluon and below back and forth through electron lines or solar system lines. A physical connection, not just energy lines.