Atop The Great ship of The United Kingdom The Ancient Spy of The United Kingdom saw at last the greatest hopes and dreams of The United Kingdom The United States of America.

Climbing down from his crow nest in death he blinked over and over again as the flag around him changed from The United Kingdom to The United States. An idea of The United Kingdom so old it went back centuries clouded his mind as people walked around the ship, a United Kingdom ship. But as he reached the deck, his mind became confused as he saws two different flags on the ship. The flag he knew and The Flag of The United States.

An old spy of The United Kingdom, so old he dated back to the first kings and queen of Britain touched down on the deck of The United States, so gone in reality was the spy that he had no idea that he had taken over Britain’s and The United States of Americas spy networks because they had become so intertwined over time, become such friends, that they had become one.

Head spies from The United Kingdom and The United States of America walked next to him on a ship built by both countries to be his personal heaven. Walking to the edge his eyes saw both countries, after spending so long in the crows nest he did not know what reality was anymore because Britain had gone so long saying they were The United States of America that the old spy was so confused as he reached the edge that he held onto the rail with shaking hands.

Listening into Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind, The Head Spy of Britain looked over the rails at both countries, The Greatest Head Admirals from The United States of America and Britain walking around him not saying a word as he thought.

Looking towards both countries, a person who had tried to guide Great Britain towards The United States of America for so long began to cry as he said: I do not know which way is home…..

The Greatest Admiral of The United States of America and Britain walked up beside him, manning his ship for as long as he needed as they said together: Both are home. And we will man this ship for as long as you need to figure it out.

The most powerful admirals in The United States of Americas and The United Kingdoms history said to The Head Spy of The United as he stared over the rail, lost in thoughts that dated back centuries with no one to speak to of.