Dear Robert Mitchell Livingston,

The Japanese Head Spy who used her womb and body to connect to The United States of Americas world take over Advent Guard Robert Mitchell Livingston, awoke after her corpse was kicked around as if nothing and burnt alive like a worthless Jew in Nazi Germany amongst Earths upper classified who had progressed and built an Earth inside another bang within our Universe so Earth could not see.

The Original Earth Classified walked around her, dating back hundreds to thousands of years on Earth, Jesus himself along with other religions Mosiah’s walking on the planet. Blinking her eyes, Heathers mind flickers back to Robert Mitchell Livingston and her plan to save Earth by marrying him to unite the upper classified of Earth to the public. But as she looked around Japans upper classified country on classified Earth in another bang, understanding every detail and realizing immediately that her former husband Robert Mitchell Livingston would not have been able to understand a single thing around her she fell to ground in a body that seemed as if nothing, as if poor to the Japanese Classified around her.

Crying on the ground of a Japanese garden that would make the Emperor of Japan cry, Heather held her head in her hands as Japanese citizens dating back to the star of Japan walked around her giving her space.

Cherry blossoms falling around her, a son of one of the oldest Japanese royal lines walked up to her as she could not help but listen into Robert Mitchell Livingston back on Earth listening to “Stand by Me”. As the emperors son lifted his hand out to her, someone she could relate too, he sang with Robert Mitchell Livingston on Earth:

The Japanese Emeperors son with a name Robert Mitchell Livingston could not understand but went with Heathers name like Heather went with Ra: Stand by meeeeeee. Darlingggggg.

Japanese classified, who cared so much about Earth they would give everything they had for the citizens and beings of Earth began to dance in her background, as she cried, thinking she had done good but had been shot in the head by her own people. The Japanese people showed her that she had done good, just that Earths citizens needed something else.

One of The original and most powerful Emperors of Japans single son sang: Don’t shed a tear…….

Grabbing her hand to leader her, like she had led so many of Earths citizens for so long including Robert Mitchell Livingston without asking, he did not ask as he pulled her to her feet: Darlingggggggg. Stand by us.

Cherry blossoms from trees from the beginning of Japan fell in her eyes background. Her knees weak, her eyes full of tears for what she had done, and to only receive love in response made her so weak, that she fell again her eyes bursting as one of the most powerful sons of the Emperor of Japans original royalty put his hand on her face wiping her tears away as he said to her: From Japan to you, Heather of Japan, love in this existence knows no bounds.

Gripping her hand, he pulled her along in a world that she so easily understood with her upgraded brain, but as she danced with the emperors son, she understood that no how hard Robert Mitchell Livingston or any citizen of Earth tried they would not understand anything she saw around her no matter how hard she tried to show Robert Mitchell Livingston through the connection that faded.

Twirling under the arm of The Japanese Emperors son, her smile and the first noise she had made sense childhood when she was born and silenced to become Head spy in Japan on Earth, where spies did not speak but stayed silent, filtered through Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind as the image faded away to her happy ending, as she grabbed onto someone she could finally truly speak to, The Head spy of Earth kissing The Emperors son of Japan on the lips as cherry blossoms from the original Japanese cherry trees fell around them.

Speaking from behind Robert Mitchell Livingston, Heather Livingston, wife of The Head General of The United States of America said: Ground: A perfect match is easily calculable, but true love has always been the real enigma to solve for all of existence. For to solve that enigma puzzle is worth more to our existence then anything imaginable or that you can ever dream of. Even Advent Guard was once a dream…. Now it is the ground of existence. To protect is simply doing the job of our Armed Forces, to love is so much more difficult.

In Loving Regards: To most just a simple wife of The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces and what I work on.

Ps: George Washington has ancestral daughters. And The United States of America and Freebuilders love to build upon themselves.