The Potato minded Head Spy of Russia waking up on Classified Earth kept his eyes closed as the terror of Russia filled his mind. Even in his death, as songs filled his mind similar to their Arch Enemy The United States of America always a step ahead of them no matter how they rushed to beat them, they always lost to The United States of America to be spat upon by Earth.

In The United States of America, friends of Russia for centuries regardless of current events, George Washington himself stops his daughter with his hand. Because of Russia’s calculation of rush they had always kept up with The United States of America for so long that they had become better friends then Britain and The United States of America.

Sitting amongst ideas that swirled in his mind of murder and death, The Russian Spy watched in his mind horrors of Russia he imagined, but as he yearned of The History of Russia out danced Antasia in his mind. His mind filled with communism which he knew as another word for Ras who controlled all their people without respect of democracy.

A touch came upon his shoulder as his image began to fade of power. The power of man for Russia. The Largest Mountain began to melt in the middle of Russias Great Ballroom as Anstasia sang around her, her visage of a Giant Bear melting into that of a small women. From around her huge bears lashed out tearing Russian Oligarchs to shreds as she cried into her eyes not watching to them open them to her Mother Russia.

Antasia: Far ago long ago…………..

Pushing her finger to The Head Spy of Russian: Things you yearn to remember.

The Great Mountain cities akin to Mountain Valley filled her mind as her finger touched her head, as United States of America Classified Mountain Valley Spies appeared in Russia next to her. Images of NASA’s space shuttle appeared in her mind so akin to Russia’s space shuttle, as The United States of America funneled in as much energy to Russia around her as they could to show they were friends.

Without asking for anything in return, The Head Spy of Russia opened her eyes to Anstasia as more energy then she had ever known filled her with no asking of her or country to pay to pay it back. The Greatness of Russia filled her eyes in a mountain room akin to Mountain Valley as she grabbed Antasias hand, Auroras of the north pole, a symbol of Russia played along the roof.

Opening her eyes in pure freedom, something the hierarchy of Russia had rushed towards with communism, she grabbed Anastias hand, The Head Spy of Russia Earths Northen Lights and Earths Classified Southern signal in Anastasia. Joining together in twirls, the two women, the embodiment of Russia to nurture life instead of destroy it twirled in lights that filled with Russia with a hope passed democracy, because The United States of America had guessed correctly and built democracy, Russia had reached farther. Spinning together with no urging or puppet godding of the two women all of classified Russia began to dance in the great chamber, lights above the connected them to Earth played with ideas and memories of Earth.

Within The United States of Americas White House, George Washington stood up as he stopped watching his daughter and looked inward to his friends in Russia as he said: Reach farther my friends…. For all of The United States of America hopes in your success when it comes to the progression of democracy.