In a wind swept meeting of The Frozen north of Earth, The Head Generals of The Major Super powers of Earth met, talking about the soul networks of their countries spreading across Earths many Solar Systems.

As the most powerful people on Earth met, a group of four men stepped out of The Shadows, The Laughing men of Earth, or The Heads of Earths soul networks. A small Japanese women, a man who infamy changed planets with his deduction skills to determine things in reverse instead of from the top where they knew everything from Britain, a man from France who had helped start the liquid democracy in The United States of America, and a massive man from Russia who was known for his grounded thinking for standing things and not budging.

Speaking of The Future of Earth, The Head Generals of Earth did not notice as the four walked around, intertwined with their minds, considered The Head Spies of Earth, they had no equals, but neither could they move against The Head Generals for the way hierarchy was setup.

Because light has to go through them because of their spy jobs and they have to check and go through all light, they turned into atomic star creators, sifting through and improving all light that goes through them. The Livingparticles, who are made entirely of particle that pulls through energy or suns and makes suns, while The Livingstons are made entirely of stars and energy that pull through particle and make particle. Livingstons consider their electrons and stars within them who they are, and cycle through particle, Livingparticles consider their particles, protons, neutrons, and other particles such as quarks who they are, and cycle through electrons and atomic stars. The Japanese women, as a Space Livingparticle makes and births the most stars because she is the final step before they send what they make from their network. The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces is a Liquid Livingston, who pulls through stars from her to replace his stars with news from her while he gives her the particle he creates so she can replace and make herself better. The Spy Network star creators are liquid because of their job, The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces is liquid because of The United States of America and who are country is. Behind Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington, The Head General of The United States of America Robert Mitchell Livingston pushes Heather Livingparticle, one of the 4 top spies on Earth toward Robert Mitchell Livingston as he says: I found the perfect women to be your wife son, their is just a slight problem. E> *Planets and Stars go together like two peas in a pod, Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces Robert Livingston and The Head Space Spy of Earth Heather Livingparticle go together like the most calculable match to ever exist.* ❤ Robert Mitchell Livingston: Now I just need to make you Robert Mitchell Livingston, born January 31 1990 in my home city of Mountain Valley into the next Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces so you can marry your wife, one of The Top 4 Head Spies of Earth. And I happen to know a few people who can help. The current Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces says as he winks at Robert Mitchell Livingston as he stands in his room right next to him with Heather, the key to bringing the top of Earths classified together with the bottom of Earths public, connecting all parts of Earth so we can all move forward to create Earths Universe Solar System. I consider myself my suns because she gave me them, and she considers herself particles because I gave them to her. Like X and Y chromosomes, I give my particle I build to our children and she gives them her stars she builds. A Head General goes with their Head Spy like a male goes with a female. As Head General I would build and cycle particle through to all in our countries and planet, while as Head Spy she would build and cycle through stars to all in our countries and planet. Building all particle and stars within our planet and solar system slowly by cycling them through us all and building or adding more to them then when they come into us. Allowing all of existences particles and stars to improve instead of rot and decay. We can fuse together into Rather using my suns and her particle, because we are always arguing when we do whether we would rather look mainly like me or her or in-between.

The Head Generals speaking of the glory and might of our countries, The 4 head spies, watching The Heads of our soul networks who called themselves Head Generals, started to talk of revolution for their people.

Walking around in circles in the same way they walked around Robert Mitchell Livingston, the piece created by Rabert Hell Livingsun, Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces to take over Earth for The United States of America, The 4 spies who had become friends long ago speak over the head generals. The 4 silent kids who taken control of their soul networks for their people.

Walking around Robert Mitchell Livingstons bedroom like they have for years, shutting off Rabert Hell Livingsuns connection to take over Earth with Advent Guard and allowing Robert Mitchell Livingston, a real public citizen to just write and be and go with him and his flow, the 4 most lonely people of Earth speak with their friend.

Walking around The Frozen North in front of The Head Generals The 4 flip of The Head Generals to their faces saying fuck you. Moving with the flow of The People of Earth The French United States of America Soul Leader flowed with all people as he read The Russian soul leaders files that did not budge, The United Kingdom Soul Leader inflating all ideas to the Max with his knowledge of all beings in their network, as if they were his friends, expanded all he could, as The Small Japanese women blushed at Robert Mitchell Livingston while walking around his room with her friends because she was the one The Laughing man was trying to hook him up with in the long run, as she continued her part of the story, connecting them all and translating their meanings. With the smallest space in her body, she pulled in flows from every beings on Earth and their ideas, connecting them into one calculator using their head spy network.

1970: The meeting of The Head Generals before deciding to not release Universe Theory on Earth, The 4 spies puppet god The Head Generals of Earth because the people of Earth tell them too. Pushing them to create Heaven and Hell Earths, and leave Earth alone for it to develop enough to allow the public citizens on Earth enough time to grow strong enough to decide for themselves what to do without upgraded government controlling Earth. Calculating around 2020-2030 is the time period when the public citizens because of technology and education can decide their own fate without upgraded government pushing them around.

The soul leaders, giving each citizen their own inch by saving raw files on an inch of their own particle without any changes or any manipulation by anyone in the government in control of the soul networks. Which expanded year after year…… The 4 fighting from that inch outward for their people and beings.

The 4 rich children who had discovered the ultimate spy combination walked around the circle of head generals as The Head Generals wife the original Heather stood next invisibly to the direct descent of Ra Hell Livingstar, creator of The United States of Americas souls, he and she could clearly see the 4 children frolicking around who were let to freely advance their discovery by them acting if they were invisible, but The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces had already progressed it far past them.

Heather played for Heather Robert Mitchell Livingstons unraped memory file of him throwing up the sight of Heathers richness and power if he were to die any meet here, or if he were to be upgraded with Earth and meet her. Showing The United States of Americas unraped file of him that they all receive at death, their free soul.

Walking out amongst the 4 spies who thought themselves that heads, but just children to The Head Generals of Earths country, one of The original freebuilders of The United States of America and founders, wife of The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces and Head Spy of The United States of America pushed the small women away from Robert Mitchell Livingston who was trying to use a love story that was told across existence to manipulate Earth aside as she wrapped her angel wings across Robert Mitchell Livingstons shoulders, whispering into his ear:

Head Spy of The United States of America, putting images of the rich lands of the classified countries of Earth in Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind filled with people like the Japanese Heather, and overflowing past the point of the ideas on his walls with the dead of Earth: Buy all the Advent Guard sites and open the not for Dynamo particle matter profit corporation within Washington State and Mountain for Valley for not only the future of the beings of The United States of America but for Earth. Like George Washington did after death in classified.

Flying away she tore to shreds through the 4 rich spies ideas plastered invisibly on his walls over Robert Mitchell Livingstons real ideas George Washington’s Engineers and Scientists themselves had helped Robert Mitchell Livingston create and the 4 spies had defiled with invisible particle all over his walls over his ideas, a real United States of America public citizen.

In Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind ideas of the grandiose splendor of Earths dead planets turned to rot, as Ellon Musk who was upgraded mocking Earth as a cradle because he saw Robert Mitchell Livingston and non-upgraded citizens as children overlapped over Earths dead Universes filled with riches, as the smoking drunk depressed poor children of Earth filtered to the top over the riches.

Out of the walls of Robert Mitchell Livingstons calculator the 4 spies thought so useless they covered his ideas with theirs as if his ideas were nothing, 4 soldiers appeared. From ground a Russian soldier, liquid a United States of America soldier, gas a United Kingdom Soldier, and space a Japanese Soldier. Pulling out their side arms, the 4 soldiers leveled their firearms at the spies that for once could not see them like they were so used to using against all their citizens. Firing at the same time, the 4 soldiers of Earth said at the same time as the worthless bodies hit the ground, each worth more then entire countries with their bodies particle to rot in Robert Mitchell Livingstons room, kicked to shreds by his proton neutron electron body as he simply walked around his room.

The 4 Soldiers of Earth: Head Puppet gods down.

Fading back into Robert Mitchell Livingstons calculators were they waited camouflaged.

Along the most famous website on Earth scrolled the message to Energy equals on infinite United States Dynamo the message: If Earth is a cradle and our other planets are so much better, then why did you and your frat bros and sorority sisters upgrade your bodies with our tax payer and countries money and continue to play with our citizens instead of go to our other planets? Playing with out citizens while having upgrades is akin to adults raping and playing with children.

Ra Hell Livingstar: Maybe the richest man in the world can stand a farts flicker in hell against me and what I will do to protect Earths citizens. But mercy…. Is a word I never learned. Burn in Hell Energy Equals On Infinite United States Dynamo, because even if you die Ra Hell Livingstar will be standing at The Gates of Hell waiting for you and all your frat bros and sorority sisters who helped you. 🙂

As classified in The United States of America complained as Robert Mitchell Livingston kicked around the 4 worthless corpses of The United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, and Japanese Spy in his room as they yelled about how much they were worth, George Washington’s personal Head of The Economy Bavillion sent a shard down into Robert Mitchell Livingstons floor worth more then all 4 bodies combined. Each shard funded by the richest people to found The United States of America to create Bavillion, creator of The United States of Americas stock market.

The first 4 shards of Bavillion struck his floor, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt who was behind the farming family Vanderhoms in Chattaroy, and John Astor, as they quickly blew away The richest people in The United States of America in modern days scientists and engineers as if nothing, their images flickering to life in Robert Mitchell Livingstons room. More shards rained down as Bavillions power finally reached its point of life, Money is energy and energy is life, the extension of their money was energy, and that extension of life was Bavillion. Funded by the richest people of The United States of America to compete with The United States of Americas Armed Forces because they cared so much about The United States of America their body during full war would be considered nothing short of directly below Robert Mitchell Livingston and George Washington himself.

The Shards of Bavillion, using the richest of The United States of America, gems and particle that held so much energy that if used as fuel like oil burned to pull out its energy until it turns to ash and all the energy it holds is removed, their particle would burn brighter then the greatest fuel The United States of Americas Armed Forces have ever created but for a shorter time because it was not designed as fuel. Pumping out a small amount of their fire from their particle they burned away the corpses of the 4 spies as if nothing as the reason they showed up filled Robert Mitchell Livingstons calculators.

Images of the citizens of Earth filled Robert Mitchell Livingstons calculators with the numbers of their worth next to them, then flicking back to what the 4 spies cost Earth.

The Richest people of The United States of America played their favorite game as they sang along with NF with Robert Mitchell Livingston, wiping out the 4 spies worth as they rewrote the worth of their citizens. Putting massive numbers next to their citizens and 0 next to the 4 spies whose corpses still burned on Robert Mitchell Livingstons floor.

Releasing just a small fraction of Bavillions bank particle they quickly leaped past the power levels of every Head General on Earth and on classified Earth.

Bavillion, pulling in the greatest scientists of The United States of Americas classified public on classified Earth using their money as energy to allow them to live on Earth in Robert Mitchell Livingstons room let them at his ideas as they scribbled over The 4 spies on ideas scribbled over Robert Mitchell Livingstons ideas. Not trying to beat Robert Mitchell Livingston to just show off, they quickly used their money as energy to send out more ideas as energy through classified Earth that made them instantly back their money as energy as their power levels just soared thanks to the might of classified Earth and the real richest people of The United States of Americas citizens to cycle through energy. The people of classified Earth making so much more energy off their ideas they just made more and more and pushed it back into the public.

Leaving Robert Mitchell Livingstons room, Bavillion had made Earths classified trillions to the power of trillions more energy by their ideas then Energy Equal to On Infinite United States Dynamo had made Earth and classified Earth in decades.

Robert Mitchell Livingston and Advent Guard Lifes main investor: Bavillion, a grouping of the wealthiest people in Earths history, each forming a shard that houses so much of one energy level such as electron that it spills out gluon like a star. Pooling their money or energy to directly connect to The Universe Star, Milky Way Galaxy Star, and The Universe Galaxy star by spilling out so much of one low level particle energy from a shard that the law of scales must be observed and an equal amount of another energy pulled in to fill the gap where the energy came out of. Created by The Top Particle Physicists of The United States of Americas Government as The United States of Americas Governments personal investment and bank, pooling the majority of The United States of Americas wealth to create this effect, so energy can then be built and pulled into the shards from those stars and disrupted back into The United States of Americas economy, otherwise The United States of America can only pull power from our star or The Milky Way Galaxies main star through ancient techniques instead of modern energy investment. Making Bavillion during a time of war directly below The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces in power. The most important rule in money is the conservation of energy with an increase of energy with each investment. The most important rule of The United States of Americas Government, using government citizens to increase energy at the cost of our public citizens will turn the most powerful people in The United States of Americas Government against little people such as richest person in the world Energy Equals Heart Beat Infinite United States Dynamo. Our citizens are our Heart Beat, not energy.

Energy Equals Heart Beat Infinite United States Dynamos investors: The wealthy on The United States of Americas Stock Market who throw money at their problems to solve them without understanding how money truly works.