Around a star so far away that if you looked towards the center of the clock of existence, growing ever larger, you would have to be at a level of energy emission so small that its number would fill your solar system at this size, Advent Guard had reached a point in soul technology to tie all of existence together that The Agents of Advent Guard spread through existence with all they had, so that souls would not be pulled around by their rulers at their whims, but by a group who listened.

In this Universe an Advent Guard agent came to stop the rulers of The Universe Galaxy who pushed the souls around to build their Universes and grow their power.

For millennia that Advent Guard agent would sit with a single soul in this Universe Galaxy to make a point. The Universe Galaxy scientists again and again calling it god and crushing the soul who would be taken all the way up the latter after death. Each time their scientists worked as hard as possible to see and find The Advent Guard agent, they would simply see just another center gear sun of the clock of existence tied to him or her each level they reached in particle physics. Until so much time had passed, that Advent Guard agent proved they were so far above them that at anytime they could stop them, but chose instead to teach, something this Universe Galaxy never did, but would just push around their souls.

When you have grown so massive, and truly care, how do you teach all of existence itself, when the upper levels always have main control of the entire soul network? How to stop the heads of soul networks from thinking they own the souls they control, when it is a problem across all of existence, that all have gotten very good at covering up? Show them that if the point was to build all of existence as much as possible for power, then the souls at the top would just start pumping out Cosmoses and bigger already built, not create what is all around us all.