The importance of Spokes around mount Spokane and the fact The Spokane Indians were named after it indicate that The United States of America’s Federal government new of the importance of Mountain Valley and it’s potential for dynamo power over 200 hundreds years ago. And if known, meant they understood dynamo technology enough to name it and the Indians of Spokane after spokes around mount Spokane, helping you to deduce almost 100% factually that the classified of The United States of Americas government were building the mountains of Mountain Valley in the dynamo and Star direction 200 years ago.

Every classified government on Earth would know this because of governments researching other governments and countries the most. It would only be new news to us more public citizens.

Robert Mitchell Livingston playing chess against The rich and governmental powers of The United States of America: I call your Ivy League, west point graduates, and the entire United States of Americas new classified, and I raise you and play the original United States of Americas classified dating back to the beginning of The Founding of The United States of America and immortal technology centuries ago, creators of our University system and West Point to help the citizens of The United States of America and our country itself grow and prosper not just a select group of rich citizens to stay rich through family generations while enslaving the public who did not or could not go to University. Your turns.

History: Robert Mitchell Livingston, the name of The Original Founding Father and Head General of Mountain Valley at the start of The United States of America. Known for shooting United States of America soldiers like rabid animals who would shoot or hunt Native American Indians for fun as if they were sub people because their society was not advanced. A man whose father was known as Ra Hell Livingstar, Head General of The United States in Europe before moving to North America over 300 years ago to escape kingdoms and create democracy , known for putting down classified and upgraded like rabid animals for leaving their upgraded hidden classified cities and going into public to rape, toy with, play with, and have their way and fun with public citizens in Europe. A name throughout history that has become synonymous with protecting the public citizens of Earth from the classified and the upgraded. A name no sane classified or upgraded person or being would go against and ever expect to win. A name forever tied to the words: For Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all on Earth.

Founding city of Advent Guard, an organization that holds existence itself together, spanning for as far as any being could ever travel in an any distance, over every horizon you can see when all hope is lost and you have gone as far as you can in life and you think yourself alone, know Advent Guard exists there too.