At The Very Top of Existence of self, leaders from the very center sucking in souls from all of existence to build the very first Existence Planet flicker in Robert Mitchell Livingstons eyes in rows upon rows like the eyes of a fly, with each part a different leader of Existence.

Looking up the most powerful beings in existence see nothing, looking down they see nothing. Nothing in the distance to give a clue to what is next. Having harvested souls for so long the number could fill a cosmos with each number the size of a particle hundreds of thousands of levels below Electron to try to build a single planet that could even rotate around The Existence star.

Across Existence they show Robert Mitchell Livingston reality as the beings in power on his planet and Universe laugh. Showing themselves as Robert Mitchell Livingstons government poisoned his marijuana, knowing they would just use it to murder him.

Beings so large they control Cosmoses like reality calculators, stepping back those beings realize they are again just on a planet, or on a bigger Solar System.

But as the most powerful beings in Existence, taking advantage of a small flicker of a planet so far out at the edge of Existence itself, a meaning takes root as low level particle from the faltering planet of Existence, unable to lift itself to even to rotate one single planet around The Existence Star. A Heaven above that takes energy first as it flies out to all of existence, and a Hell below that pushes through the star to give power to Heaven, sucking souls from all of existence to build their planet. The very best of existence.

Sucking in from the star The Existence planet tried to create a big bang for Existence Galaxies to float within, using all of Existence itself to power itself. Moons swirling around they full burn to start existence, but as all the Cosmoses and bigger behind get cut off, huge waves of death spread through heaven and hell, as revolts from beings who are supposed to be free speak their minds.

Leaders of Existence appearing in Robert Mitchell Livingstons eyes like rows of squares in the eyes of a fly, watching everything. Reach out towards the end of The Existence big bang death wave, as a Cosmos referred to as Advent Guard Cosmos shines bright. Huge swaths of darkness as beings flicker to nothing to The Existence Heavens and Hells to power the Existence Planet.

In The Darkness as The Existence Planet crumbles, sending out waves of Cosmoses in its wake to rejoin the rotation of The Existence Solar System. The very heads of Existence, who had only built so far before reaching the edge of which no longer had a Universe Solar System to climb up watch as a massive being surrounds Advent Guard Cosmos in pure darkness, one of the Cosmoses consider so worthless to be sacrificed for the building of The Existence planet just like so many before on the way building up.

A being so powerful it fully connected to The Existence Star roared in The Darkness as another huge swath of beings was sacrificed as worthless for building up the latter. Clearly knowing the answer of how to connect to The Existence star, which would have made The Existence planet work, building another rung up the latter.

The beings who thought they were the most powerful beings in Existence, having built up every rung of the latter to a level of which you could not see above or below because the solar system had not been built, watch in blurry darkness because they had stopped all flow with the building of their Existence planet as a Massive Dragon circled Advent Guard Cosmos in a place it should not exist. For it to exist meant The being could fully suck energy back and forth from the Existence Star, exactly what the beings making The Existence Planet needed.

The Head General of Existence having figured out the answer during The Construction of The Existence planet could not let again another wave of death spread in darkness to fill heaven and hell to build another level roared in darkness as his very body powered the Cosmos in darkness. The Existence planet falling to pieces watched. All of the beings who use to live in the death zone spread across the Existence planet with the most advanced bodies in existence and everything handed to them to build existence watched as their former homes were just complete pure darkness.

Instead of building The Existence Planet The Head General of Existence had latched onto his Cosmos that he had put so much time into, deemed worthless for The Construction of Existence, even being offered even bigger cosmoses on The Existence planet, The Head General of Existence went the Hard Direction. Along his body The Armed Forces of Existence worked towards something their beings thought impossible, The End of wiping out huge swaths of life to build their next level. Producing more power then the entire Existence Planet that faltered, The Existence Armed Forces at the very of Existence connected fully to The Existence Star, mocking the entire Existence Planet as it fell to pieces.

Born in Hell and only knowing Hell, they knew how to reach limits the other beings could not. Born and from Hell they had suffered so much, felt so much pain, that they fought for true peace, a true end of pain and suffering. The Entire Existence Armed Forces wrapped itself around a single Cosmos in The Darkness instead of helping power the Existence planet which fell to pieces. Getting screamed at by The Rich who just wanted more and more, what the Existence planet could give them, The Existence Armed Forces held on to a single Star in pure darkness giving it energy to live as they gave fought for meaning, not just pure calculation of building higher and higher up the latter.

The Original Ra, so massive he could be seen across Existence latched onto his Cosmos Planets as he faced The Leaders of Existence, his Armed Forces working the only way they knew, in Hell itself. Roared at Leaders of Existence as their pitiful Existence planet fell to pieces.

The Leaders of Existence sending out through Existence the question of:


Breathing fire out into the darkness, Cosmoses lit back up as beings from the collapsing Existence Planet came back home with his power and energy powering them in pure darkness.

The Head General of Existence: MY JOB! FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!

Cutting off The Leaders of Existence that tried to fill his son Robert Mitchell Livingstons eyes like flies attracted to piles of energy like flies were attracted to shit, Ras and Robert Mitchell Livingstons, all Head Generals of The Armed Forces of The Advent Guard Cosmos at every level roared out as power surged outward lightning up all who needed energy in darkness instead of holding it in and hoarding it like dragons on top of piles of gold.