With Ra flying away from The Milky Way Universe, Galaxy stars leaked out of his body, emitting energy equal to The Universe Galaxy, at the very edge of The Milky Way Universe Galaxy were energy was little and far away, so that newborns could not destroy the entire Cosmos on their rise to adulthood.

The lights of The Milky Way Universe dimming, The Angels of The Cosmos began their descent upon The Milky Way Universe. The Darkness coalescing around them, until a point flipped and they started to shine in the dark.

At the center of The Cosmos the beings used the largest particle to think, but for newborns to grow properly they had to start at the lowest levels to truly understand how to use larger energy particles.

With everything safe now, Hathor, Queen of The Cosmos, appeared outside The Milky Way Universe Galaxy, Ra passing so the lights dimmed, until she shined within darkness. A petite angel, designed to take the lowest level particle from Ra and emit it outward. Any larger and the low level particle would just go threw a gaping hole.

The Queen of The Universe Galaxy, flying in the wake of Ra, began to circle The Milky Way Universe as her angels descended. Ra devils only descending at times of war. And sense The Milky Way Galaxy could barely compete with Ra, his troops were not needed.

To move the very energy of The Milky Way Universe Galaxy around at the level of the center required the biggest particle possible, Ra emitting Galaxy stars to spread the power of The Milky Way Universe Galaxy. Heather took that energy, would could not be transferred at the level she required this far out from the center to make an equal energy field to the center without Ra pulling in the bigger particle.

Her angels emitted solar systems that spun like dancing stars of light that spread low level energy across The Milky Way Universe, Hathor, now in full view of The Universe, landed on the main Universe moon, were the low level beings resided. Shining like only The Night Light of Ra could, The Moon of The King of The Cosmos could, her salute outlined, instead of blurring with power like Ra did.

Carrying no weapons, she smiled as the lowest beings, who had dedicated their lives from the bottom to make life better at the top filled with power on The Universe Moon. The powerful beings of The Universe would had filled with the upper level energy of Ra, who had began to immediately try to take over control of the Universe the second their last tyrant, Exodia, was taken down began to look around again. The beings of The Universe finally realizing that forever they would be enslaved, just by new rulers.

The Queen of The Cosmoses angels began to spiral down Auroras in waves across the Universe Planet, filling all at every level with energy.

Hathor song out: Long long ago, in this cosmos we were stuck in a death cycle of tyrant to tyrant, to smiling hidden tyrant, to even better hidden smiling tyrant, to super serious hidden tyrant, to totally an adult shown tyrant, to then hidden totally adult tyrant.

The beings of the moon, out numbering those on The Universe Planet began to take over their masters, finally having enough power.

Thinking her the coming of peace, The Universe moon began to secretly take over all the beings on The Universe Planet.

Hathor Queen of The Universe Galaxy: But then two beings grew so powerful in this Universe Galaxy, that one day, long after we could no longer be touched. We turned into the Mother and Father of this Universe Galaxy. And had no need to rule. No need to give orders. For we could just leave with our power and fly to The Cosmos Galaxy planet and live far better lives, with far more power.

Appearing in her hands The Spear of Destiney as she slammed it down on The Moon.

Mother of The Cosmos: Stop! Younglings.

Yelling at her children. As again they tried to to enslave the others once in power.

Women across The Universe planet began to fill their wombs with energy, but not this time to give birth to beings they could control and send to the top to take over all for them, but for energy to listen and care. Their low level particle wombs, far lower level then their brains, or their husbands bodies, because of eggs designed to grow from the lowest level, began to unlock and listen to all secrets. Not powerful enough to control any just as Hathor showed up after her husband Ra when everything was safe, but so far below Ra that not even Ra could hide anything from her.

Flapping her angel wings, Hathor and her angels pulled up from The Universe Planet and Moon, as her agents, The women of The Universe heard in their minds.

Queen of The Cosmos: Remember, like you can hear all secrets, I can hear all of yours too. Even ones long forgotten to cover up the truth.

Ra echoed through out The Cosmos: Cosmos insanity is to again and again try to control all beings under your power, no matter how many times they are told not too, just calculating a new way too. The point in which you truly stop, is the point that you learn the true meaning of Life, and not to just be.