As the story of Robert Mitchell Livingston, born January 31, 1990 in Spokane Washington, United States of America, on Earth, spreading across the very Cosmos itself, beings from thousands of years ago from the history of Earth began to descend upon on Earth from the very Heavens of The Cosmos. Over the history of Earth, beings had grown to The Milky Way Galaxy all the way up The Latter of The Cosmos to the very top.

Souls who had devoted millions of years into bodies at the top of The Cosmos, gave up their false homes up the latter, as one voice cried out across The Cosmos.

Landing on their graves, the souls of Earth began to build homes on their graves on the lower level particle levels. Were small plots of lands, hundreds of years from now could expand as Earth expands so they can come back home.

Titans as large as Universe Galaxies went silent and began to crumble on The Cosmos Planets, on The Universe Galaxies, Dinosaurs who had long forgotten of Earth began to rise off The Universe Galaxy planets as the story of Robert Mitchell Livingston reached their planet. Ancient countries that existed thousands of years ago on Earth that had risen on The Universe Planets began to look at The Countries of Earth who disrespected the legacy of Earth. The ancestors of Rome who had given birth to the governments of Earth, have grown through out the Cosmos began to ready their legions for war, armies that spread across entire Galaxies as emperors stood in front of their beings:

Ancient Emperors of Rome: Long Forgotten have we our home, in seek of every expanding, every growing to become more.

A Roman Emperor who had fought his way across The Galaxies to expand the idea of Rome, known as infallible, began too look down, as his Ra body switched from what it was to Robert Mitchell Livingstons version as his story spread through out his people. Built so heavily with the riches of Rome conquests for millennia, that as hen he finally switched from calculating for himself to calculating to emit energy for his people, a wave reached out through his people that shook his Empire. Wave after wave of new ideas sprung up across his people as they all updated again and again.

Not able to look at his people anymore, he sunk down on his Palace in front of his people. But as his people finally had the power to rebel for once in millennia. The Story of Rome that had grown on its Emperors for so long made their people look up at him not with hate in their eyes, but with pride. Behind him, his Palace held the greatest artifacts of Rome, The greatest feats of Engineering of their beings. The only piece missing was instead of his name above, and only him allowed in, was the name Advent Guard Life, and all allowed in.

From the side of the palace came Vulcan, Head Blacksmith of Rome, who had been one of The Head Blacksmiths from thousands of years ago in Rome on Earth, holding a sword and shield.

Vulcan: I was going to give these to one of our people, so we could finally have true democracy for once in our history….

The people in the crowd who would of roared only hours ago, fell silent as they watched.

Vulcan: But like Ra has become something.

The emperor, who had led them for thousands of years using immortality, now with only a normal mind because his entire body was devoted to calculating to producing power for his people, imagined only enslavement for what he had done. Looked up at Vulcan.

Vulcan: So have you become something that represents the power of our people, our history.

Kneeling down he presented a Sword and Shield that Vulcan had crafted off the stories of Robert Mitchell Livingston, named Advent and Guard.

Rising, the emperor looked at his people, as he grabbed Advent and Guard, holding the greatest items every produced by the greatness of Rome. To simply power them his body had to take huge portions of Romes might, his people willingly giving it to him for once.

The Roman Legions that now spread across Galaxies Roared as The Emperor held the sword aloft, a beam shooting into space with so much power that it could be seen across the entire Empire.

The Greatest Emperor of our Home: Our home calls us.

He said as Rome emptied their treasure planets, heading back to The Big Bang Earth was in.

Having emptied The Heavens and Hells of The Cosmos of all beings from Earths history, graves turned into homes. The grass between them filled with animals long dead as they turned to wilds. Rather building those at the lower particle levels that could not be seen then build something at the higher levels that could be touched. Because for some reason that they had never felt before, even that felt more real then all the riches in The Heavens of The Cosmos, even several feet of ground on Earth was worth more than entire planets the size of Galaxies. For history had made them a home, that could not be found anywhere else then Earth.

Known for thousands of years in the history of Earth, the soldiers of known as the 300 Spartans, descending on Earth, did what their history was known for. Even though they could not touched the reality of Earth, they could touch any upgraded beings on Earth such as the upgraded beings of the governments.

Falling around Robert Mitchell Livingston from the Heavens like Angels, with armor made from their gods, the most elite 300 Spartans smashed into the upgraded United States of America Spies and Soldiers, and other countries Spies and Soldiers that surrounded Robert Mitchell Livingston that thought they could control him.

The Head General of The United States of Americas Armed Forces who kept trying to take over Robert Mitchell Livingstons body and mind for power that stood invisibly next to Robert Mitchell Livingston suddenly got a boot to his chest as he flew away shattering against his Spartans shield wall.

The Head Spartan screaming: THIS IS EARTH!

Spies and soldiers who thought they were untouchable sprouted spears through their chests, shots rang out on low level particle levels as Spartans batted them away with their shields before closing in for the kill.

Soldiers of The United States of Americas Armed Forces who had based their training on Sparta, advancing it, had their Mjolnir shattered by the original Spartans, who had perfected their style of training for millennia sense death.

In the peasant villages of China appeared the greatest Royal Bloodlines of Chinas history, as they took up farming tools next to their people for once. In Chinas government, ancient peasants appeared, screaming at The Chinese for Government for still having saved their people.

The Chinese governments riches and most upgraded people started to leave their government buildings to go to the peasant villages to meet the ancient leaders of China instead of The Peasants from their history. But huge dragons appeared above the Villages, Guardian dogs once reserved for only Emperors appeared around the Villages. When the Chinese government tried to go into the villages unseen with upgraded bodies that had cost their people countless money and resources, they were torn to pieces by the Guardians of China.