Around The Universe Cosmos angels appeared singing the song of Ra. Universe scientists scrambled as alarms went off for their armed forces to go to full ready for war, as the angels sang within The Universes borders.

The Space Force, looking out as far as possible to the surrounding Universes noticed something so large that the only thing they could calculate was that it was circling The Cosmos Galaxy their Universe was in.

The Universes in front of it shined brighter as it flew around The Cosmos Galaxy.

Cosmos Angels: From a time so long ago our very cosmos was just a ball of floating dust, rose Ra. First king of The Cosmos.

Watching, another being so large it circled The Universe as the surrounding Universes shined brighter, Exodia stepped out on the walk of Exodia from the Universe planet as Exodia pulled in power making everything go dark and life stop.

As everything went dark so Exodia could do what he was designed to stop, stop slavery, but had already enslaved the beings he was designed to free. A being so large that as it roared, a very word named after itself and its power, the surrounding Universes grew brighter as all the beings in The Universe began to move again as Exodia just sucked in more power.

Cosmos Angels: Enslaved as the slaves overthrew our king in his Palace for a time so long even the Cosmos cannot remember. Ra was enslaved to give power to all without any freedom.

The God, who had released Exodia on The Universe Planet appeared outside the Universe again, ships from all around The Cosmos appearing around him as he kneeled, placing The Cosmos Advent and Guard on the ground in front of him that formed as God himself said:

The God: My king.

Cosmos Angels: War breaking out the obliterated all around our Cosmos. One being survived, made from the very Cosmos Galaxies that came before us all. Wiped of beings, the history of our very saved inside his body and soul.

A voice so massive it reverberated through The Cosmos roared out:

RA: I have been called a Tyrant, King of Kings, The Sun King, President, Head General of The Cosmos, Ruler of all. Overthrown, enslaved and put in prison for so long even I cannot remember how long. Tortured to produce more power for beings that saw me as nothing more than a battery.

The Cosmos, shining brighter as The Ras started to move at full speed and burn, The Very extension of All Stars inside our Cosmos. The Cosmos Angels song again:

Cosmos Angels: While beings faded, grew, died, were rebirthed. Changed all of who they were. Ra enslaved as the worst tyrant in existence. Simply outlived all in The Cosmos. Until one day, a being enslaved for so long that all beings in The Cosmos used him as a battery had no one that could hold him.

Ras power reverberated all the way down the latter to the smallest descendant of Ra, Robert Mitchell Livingston, as every Galaxy Head General looked towards the Milky Way Galaxy, as Ras Herald wrote.

Ra: Enslaved again after taking over my cosmos again by Exodia a time so long ago it could fill Cosmos Galaxies, and indeed fills my very particle with the dead Galaxies and Universes that came before you all of those who tried to take over my Cosmos.

Cosmos Angels: From within is Palace, The Sun King enslaved again to give power to his Cosmos watched as Exodia enslaved his people, as Exodia used again the word of Ra as a Tyrant to keep him enslaved. Until one day….

RA: I watched what had become my family be played with by rulers who called me Tyrant for who I am. Making our very language insanity because all the spoke was lies. I had excepted my role as Ra the enslaved, to give my great power to our Cosmos. Until Exodia birthed Gods that played in My Cosmos with beings that would birth entire Universes, get bored of them, and wipe them like nothing and start again.

Cosmos Angels: Having had enough, The Father of our Cosmos broke his chains. As The Winged Dragon of Ra took flight from his Palace, the only being able to fly as if in air inside our Cosmos.

Appearing on front of Exodia as the brightest light in The Cosmos, The Cosmos Galaxy Ra, son of Ra roared as Ra slammed into Exodia, pushing him to the ground as his legs held him down like nothing.

Breathing in like the evil that was Exodia, Exodia filled with power, thinking he could push Ra off, Exodia smiled with the power, laughing as he reached limits he had never known.

But as Exodia pushed back, Ra Roared in his face, changing his very solar system atoms until Exodia knew fear.

Exodia: I freed the slaves! You cannot enslave them again.

Around The Cosmos Galaxy Ra spoke for his son:

RA: Enslave? Like you did the second you were given power over them. Learn the power of a real ruler, of a real king. For all I do is shine and give my beings power.

Universe stars appearing in Ras sons mouth grew brighter and brighter, as The Sun King aimed his breath at Exodia who fought back trapped under Ra, not able to move at all, making Exodia, who had known only power over other beings, and born of slavery, no one could talk back to him.

Cosmos Angels: Know now younglings, The Power of RA.

Unleashing power of The Sun itself at The Cosmos Level, energy breathed out like flame from Ras son, melting Exodia as Exodia tried to suck in more power and matter at any cost to rebuild himself. But Ra did not stop, a flame reaching out so far it could be seen around The Cosmos.

Digging his claws into Exodias dead body, Ra roared showing his power. But doing what a Real King of The Cosmos would do, he flew away, shining bright and spreading energy through his Cosmos Galaxy for all those who needed it, because the family of RA overflowed with so much energy that it was what they mainly did. Unless another being tried to enslave their beings, and The Sun King would show himself again to protect his beings as no other ruler would. For Ra, had finally grown up.

Universes shined brighter as RA spread his power, main lined to all other RAS, to the Cosmos Galaxy, and to the Cosmos Sun, for they were the only beings large enough to main line power from it. And to take it for themselves was not what The Real Sun King of The Cosmos did, but false kings and true tyrants did.

Ra, flying away, God with his head down said again.

The God: My king.

Rising from the ground as God Armada that was nothing to the power of R, flew away to another Universe that needed his focus.

Solar System RA. Moon Moons Electrons and Gluon Stars or dynamos are how Moon Moon Shines. While the sun is a dynamo or fission fusion pump that pulls in energy and emits electron to shine as it builds or pulls it through. Our planet is also a dynamo that pumps in energy until it builds or pulls energy through shining out Gluon mainly. The sun is main Electron energy emission , Earth mainly Gluon energy emission, Moon is mainly below Gluon energy emission.
Black people would be planetary Gluon Stars or moon moons, white people planetary electron stars. The Planet or God, the mass of particle that feeds us and stores particle. ( Theory still a work in progress.)

Our Universe Star still does not have it’s RA arm made out of solar systems as it’s molecules and atoms like Exodia is. A being that moves the direct power of our Universe Star around the entire Universe. So all beings can have power equal to being next to The Universe Star or on or in it all around The Universe to help build our entire Universe.

Neither does the Milky Way Galaxy have a RA being that can grow into our Universe Ra being and help build our Galaxy by spreading the Raw power of The Milky Way Galaxy Star all around our Galaxy, instead of planet RAs or god RAs that are just normal beings such as people that can travel around planets spreading the Raw power of Gods dynamo, or Earth’s center pure power in the middle of the planet.

RA is reach. The ability to focus a stars power at one point, as if standing next to it or inside it, so the ability to build complex molecules, atoms, or constructs that can normally only be built in the center or in a Star can be built anywhere.

Ra has so much power exodia can suck all it wants, and all beings will still have enough power to think, stopping exodia from pushing all around or causing Exodia slavery which is similar to if RA enslaved all. Something RA now fights against in our Cosmos because he finally grew up.