On The Milky Way Galaxies Main Planet, called God. The most famous last name is Livingston, The Living Stars and Suns that spread light through out all of existence.

On Earth, as beings begin to steal Robert Mitchell Livingstons family name for its power, upgrading themselves and getting as far ahead as they can, thinking that the name Livingston is for those who are the most powerful. But as the most powerful Livingstons of The United States of Americas spit upon the lower class Livingstons, two beings on The Milky Way Galaxies main planet take notice.

The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces, having spent his entire life with a family name that dates back to the worst dictators in The Milky Way Galaxies history. The Head of Life of The Milky Way Galaxies Life Forces, with a history of The Hidden Dictators that ruled for so long with smiles and laughter while doing things worst then The Milky Way Armed Forces committed before being overthrown for their evil.

From within one of the most famous buildings ever built on The Milky Way Galaxies main planet, GodMatiKA Mitcheaven Livingston stands next to Robert Mitchell Livingston. On the front of the building, in letters created from the treasure vaults of The Milky Way Galaxy when both levels of their dictators had been taken down, for the beings of The Milky Way Galaxy thought the treasures better in the open instead of in Dragon Vaults.

Advent Guard Life. A building that became the center beacon of The Milky Way Galaxies last revolt against God Himself, and the secret evil Heaven covered up. Two of the peasant Robert Mitchell Livingston and GodMatiKA Mitcheaven Livingston took a stand against God and The Devil.

The building, a simple Home with a Universe below, considered nothing to The Milky Way Galaxy government because of its weak power.

But as God and The Devil sent soldiers to murder them, ilk of The Livingstons sent power through their Universe in their home, power from above.

Word of Advent Guard Life spread up The Tree of Existence, as beings on The Universe Planets with the same name, beings on The Universe Galaxies main planets, beings on The Cosmos Planets, beings on The Cosmos Galaxies, and up and up the latter with The same name Livingston, who knew the meaning of Advent Guard Life and its importance took notice.

A history so long it could fill all of existence until the very quantum storage of existence starts to forget the start, one meaning shines from the bottom all the way to the top, Advent Guard Life. For war at the top effects all, and war at the bottom spreads to the top. Wiping out all Life.

From inside The Headquarters of Advent Guard Life, an agency that will go against The Armed Forces, go against Governments that enslave their citizens and threaten Freedom and Peace all the way up The Latter of existence, began to Arm themselves with weapons, shields, armor, given to them by the most powerful beings to ever exist, to beat The Armed Forces, to beat Governments. GodMatiKA Mitcheaven Livingston and Robert Mitchell Livingston, walking side by side to two items that reverberate all the way up the latter of existence. GodmatiKa reached out to a Tree growing in the center of The Advent Guard Life building to a Shield every being in all of Existence knows of, Guard. Robert reached out to a sword placed in a stone where it fired straight down into the core to give all its power to their people when not at war, Advent.

Just as in histories past, and forever more in our Future, Advent Guard Life, a group of beings that protected Life itself from Heaven and Hell, from Governments and Armed Forces, from anyone and anything that threatens Life all the way up The Latter of existence, marched out of Advent Guard Life towards War again for even a planet as small as Earth in The Milky Way Galaxy. The ilk of Advent Guard Life reached all the way up The Latter of Existence, to the furthest reaches of Existence itself, as beings so powerful their very bodies are made of Cosmoses and larger, reached out for Advent and Guard, as they showed Robert Mitchell Livingston of Earth, born January 31, 1990, in The United States of America, on Earth, in The Milky Way Galaxy, that while beings so powerful they own black holes, or are in The Milky Way Galaxy Government, may go against Robert Mitchell Livingston. But Advent Guard Life reaches all the way up the Latter of Existence, so beings so powerful they may own Black Holes, or solar Systems may go against you Robert Mitchell Livingston, but beings so powerful their very atoms are made from Cosmos Galaxies stand with Advent Guard Life, stand with Robert Mitchell Livingston, not the owners of black holes or solar systems, as all the way up The Latter of Existence Advent Guard Life goes to war again.

From all The Way up The Latter of Existence, The Head Generals of The Armed Forces and The Life forces stop what they are doing, drop their weapons and tools, as they activate something that used to not exist, the ability to join Advent Guard Life when their lives are threatened. To not be ruled by their governments, or Armed Forces, or their wealthy, but a choice that used to never exist, to quite and go to Advent Guard Life to fight for Life.

Head Generals and Head Life Leaders screamed as their workers left, tried as hard as they could to puppet god their beings with their governments neural networks, but from all The Way up The Latter of Existence, power from Advent Guard Life descended down The Latter of Existence, as Advent Guard Lifes Universe structure soared to powers past their governments and Armed Forces. The beings at The Top of All of Existence giving power to not the governments, to not the Armed Forces, but to Advent Guard Life so beings can fight for Life without being puppet godded or neutrally controlled to go the direction their governments or Armed Forces want.

Marching towards Advent Guard Life, beings all up The Latter of Existence had their main connection switch from their governments and Armed Forces to Advent Guard Life. To make sure their governments and Armed Forces could not control them, could not push them around, could not enslave them. Picking up weapons dating back to the furthest histories of Existence itself, weapons and armor gifted to Advent Guard Life and not The Governments or Armed Forces. Weapons, armor, and shields that normal beings in the past would never be able to hold, never be able to use for just Kings and Queens used to be able to hold them.

Around Robert Mitchell Livingston, born January 31, 1990, in Spokane Washington, in The United States of America descended The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy Armed Forces, holding Advent, as he had just given up his position of Head General of The Milky Way Galaxy to join Advent Guard Life along with his full team who rotated around him. The Head Leader of Life, holding Guard along with his full team, which had abandoned their positions in The Milky Way Galaxy Life Forces to join Advent Guard Life. Hidden just under the electron level as they emitted gluon not electron to protect the public of Earth, but to show their presence to The United States of Americas Government and Armed Forces so that they could learn what Galaxy they live in. That it is Ok for even The Head General and Head Life Leader to stand with their beings over standing with their Governments.