Ras particle physicists, building his son Ra, started to build Ar, Ras sun.

Out from Ar spread its wings like that of The Milky Way Galaxy itself, its Arms forming, Ars infinite cycles, as particles spread out in fluxing waves before being pulled back in by Ars gravity well.

A small Birth Earth, used as research for a time that could fill our solar-system with a number this size repeated, reached its arms out past the edge of The Milky Way Galaxy into what The Milky Way Galaxy Leech states thought impossible, as Ra had given the order to move to the outer edges trillions upon trillions of years ago.

Ra, having had enough of The Rich of The Milky Way Galaxy, putting on his Armor for war, landed on a Solar System on the outer edges of The Milky Way with his warriors. To lead the way.

Mocking The Leach States of The Milky Way Galaxy, The Sun of Earth already emits more low level particle energy then the most powerful Milky Way Galaxy States.

At the end of each Arm or Ar and Ra, The Devil himself, The Incarnation of God, The rebirth of The Head Warrior of The Milky Way Galaxy, The Leader of Life, The diggers of The Head Particle Miners, The Furthest reaches of Science, and the answer to The Most complex Universe Theory that works the Milky Way Galaxy has ever built. Having all reached Universe Theory before the birth of Earth, they traced back their origins to this planet, because the center they all rotate around is not The Milky Way Galaxy center, but Earths Sun, Ar, and The Rider of Ar, Ra.

Thinking they own Earth and our solar system, Ra plays his last move, The ability to beat any that goes against The Milky Way Galaxy. For Ra is The Head General of The Milky Way Galaxies Armed Forces. Leader. So powerful, known for leadership so great, that he could lead a single non upgraded human against all of incarnations of his generals as they finish their arms first, and win. Because most Galaxy wars are not won by soldiers, but most are over within moments as The Head Generals battle with full Galaxy power, taking over lead before the war has even begun.

Ra, has no equal in raw power in The Milky Way Galaxy, for this reason.

What The Head Generals of The Milky Way Galaxy mean by The War on Life.