Underneath Luneburg’s University Leuphana revolved one of the Star generators from World War 2. The Cosmos of Heinrich Himmlers classified team was given to the caged slaves who rotated around it, stuffed into containers just as big as their bodies. Several hundred of the victims were people diagnosed with mental issues in Luneburg, showed to Robert Mitchell Livingston right before he went home to The United States of America so he would have a memory in his mind so that he knows that The United States of America agents who did to him what Nazis did to our citizens decades ago would be met by the full force of The European Union this time, to obliterate The Nazis from Earth this time. Germany would be on the side of good this time.

While United States of America agents popped Adderall and frolicked around Europe, Allisons victim that she took to Europe like a dog being dragged along with her worthless spy mission, using the citizen Robert Mitchell Livingston as cover, already planning to force Robert Mitchell Livingston to kill himself so Allison and her team of terrorists could twist Robert Mitchell Livingstons life to whatever they wanted.

But, as worthless CIA agents and United States of America Armed Forces intelligence agents made plans to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family when he got home, the most powerful people in The CIA, United States of America Armed Forces, along with the most powerful Intelligence agents and Armed Forces of Europe had other plans.

Underneath Luneburg several hundred thousand people, born to only pull shit out of their asses, sleep, eat, and repeat for their slave owners, walked to the edge of their new offices rotating around Himmlers star, they looked at the Star which played the image of Robert Mitchell Livingston being played with by CIA agents who forget that they were apart of the team that forced him to get drunk so he would be easier to play with.

Several hundred thousand of the most enslaved people in the history of Earth touched their hands to the edge of their offices, as they devoted an entire German Star Generator to helping one person, not even from their own country, to show Earth what country Germany had become.

“We never forget History, because History will never forget us.”