Use of energy fields to manipulate living beings bodies or minds to do what the puppet god wants them too.

Head General of The United States of America’s Classified Armed Forces: If anyone, regardless of rank or position, uses energy fields to manipulate United States of America citizens bodies or minds, it is a declaration of war against The United States of America, and will be dealt with by The United States of America’s Armed Forces, who will go against any group or people that uses energy fields to manipulate United States of America citizens even fellow United States of America Armed Forces or Federal United States of America agents.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: You government people have been terrorizing me 24/7 when I am awake, and most likely fuck up my rem cycles sense I discovered and first theorized star generators. 5 months or so now, trying to throw me away falsely in psych wards again so doctors can force lobotomize me and ignore anything I say, slowing down my theoretical research by years so rich government people can get ahead of me, and trying to end my families business destroying my chance at a life because my resume is useless then. How is that working out for all of you worthless terrorists with United States of America government badges or Armed Forces ranks?

Armed Forces of Earth: The most worthless form of government is a government that 100% predicts their people’s lives into the future and forces it to happen, turning their entire public into a facade of dolls the rich government beings play with as if a big playset or game with dolls to play with. Real governments allow for life, only knowing 50% of what will happen, so their people and country are not just a big mechanical system that moves at the whim of the government gods, but is alive. 100% predicting your people is murdering all life in the country, and a declaration of war against the classified of every super power country on Earth and their allies.

Armed Forces of Earth: To puppet god citizens of Earth by piloting them like dolls so they do what the government gods want is a declaration of war against the classified Armed Forces of every super power on Earth.

Armed Forces of Earth: To use predictive analysis of everything that will happen to change things so that what the government puppet gods want to happen, happen, is puppet godding, because most citizens are unaware and will normally just go along with it as if puppet goddess with energy fields.

Armed Forces of Earth: Use of reality smashes or snorts along with predictive analysis to not just interrupt thought but to smash like a reset button until they calculate their victim will do what they want then stopping high pitched smashing or snorting. Is similar to smashing a person over the head until they do what the criminal wants then stopping, but without the problem of leaving evidence behind anymore for government people so they can get away with any crime. Is a declaration of war when used against our non upgraded citizens.

Classified Armed Forces of Earth: You United States of America government and allies from other countries better think very carefully of your next moves, because you all have terrorized Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family in all of those ways, and just one count of any of those used against our public citizens is grounds for war.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: The United States of America Armed Forces make people, you all think I get puppet godded when the Head General speaks, but he lets me speak and figure things out, you government people smash around me in reality to destroy my concentration then shove like a rapist your worthless ideas or directions into my head. There is a difference.

Criminal Terrorist: If we just put doctors on Robert Mitchell Livingstons case that do not understand a single word he says even if he is saying things that make sense or are real, they will always just lobotomize and wipe his mind making him even worst every time over years until he is dead or his life is over. And sense they never have to speak to Robert Mitchell Livingston other then lying to his face, we can hire only doctors that are easy to hide behind like the other government agents hide behind their children, with perfect work history and only perfectly good lives, so as they violently murder Robert Mitchell Livingston with medications that obliterate his mind, we can just hide behind the doctors and terrorize Robert Mitchell Livingston until he says mean things to justify doing whatever we want to him falsely.