The Head Spy of The United States of Americas Government and businesses that would become government after the release of Universe theory walked outside the main offices of Microsoft looking up at the sky as he smiles, waiting for Heaven to finally make its way to Earth, because it had already found classified decades ago. Smiling he walks around the campus, waiting for his spies to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston so he could have his people release Universe theory.

From inside a drug den were women were raped high on drugs until they died barely having even been consciousness their entire lives, The Head Spy of The United States of Americas public, Head General of The United States of Americas Classified Armed Forces, the direct point of hierarchy for The United States of Americas Armed Forces, walks outside a drug den were hundreds of United States of America citizens have died over the last decades.

Baring his teeth as soldiers dating back to the classified of World War 2 start to circle around people like The Head Spy of The United States of Americas Government and businesses, start to circle around Bill Gates, start to circle around United States of America politicians.

The Head United States of America General in charge of taking down the Nazi research facility where people were trapped in cans, used for their organs tied to a giant organic processor. Walked around Microsoft as he saw the channels of energy tied from their brains as they sit in their offices to the main star generator under Seattle.

The person at Microsoft who thinks they get to release Universe theory, a classified person whose brain was tied directly to millions of citizens in Seattle to use them as a battery smiles as he looks around. Around him United States of America generals who have seen those things occur before, just not with smiles on their faces and the people hiding behind United States of America flags and badges, spitting in the face of what they stand for.

From up in Heaven, delusion sets in, the rich, the politicians, the government, living in heaven with their own perceptions, completely detached from the public, then force their perception on our public, even though our citizens lived in Hell their entire lives.

From Google out steps a classified rich person who has only calculated and simulated outcomes were Google and the other rich companies release Universe theory, smiling as he looks around at all that will be, because he has already built them below ground in California, using that experience to force himself to the top of the government in California along with Google to the top of Universe theory before our public citizens even get a chance.

Within a neighborhood that hundreds have died in, been kidnapped, tortured, sold for money, a United States of America Upper level Armed Forces Spy, out ranking the Google Armed Forces Spy by numerous ranks, peeks out of a window covered by rags and sheets to stare out at road were several gun shots rang out.

Head General of The United States of Americas Classified Armed Forces: Hell rises, and Hell will not be stamped out by Heaven because Heaven hates Hell and the beings of Hell cry out because of what they went through.

Through out The United States of America The Greatest Ranking Generals, Spies, Soldiers The United States of America has produced peeked their heads out in ghettos, drug dens, bars, homeless houses, political parties of just a few, citizens with no friends, and everywhere United States of Americas citizens need them. People who give direct orders to most people in The Pentagon and they would have to follow or do it.

In Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and the other big companies or groups of politicians, the lowest ranking United States of America spies, generals, and soldiers peeked out from their spy positions. People who give direct orders to a handful of people in The Pentagon and they would have to do it.

Devil: Hell has chosen its side.