Unfortunately still no one I know understands me or can speak back to me about the things on my mind. Going on my entire life now with no one to speak to about the ideas I think of and have been trying to figure out sense 4 years old. It is insanely lonely and depressing my entire life. I am also violently attacked because people illegally steal my ideas off my website instead of trying to be my friends and talk about them like the internet was engineered for. I do not understand who would live on this planet, the rich and powerful murder anyone that tries on Earth and hands their ideas to people who can be controlled like dolls and only do what the rich want. No freedom, no justice at all in our judicial system, the rich and government always win, and once found out the rich just pay to throw away rich to hide it. No way to meet a wife, I will be violently raped and have my life steered in directions I don’t realize until I am dead by another rich government women who would only date me if she was being paid, her children will be handed college, a bonus, retirement, and afterward she gets the best therapy our country has to get her mind off killing a slave along with any medication or government job to help the murderer get her life back while the slaves bloodline is ended for generations or wiped out completely, and afterward she will be handed half a million dollars to go raise children who kill our citizens, and find a spouse who is not a slave she just rapes and plays with for a job but some she could really marry and help grow a life with instead of destroy. Their children will grow up and be handed college and government jobs. While my children might as well just shoot themselves they have so little chance, because they were raised by parents that do not murder citizens, do not use children to kill people on federal cases then hide behind them, but they will not go to college which is the only thing The United States of America Government cares about when hiring people.