The Head General of The United States of Americas Classified Armed Forces looked down at his war table at what was happening inside The United States of Americas Star Generator at the center of his country.

A memory from his childhood flashed back hundreds of years ago, his father laying on his death bed, him and his brother Rabert Mitchell Livingstar next to him.

Ra Hell Livingstar: There is evil inside our people. Let no story from our past twist your minds with time. To get here so much had to occur, for us all to smile and focus on those fantasies we all want to believe as if the truth and reality of history is just a whim to played with.

He coughed blood, staring at his embroidered hanckerchief. Disgusted he throws it away, knowing his people barely had anything like that simple thing yet other then him and his disgusting fellows in classified.

One of The Head classified kings of Europe to Unite them and lead to The United States of America, away from kings and everything his fathers and mothers knew, for something far better.

Ra Hell Livingstar: They followed along with me when I gave my speech for Freedom, for Democracy. Because they could talk their slave people into more using Freedom and Democracy, puppet them to do even more of their will.

Coming forward, Rabert Whicheaven Livingstar said: The Livingstar family will not let that father, we are so close to immortality, and we will solidify and hold what we hold true. All Life deserves a chance.

Reaching over to his side, the old king grabbed Advent, a sword forged by the first smiths of The United States moving to North America, before the first masses started in the public.

Ra Hell Livingstar: When they question what is good, when they move our people to evil. Give no ground for what our country stands for and means.

Handing it to Rabert Mitchell Livingstar, future Head General of The United States.

Ra Hell Livingstar, The Head General of Earth that had stopped all evil by completely wiping out his enemies as if The Devil himself set loose by God to purge all evil from his planet. He did not obliterate his enemies, because Earth was one to him, but completely wiped the field with them, then waited as if to say: Do you want me to do that again? Or will you listen. Before completely wiping the field of war with his enemy as if they were nothing.

Grabbing Guard, his shield, he looks to his other son Rabert Whicheaven Livingstar, handing it to him.

Ra Hell Livingstar: All I have known is war….

He says, tears coming down his eyes, as he hands the shield covered with Life to his other son.

Ra Hell Livingstar: I wish to tell you to hang this on your wall and never know war again. But all the others at my level and their children that will reach immortality, that are still alive, were the ones that tried to go away from Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Good, what is correct in the minds of all with no swaying them. Hold them off for your brother.

When Ra Hell Livingstar died, first and last king of The United States before moving to North America and becoming one of the first democracies already in secret, his sons left his shut door, one going towards what would become The United States of Americas Hell, their Armed Forces. The other walking towards Heaven, The United States of Americas government and public.

For they already had stars back then, and had theorized much of future wars with the mind. Becoming immortal first, they waited, not just staying at the top where their father had demanded of them, to secure their future country, to protect their people, but waiting for a war their father had imagined and warned them of so long ago….. Moving all of their forces against that war and all on its side.