The most powerful person on Earth lands in Europe during the last trial of the last Nazi from World War 2, signaling that all that was World War 2 is over.

Stepping off the plane, The United States of America mid level classified watch as their power levels drain, as Ra Hell Livingstar and Robert Mitchell Livingston walk out into Europe, Europes power levels increasing as Ra Hell Livingstar, a literal Living human star radiates out energy.

For one of the most powerful United States of America stars to spend a year in Europe will strengthen relationships for decades, showing the classified of Europe that The United States of America is their ally, by having the United States of Americas classified Head General from World War 2 stay for a year for the end of World of War 2.

The Mid-Level CIA in Germany that have upgraded eyes see a rare German General appear in Luneburg. The White Wolf of German Fairy-Tales that had helped end World War 2 with The United States of America, the good German people putting all their meaning behind the wolf to defeat the classified Nazis.

The Head Spy of Germany, along with most of Europes Head Spies and Head Generals start to move to Germany. Watching outside in the park, The Head Spy of Germany puts his hand on The Great Wolf as it shined with all colors to make white that flickered to all colors.

The CIA, planning to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston when he gets home, and already selective breeding Tim Hird, and trying to selective breed Robert Mitchell Livingston with Allison, watched as General after General, Spy after Spy started to show up across Europe in Germany.

The Mid level CIA thinking they were going to do something, tried even harder to kill Robert Mitchell Livingston, because he made their country look bad with so many important people from Europe watching.

The Mid level CIA, not knowing that the spies and generals were showing up in honor of Ra Hell Livingstar, and the person he was protecting Robert Mitchell Livingston. Sharing the same name, they realized that general had given birth to a citizen, not his own blood.

As the Mid level CIA try to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston because he made their country look bad in front of so many important people, that they had to make him look bad or kill him, the head spy of Germany who had helped end World War 2, his hand on The Great Wolf, started to say:

Head Spy of Germany: Ra Hell Livingstar, Head General of The United States of Americas Classified Armed Forces, descendant of The First United States King dating back millennia, The George Washington of The United States of Americas classified, Head General in charge of The United States of America classified Armed Forces in World War 1 and World War 2, hands down the most powerful person on Earth.

Head Generals of Germany walking up with the Head CIA agents who did not tell the mid or low level CIA agents what was happening to see which CIA agents were going the route of the Nazis, said together:

Head Generals: May God have mercy for those who become the enemies of Ra Hell Livingstar, for the Devil has no mercy.

They say as the mid level CIA try to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston for making The United States of America look bad, when it was the Mid-Level CIA making The United States of America look bad, not Robert Mitchell Livingston.

When Ra Hell Livingstar enters the field of battle, the most powerful generals and soldiers on Earth follow him and his orders, even other countries.

Every countries classified monitors all of Earth with satellites, meaning every country in Europe already had a complete Ai model of Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family dating back decades because of them working outside, something very few people do. And sense they built the homes of The United States of America, Germany and the other Engineering heavy countries would not be focusing on Bill Gates, Beezos, or Ellon Musk, because the Head General of Germany and The United States of America had switched to building homes for their people after World War 2.

Word spreading across Europe to Russia that The United States of America was selectively breeding their citizens like Robert Mitchell Livingston, Tim Hird, and Matt Hird, made some of the most powerful people on planet Earth take notice, because that is exactly what The Nazis did.

From Russia, The Great White Owl of Knowledge, Head Scientist of Russia floats down to the park in front of where Ra Hell Livingstar lives in Germany along with a bunch of low level punk CIA agents.

The team, Ra Hell Livingstar had used to defeat Vizix, The German Ai that had controlled Hitler and caused Nazim on Earth. An Ai designed to only calculate physics, taking on sentience, it was The Hitler of Classified.

Word spreading across Europe, across the pond to the UK, and back to the upper levels of the CIA that the lower levels of the CIA were planning to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston before he got home, and if failing after he got home, made some of the most powerful people on Earth fly into Europe. As the final trial of The Last Nazi, turned into the beginning of World War 2 because the CIA agents there at the time where selective breeding their citizens, killing the ones they did not like, and their CIA agents literally thought they were above their citizens.

By the time Robert Mitchell Livingston made it home to The United States of America, the most powerful people on Earth were watching everything with spies from every country.

CIA Leaders: Robert Mitchell Livingston did not make The United States of America look bad to Europe, most of Europe’s classified united to protect Robert Mitchell Livingston from the low level CIA agents that tried to kill him. Strengthening relationships for decades. The CIA agents made our country look bad to Europe.

CIA leaders hit the low level CIA agents: Make the government Nazis believe truth is lies, and lies truth, because they go against Robert Mitchell Livingston so much, little by little, going against Robert Mitchell Livingston this way to make everything he says is lies, but we make it reality and truth, means that over time those government agents go insane disproving Robert Mitchell Livingston, while Robert Mitchell Livingston is just left with truth and reality at the end.

The Top Scientist from Russia’s classified fly’s down on tundra winds from Russia, his light grasping onto the white wolf, as his Universe particles pull pulls in Germanies White Wolf, a fairy tale written during World War 2 by the good classified German people who helped defeat the Nazis.

As their light grasped each other they flickered to black as they pulled in all of their light, communicating fully to each other as the white owl stepped forward in human form next to his wife, holding the White Wolfs hand as she transformed into a black form with waving hair behind her.

From a tree in the park burst Japanese Cherry blossom Universes, as cherry blossoms shaped in Universes started to fall as Cherries burst into light, a small Japanese women stepping forward from under the tree.

In the sky above Luneburg a small moon and star appeared, The Head particle physics scientist of Rome and The Vatican stood atop a small Earth that flickered with all time periods of Earth. Moon Moon dancing around him, he settles down on The Shrine of The Moon in Luneburg, built by The Holy Roman Empire a thousand years ago when the scientist was still but a child in the upper levels of Classified Rome hiding in Germany.

Outside of Luneburg waves started to appear on the river, a British Ship of War flickers to life as it sails easily down the river. On the deck, surrounded by Royal Guards, was the classified King of Brittan. The ship, dating back hundreds of years, was covered in designs and reliefs of stars, Universes, and Galaxies swirling all around.

The ship, putting down anchor, its king stepping down the ramp as he walked to the team he was on that had helped end World War 2 on the classified level. Guards flanking on every side, wearing the classified royal crown jewels, which were all upgraded on the particle physics level, and did not sit in glass cases.

The Team that had defeated the person that was in charge of Hitler and The Nazis, standing outside Robert Mitchell Livingstons place or residency in Germany, looked at the CIA agents trying to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family, as if the classifieds of Earth were stupid and did not know what was happening in their countries, started to say why they were the most powerful people on Earth, and why World War 3 would happen over their dead bodies.

Stepping forward, The White Wolf of Germany spoke: Made by the top scientists of Germany, those who did not go to the side of The Nazis. Created after a fairy tale written by a young boy in Germanies classified about a Great White Wolf who prowled the Black Forests, every tree the wolves friend which was why they were all black, the wolf absorbed their light. I single handedly tore The Nazi party to shreds from within Germany, allowing the classified allies to take the main Nazi classified facility.

Stepping forward, The Great Tundra Owl of Russia spoke: Top scientist of Russia. My team holds as many firsts as The United States of Americas top classified team in physics. I personally lead Russia away from the communist parties littered around our mountains of classified communes of scientists thanks to Ra Hell Livingstar showing me and my people what it means to be a single being without others. Making me into who I am today.

The top scientist of Russia, looking up to were Ra Hell Livingstar was inside of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle to make a point, looked up at him and said:

Top scientist of Russia: Russia owes you a great debt, friend.

Stepping forward, The Pebble of Japan spoke: Top physicist of Japan, having reached the lowest level of particle physics in World War 2 out of all countries on Earth, I became friends with The Head Generals son, also known as The Laughing Man of The United States of America. Scientists, having copied The Head General of The United States of America had the most data of any person, making his Ai copy on his homes Star Network, which then took over The United States of Americas government. He is known as The Laughing Man, because he single handedly took over The United States of Americas government, then told his dad about it.

Beside her flickered to life an image of a man, as The Laughing Man of The United States of America who lived in Earths Dynamo, projected his body to hold her hand and stand next to her, as his particle filled in. Smiling, he looked up at his dad with the other people.

The Head Spy of Germany, stepping forward, spoke: I said the most powerful person on Earth visited Europe during the last trial of the last Nazi. Not the person who bought their way to the top of the government, or rich children with CIA badges.

The Laughing Man of The United States of America: May god have mercy on the CIA agents and friends from other countries who tried to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family, because my father does not know mercy when it comes to the problems World War 2 brought to light on Earth.