1. Women will only sleep with me for 50,000 plus a year plus bonuses.
  2. Their careers have to grow from raping me because they are government and not slaves, so they require gaining work experience from sleeping with me.
  3. Their children have to get college for free for sleeping with me.
  4. Their government friends will build in kill switches into my life in case she messes up, so they can murder me and make the government agent look good so our government does not look back for raping, destroying my adult development years, then executing me.
  5. They require the best health insurance our country has, any medication they need to complete their terrorist act, while I do not even have health insurance except for slave insurance that has destroyed my life.
  6. Therapists they can speak to so her minds remains perfect and their life is not destroyed, while my mind and life is destroyed. Then I finally get a therapist that is illegally watching me and just playing with me for something government agents caused in my Life, to protect the government agents that destroyed my life.
  7. A job that literally has the most upward growth of all jobs in The United States of America, United States of America government. While she plays with a slave while she goes to college for a second time, destroying the slaves chances of ever having any upward mobility.
  8. An entire team of friends to talk them through it and help them out. While they systematically over the course of a decade made sure I made no friends my entire adult life, meaning my entire life.
  9. While going to college for a second time to murder a slave, force the slave to change their degree to whatever they want, making me instantly want to kill myself because I never learned how to write my book and get it out of my head, while going for a second degree to even more help their life grow.