From out of the center of The United States of America out walks The Head General of The United States of America Atomic Cosmos, home to all Life made by The Top scientists of The United States of America, so they were not slaves in those scientists minds or Cosmoses, but The United States of America Atomic Cosmos that they could live and be free in.

Standing only several millions molecules high, he walks out onto the Main Armed Forces platform on top of The Head General of The United States of Americas house. In front of him lands the latest Head General command ship created by The Top Scientists and Engineers and of The United States of America, it was years ahead of what they could make on the scale of full size people, using hand made machines that took the engineers months to make at this size, and decades at the size of full people.

Stepping onto his command ship, his advisors following behind from each states Cosmos, where the top scientists of each state sent their Life forms they created to be free, because they could not because of war with other countries. The Top scientists had to make them to go inside their main cosmoses to build them past the point full size humans could.

As The Head Generals command ship rose, Cosmos dreadnaughts, Destroyers, carriers, and support ships rose up around them.

Next too him The Chinese Head General of their Atomic Cosmoses ship rose up next to him, as they headed to China to go to full war with a Chinese rogue state that had enslaved countless Atomic life forms in a Cosmos they used for energy and resource production. Countless slaves.

The latest and greatest War machines of The United States of America are created these days at the Atomic level for the wars we are truly fighting, no country puts weight behind the people level of war on Earth.

The outside of The United States of America Atomic Cosmos is a grouping of 50 houses named after each state, with Solar-Systems inside that mirror all known or theorized parts of The Cosmos plus what they have discovered to learned from building. A Cosmos is a system of parts that all work together as one. The full Cosmos is the grouping of houses, but one layer deeper you have atomic production changing elements and building atomic ideas. Another layer deeper you have atomic galaxies and Universes that rotate around the main dynamo star at the center of each house. Layer after layer of Cosmos is built into the system, to improve what the Cosmos system is.

The Greatest War deterrent: A Rogue State of Russia that broke off from Russia main scientists start amass full sized ships in space. Outside their solar system, an atomic Cosmos ship appears the size of an apple. Popping onto their radar, they blare out laughing as The United States of America ship pumps out the image of their flag as it moves in on The Russian Rogue State. As their ships head out to shoot the apple, over the entire solar-system the ship rings out: Open Fire.

A single line from the latest element Rail-Gun ever created by The United States of America Top Scientists and Engineers reaches out towards their main star, going through their planet and ships, as it punches into their main star. With a complete hole through their main poles, the energy pools instead of flows through the star, as it detonates and goes super nova. The United States of America Cosmos ships shields flared as it absorbed the blast, The Russian Rogue State that wanted to start real war obliterated in front of them.

Advent Guard Note: The Head General of The United States of America Atomic Cosmos would not look like a person, but because he is only several million molecules high, he would look like a collection of molecules that move in the shape of a person, and thinks using gluon quantum computing overlapping its particle, with his electrons being fully built along with his protons and neutrons. The molecules and atoms would not be specific elements or molecules, but a living structure of protons and neutrons held together with electrons that could move and think. Changing its particle into different tools on its hands to interact with atoms and molecules, or changing its particle to calculate differently. Because they cannot see as we see with so much detail at our level, they would think heavily by overlapping ideas or images over everything around them to make sense of it all, instead of what they are really seeing at the atomic and molecular levels.