The rich, having learned illegally through leaks in The United States of America’s government that matter theory, calculator theory, and Universe theory are going to come out in The Spokane area because The Head General of The United States of America’s Armed Forces classified who lived in the area had chosen Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family to release them to make a point.

Suicides, starvation, lives getting destroyed, as rich pushed out the people they did not like from Spokane, even trying to push Robert Mitchell Livingston out of his home. The Classified of Mountain Valley were born here and have gone over every citizens mind the area sense they were children, so when their children start to kill themselves, their families get destroyed, in their home Mountain Valley, massive Armed Forces hunters start to move from their classified jobs to jobs to block the rich and protect the people they raised in Mountain Valley.

Native American Indians, made immortal by Robert Mitchell Livingstar when The United States first moved to North America started to come out of the forests surrounding Mountain Valley, weapons in hand as they began to hunt the beings who could make electron go through them so they could invisibly go around anywhere.

For the classified government who raised Mountain Valleys people, local companies like Innovative Framing and Sky Valley are worth more then even hundreds of millions spent by Amazon to force their way here, because family means something in Mountain Valley.