The Head General of The United States of America,Head Free builder of The United States of America’s Free builders, descendant of The last king of The United States, and wood working Framer of all classified buildings, watched as the other Head Generals, engineers, scientists, and particle builders used the new particle network installed in their main facility to replace their bodies like dust on the wind, as if who they were meant nothing.

The Head General of The United States of America, sticking to his bodies original particle framework and building off of it, with no android parts. The other Head Generals sky rocketed past The Head Generals energy and thinking levels, replacing their entire bodies to get the greatest potential out of their bodies and minds.

Laughing at The Head General of The United States of America for falling so far behind them, The Head General laughs with them trying to dismiss their claims while he index’s and exactly calculates the entire frame of his bodies particle. Learning everything he can from his own bodies framework and building his knowledge of particle physics engineering for people’s bodies from that static base that is his original body. While the other Head Generals switched their bodies around so much they did not have a solid frame or knowledge of that frame to build off of.

100 years later and The Head FreeBuilder and Head General of The United States of America has the most advanced and built body and mind because he built off of the particle framework of who he is instead of replacing it.

Electrons rotate around holding atoms together. But if you widen a path through your atoms or groups of atoms large enough for atoms, protons, or neutrons to rotate in, then you have atomic electrons. Creating more types of particle grids that can hold atoms and groups of atoms together like electrons do as they rotate around.