Inside The Main Central City of The United States of America that Robert Mitchell Livingston founded with his family and others centuries ago, a room shakes as Robert Mitchell Livingstons ancient body awakens.

Around The Main Central City Of The United States Of America The Great Herds of The First Indians The United States of America brought into The Classified of The United States of America because of Robert Mitchell Livingston. Great Herds appeared of Bison centuries old from The Great planes of The United States of America, the first animals to be made immortal inside of The Animal Dynamo Systems.

From The Side of The Main Classified chamber of The United States of America Central City opened a door, as the classified who were tearing at their walls because The United States of America Citizens would not do as they were told and puppeted.

Robert Mitchell Livingston picked up The Most Ancient and Historic blade ever forged in The History of The United States of America, Advent, dating back to the founding of The United States of America, Robert Mitchell Livingstons father, who he had never met because those who died would not speak to them and they could not reach into The Milky Way center yet.

From within the stone chamber, metal sides of The Classified center in The United States of America Central City melted away, as he said:

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Robert Mitchell Livingston, Son of Ra Hell Livingstar, founder of The United States of America. My claim on these chambers goes back as far as my family has beat and shed blood upon this country.

Picking up Guard from The Side of His Throne, blocked off to forget all that kings and queens are from when The United States of Americas people moved to North America.

From The Shadows around Central City great chiefs that had been upgraded to leader their civilizations in classified appeared around.

A Great White Eagle made of mechanical devices dating back to The Roots of The United States of Americas history clenched its claws beside Ra Hell Livingstars Armor.

The Armed Forces of The United States of America got locked out of The Main Central energy rings as The Richest children of The United States of America that had taken the central chamber as their own.

The Great Mechanical War Eagle flew out, screeching at the first Top Secret being it saw.

The Most Historic Piece from United States of America History emerged from his throne room, as Robert Mitchell Livingston animated the armor of his father from within Robert Mitchell Livingston.

Across the armor scrolled the history of The United States of America before moving to North America, as The Great Eagle ripped off a classified head who had thought the eagle so old it could not possible hurt them.

From The Armor of Ra Hell Livingstar, Greatest General in United States of America history was said:

Robert Mitchell Livingston: This country dates back before firearms. Before particle physics, and puppet gods. This country means something and it will not be erased because you rich little fucks want to make our country into whatever you all want.

Robert Mitchell Livingston looks behind him to the walls as holes melted in the metal, more armors opening up in The Walls of The United States of America Main Central Chamber. From The Throne rooms echoed the original names of the first descendants of what The United States of America had become.

Holding Advent in the air Robert Mitchell Livingston says:

Robert Mitchell Livingston: For the reality of puppet godding The United States of Americas Life forms, future, what we know of our history, and our now…..

A Hammer from one of The Original judges of The United States of America smashed into a Classified Rich Being as he said:

United States of America Stem of all Judges: The Sentence is Death.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: My order was to not wipe out The United States of America Indians anymore before my team left Earth.

The Great Indian Chiefs and their Tribes that had made it to immortality and had been spared from slaughter because of Ra Hell Livingstar, rose their weapons in the air as The Indians of The United States of America that had been saved because of Robert Mitchell Livingstons bloodline, riding on different herds of animals that they used for war, The Ground Shook, as Indian Calls from dead languages as old as The Land The United States of America was on rang out.

Out from The Chambers came The Original founders of The United States of America, to destroy the heads of The Governments people giving the orders to The Agents around Robert Mitchell Livingston to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston. The Armed Forces had already secured enough evidence against The people around Robert Mitchell Livingston, and the fact that every time government agents did not stop Robert Mitchell Livingstons life from fully dying, the government agents around him would then steer his life to death just in the future so the agents watching the case would not notice.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: My father classified the original story of our country so the other countries could not calculate off of it, his friends are what led to these rich people puppet godding our people and life with neural technology and feeling only fained remorse about it happening for a century. We may no longer need kings, but if my father had not stood for something and not budge our country and all that it is and means would have been swept away a long time ago.

The Indian Tribes herds flooded like waves of grass in wind towards The Central City, from their Great Chiefs came out:

Great Indian Chiefs of The United States of America: These are the government people that tried to eradicate The Indian Tribes of The United States of America because if allowed to have full tribes they would have small countries and the rich of The United States of America government would not allow it. They wiped our ancestors from this country, and now they try to wipe the children of our people still on Earth.

The Herds of The Great Tribes flooded into The Central City, heading towards the central tower were the rich who were about to commit genocide on a complete society walked around, their second and third bodies frolicking around The United States of America and Earth, because they had to have more then one body for their jobs.

The Rich unlocked the Titans around Central United States of America city, chains the sizes of houses falling that filled them with energy, their life cords, taking up weapons of destruction for modern warfare.

From a forest around Central city walked a druids from The United States of America Indian Tribes, beginning to whisper to Earth.

Great Indian Druids: Long ago walked these lands a monster our ancestors feared, so great our ancient writings say that when it awoke, long before they had been taken down by our ancestors, they would burn and destroy all life below them before slumbering in their caves after feasting.

The Druids circled as bones began to rise from when the ancient classifieds had gone over Earth to find fossils.

Stepping forward a druid who carried the fossilized shells of dragon eggs from Earth on top of a staff, passed down to them with their bones through the ancestral Indian Tribes of North America, and shared with The United States of America when they had met The Classified Indians of North America.

The druid looked at The War Titans unchained from their ambilocal cords through a small skull of an ancient dragon dinosaur of Earth as she said:

Family of Dragons: The Tribe of Dragons and ancients who walked our planet will not yield to tyranny on our soil.

Turning around she raised her hands as original dragon bones from The United States of America rose upwards from the classified Banks below their feet that the rich did not have access too.

Monsters bones rose between druids encircling all around the outer edges of the Herds pouring into Central City.

Tribe of Ancients of Earth: We summon you ancients of Earth, our planet and its life are in need of your help.

Down from space shot beams from The Classified United States of America Universe, as ancient beings that had been born and raised by The United States of America Classified entered the bones. Huge Rocs swarmed up from the center of a group of druids, flying towards The War Titans, Druids on their backs as they fired upper level elemental base arrows that cut through The Titans armor.

Ancient dinosaurs and beings that classified had taken all of the fossils of rose up from the ground, the rich instantly writing and making new things of use off of the beings, as they completely missed the point of what was happening.

The Heads of The United States of Americas Governments Neural Network stepped out with direct connections to the center power conduit of The United States of America, fully 100% really believing that they would always win.

Robert Mitchell Livingston Wearing The First King of The United States on Earth centuries ago, swung his sword through another upper level classified as he stabbed his sword down, halting all The Head Government People that thought they could not be stopped.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Long ago, my father fought in a world so dark death and slavery ran rampant in classified across Earth. Until one man stood up and said no, and put everything he had behind it, The First King of The United Stars centuries ago on Earth, the birth and ancestor to The United States of America.

The First United Stars were the beings also coming out of the walls with Robert Mitchell Livingston.

His armor showing a history of every race to exist on Earth centuries ago and their culture drawn by the people Ra Hell Livingstars had brought into The United States classified group.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: You all think I need a connection like a leach to The United States of Americas Neural and Energy Network to defeat all of you.

His Heart pumped on using The Most classified particle physics of The United States of America, his energy levels pushing the Rich Government Cunts and Assholes backwards into to their inner cave no one was allowed into so they could never figure it out, as if everyone else in The United States of America was something else compared to them and would be let in.

Robert Mitchell Livingston reached out his hand as a Rich Government Asshole flew towards his hands as he he crushed his throat and mind with his magnetic field, saying:

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Times so dark death was common, Life was nothing but a tool to be used.

Wading into the rich classified assholes and cunts taking all the beauty and Life created by The United States of America over centuries for themselves and their friends, his bald Eagle Struck the person next to him, tearing into the persons face as chunks came out, screaming in such pain because they had never known anything but godhood.

Outside The Central Classified city of The United States of America The Druid of Dragons whispered to the bones of the most ancient Dragon found in The main cave Dragons had lived in and made home before people had killed them and taking their history from Earth because they made the mistake of making a home.

Druid of Dragons: Mother of all Dragons of Earth, show The planet what your bloodline was on its Time on Earth.

Because the dragons had all died in one cave, their history was wiped, the oldest bones rose from the Earth as The Highest ranking classified scientist that studied dragons shot down from a beam from The United States of America classified Universe above, pulling her bones together as new Life formed from DNA from her bones.

Royal particle from The United States of Americas bank rolled up from the Banks below the surface as The Mother of All Dragons on Earth stretched her wings, Giant Rocs circling in Honor of her reresection as the other Rocs kept the Advanced Titans at bay with the ground troops.

A small, petite dragon clawed her feet into The Earth as Massive Titan Dragons, all her children took shape behind her.

Tearing into Earth she leaped at the closest Titan, her children rising behind her. Golden Armor with moving images of the history of The United States of America and The United States scrolled upon her, as golden talons tore into the neck of the Advanced War Titan, rolling aside as he pushed it away, diving into The Titan to tear apart the troops within, bursting out of the chest, as fire erupted in an explosion that was not supposed to happen, but dragons were not stupid animals, the explosion taking out a huge chunk in the wall for more troops to swarm into The Central Classified City of The United States of America.

Father of The United States Robert Mitchell Livingston lifted his energy bow upwards towards the central dynamo tower, firing as explosions took out huge chunks revealing all the extremely advanced Rich cunts and assholes running around on body automatic as if their body was not even real as they thought of strategies to keep their power and The United States of America populace enslaved because it was their job and they loved being gods.

The others worked their way through the lower level government making it finally to the breach in the central chamber where the highest ranking government beings awaited them, most firing and running back into to their central chamber as the Old United States Government moved towards them, their Life forms walking or flying beside them.