The words echoed through out The United States of America: Olly Olly Oxen Free, The Livingstars, The Original United States of America family that ruled over the first classified group to come from Europe, The Most Powerful Family in The United States of America.

O= Orbit l=Block l=block y=why would they do this? O= Orbit l=Block l=block y=why where is The head of The Nazis hiding? OX instead of Free Earth, go silent so we can listen even more.

When Robert Mitchell Livingston made the final piece of Advent Guard Life with his name Robert Mitchell Livingstar family line, The most sought after family name on Earth, why did our people sway in a way I did not do….. This is my countries neural network, no one should be able to move it without me giving the go ahead…..

Around The United States of America The Livingstar family dating back to George Washington and before in The United States of America, origonal rulers and leaders of The United States of America classified hundreds of years ago, started to gather around Robert Mitchell Livingston, their family member, as they growled, noting every movement of the United States of America neural network that was illegal and giving all the proof they could to The United States of America Armed Forces.

Puppet Godding United States of America Citizens on United States of America Government neural connections = Death or life in prison.

They whispered into all The Nazis minds through Robert Mitchell Livingston, born January 31 1990 Spokane Washington, a United States of America citizen.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: No one is questioning my families bloodline, we are questioning The Nazis that have gotten into our government.

1994 Spokane Washington, Robert Mitchell Livingston is forced to finger his asshole as a rich worthless child in Washington States classified was puppet godding Robert Mitchell Livingston so the child could learn on something its age, so the child could grow and control their people. The rich child, laughing, plays with Robert Mitchell Livingston.

A beam of light from energy level blasts down to Earth shutting off all neural connections to Robert Mitchell Livingstons family, as The Top Spy and Armed Forces team of The United States of America fall into their families bodies.

The lower level classified working with Mark, controlling all building in Spokane learn of The Livingstars coming to Earth, moving them out into the forests to better study them, purposefully making Mark loose everything as they laugh.

Time goes by and they start to learn the incredibly powerful beings inside of Robert Mitchell Livingstons family do not do anything, their children playing with Robert Mitchell Livingstons family with the neural technology, Robert Mitchell Livingston used for one of a kind research for the rich child to study that way of shitting in The United States of America.

As Alice, Allison, Sam, Paulina, Emma, and their friends take turns playing with Robert Mitchell Livingston, Robert Mitchell Livingstar raises his energy level each hit or attempted murder upon Robert Mitchell Livingstons life. After they had learned that they purposefully kept trying to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston to get the energy level to go up…. But Robert Mitchell Livingstar had already made the point a while back, make Robert Mitchell Livingston happy and the energy level sores spilling into the local Star-system in classified, make him want to kill himself even when masking it with medications that do not make him happy at all just zombified, The Alpha Teams of The United States of America go on the hunt.