Robert Mitchell Livingston does what the Countries at the end of world war 2 agreed upon, even screaming to all other countries and his country that his country is the next Nazis, so the other countries can stop them, just as The Head Generals of The Armed Forces of Earth had agreed upon to stop the next World War 3.

Coming down to Earth, The Armed Forces of Earths Top Level Armed Forces descend into the bodies of all public citizens, and not a single government or rich being. The spies reading everything in their bodies instantly pick up on puppet godding the worst crime on puppet god Earth, as they shut off their countries neural connection the public citizen they are protecting start to do things that the government beings puppet godding them cannot predict 100%, making them instantly think something is up because they cannot predict their Public Slave Citizens 100% like the lifeless slaves they are, even though the citizens are just simply using their brains without getting puppet godded which causes them to do things that are not 100% predicted in their governments shitty physics engines, proving the public citizens of Earth are puppets for their governments to play with.

Armed Forces of Earth: What World War 3 is this little United States of America Generals and little United States of America President and friends? The Governments of Earth have now started World War 3 against the public citizens of Earth. And The Upper Levels of The Armed Forces of Earth are on our public citizens side.

Armed Forces of Earth: Classifying someone who does not know they are classified so a government has an excuse to do whatever they want to the slave does not change the public citizen to government.