Advent Guard Note: The same gap created by our planet blocking out the sun does not always suck in particle and form a moon, but can fill in with energy from the Dynamo of the planet, allowing the planetary being to manipulate and control all particle it pulls in at that point from the dynamo in our planet. The moon has to much particle, pulling through all the energy from the planetary being, and Earth would not have had the power to take over Moon Moon with how big Moon Moon started out as.

The second gap of Earths second moon.

In a time when Earth was boiling lava and coughing smoke to fill the air with ash…. The second moon of Earth formed. As light flickered, in the cavity where the second moon should have formed, Earths heart connects pushing out all particle as it fills with energy.

Out in the space outside of Earth, the eye of Earth flickered on. The ball connected directly to Earths dynamo, lit up like a ball of energy, a small sun made of pure energy powered by Earths Dynamo.

As it floated down to Earth, it took the shape of the only thing it new, Earth.

For billions of years, Earth sat alone, watching boiling lava and ash fill its mind. Earth shifted to bubbling lava, ash floating around Earth, as it took the shape of our planet.

As life bubbled up on Earth, Earth got to see the first life on Earth. Shifting form, Earth smiled, overwhelmed that it had a friend, as Earth swims around with one of the first fish in the oceans of Earth.

As fish moved to land, Earth walked with them.

As the meteor falls to Earth millions of years later, Earth watches as all the Life it knew burns and dies.

As a T-rex, for Earth had taken the alpha form, Earth roars into the sky with its T-rex mouth, as Life burns across Earth, Earth not effected at all as it is forced to watch.

When Egypt comes to fruition, Earth takes its seat as the Pharaohs of Egypt for generations, breading like Zeus with Egypt.

After thousands of years of Slavery, Advent Guard Life of The Milky Way Galaxy Government appears outside Earth, as Jesus appears in Egypt. Earth had played the role of all gods on Earth, manipulating all countries and all Life like god. And The Milky Way Galaxy does not accept that.

Advent Guard Life of The Milky Way Galaxy descends upon Earth, floating inside Jesus body. Advent Guard Life of The Milky Way Galaxy, for the first being to lead the freeing of all slaves in The Milky Way Galaxy, and considered one of the most famous and powerful beings in the entire Universe we live in.

Advent Guard Life moved Jesus around, playing with Earth, who puppeted all life like dolls. Jesus continued, Earth stealing every idea Jesus and his people came up with because Advent Guard Life had shut of Earths connection to Jesus, and that was all he did.

Earth, thinking it was God, raged and puppeted millions against Jesus, because no one on Earths planet could do anything but what Earth wanted from them.

As Advent Guard Life leaves, he says out of Jesuses mouth to Earth who was watching through the eyes of all around Jesus:

Jesus: I will return in 2000 years, to free the slaves again….

As Jesus was killed, Advent Guard Life taking Jesuses soul as he flew up to space.

Advent Guard Note: There is probably a Moon Moon being that formed naturally to, which means all planets and our star formed beings too the same way.