1. A poor person from Earth kills themselves or finally dies. They awake in Heaven, or the resurrection room of The Milky Way Galaxy, met by numerous Beings who help them understand their life and finally get a chance to live.
  2. A United States of America Spy, Armed Forces General, Department of Defense, FBI agent, or Police officer kills themselves or dies. Waking up in a prison cell, they meet a completely different group of beings that then proceed to help them understand their life by putting them in prison, starving, playing, and murdering the rest of their life, as the Milky Way Galaxy government goes: Maybe we might help you, or maybe we will just forget about you and go about the other things we were doing while your brain is destroyed in prison and all you are. As the Milky Way Galaxy Government gets up and leaves The United States of America Government agent in their cell to rot and watch as their mind unravels and do nothing about it just like The United States of America government did to millions over centuries. The Milky Way Galaxy would have had to fix every being coming from Earth after death, meaning they would know what all those beings thought about their lives. The Milky Way Galaxy Government would not be going off what the rich people in The United States of America government say or the brainwashed poor and minorities they hired so they could say they had a few, they would be going off of reality, truth, and facts.

Question: What is the difference between the two?