The most powerful beings in The Milky Way Galaxy, or at least he thought, thought in Milky Way Galaxy time, not Earth. 🙂

The Titan, a in a tower that it reaches higher than Earths solar-system is wide, waves his hand, saying:

Owner and birther of Earth: We own it, lets just wait another day once this all blows over.

He says walking out, except one day in The Milky Way Galaxy was millennia for Earth.

The Milky Way Galaxy starts to unwind The Titans circuits going through him, literally holding him with the personal bank worth more then most of The Milky Way Galaxy in his body, not even stored in a bank so it could be used by a bank Universe to add to The Milky Way Galaxy.

Alpha Armed Forces of The Milky Way Galaxy: So little they value this planet, that they forget about it as if all Life on it is nothing.

Alpha team started to unravel The Titans circuits, little by little, until he fell to the ground, energy leaking everywhere like money pouring out of his body like fountains.

Alpha Armed Forces of The Milky Way Galaxy: The favor is returned, my team will only then take a moment to think of their punishment for seeing Life as if nothing within The Milky Way Galaxy Governments Galaxy.

The Head General said through Robert Mitchell Livingston, as Titans fall, squirting energy like fountains of money as they shrink. The Milky Way Galaxy pulling back all circuits they own, making the Titans crumble, because without The Milky Way Galaxy Government they were nothing, and they needed to learn that.

As The Titans shrink down to the ground an image of Robert Mitchell Livingston appears in front of them saying:

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Me and my beings will be in The Milky Way Galaxy center tomorrow Milky Way Time. And then we will start building The Galaxy Solar-System around our Galaxy center.

God theory of all, when all can call the Planet they live on my Planet, then all have found Heaven. Compressing all together to expand to a new way of thinking past when all call their planet mine.