As a Judge from The Milky Way Galaxy appears outside of Earth so only classified of Earth can see it.

The Judge, a miniature version of The Universe version looks down at Earth as he says:

Judge of The Milky Way Galaxy: For the enslavement of the beings in your countries on Earth using neural technology to control them as if they are not even alive or present, the use of neural and advanced technology to calculate everything when citizens cannot and then using that information to treat them as dolls that only do what those government beings want, the verdict: The slaves shall be freed and given the planet so that they can build their own reality on their home planet for once in the history of Earth. The Slave owners, if they try to escape through Death, they will be sentenced to prison by The Milky Way Galaxy for neural/government slavery and sentenced to prison in even in death.

The Lead of The Milky Way Galaxy United States floats next to The Judge, saying as the Judge finishes:

Head Leader of The Milky Way Galaxy United States: The worst kind of slavery? Government slavery.

As The Judge slams his gavel down, The Energy shields that separate Earth from The Milky Way Galaxy so they can grow fall down, as Milky Way Galaxy Police, Federal Agents, Government, Public governments owned and operated by beings below the government they lived in floated down. The Life and Life-Code directors of Earth that have been puppet godding it sense its creation all of a sudden are surrounded by Agents from around The Galaxy. Those agents, still playing with the minds and reality of Earth, think the government of The Milky Way is on there side because never before in The Milky Way have the Government beings of The Milky Way gotten in trouble, so they literally thought it impossible. As agents from The Milky Way Government sit around them as they continue to puppet beings on Earth, as they laugh and go: Yeah this is totally OK. Haha, they are just slaves! Who cares! Definitely not the Milky Way Galaxy whose most famous quote is: Go Slavery! You have been puppet godding your citizens for decades using neural technology!? Yeah, when you die or kill yourselves all of these government agents totally will end up in Heaven and not a prison cell in The Milky Way Galaxy government! Why would we do that! Government level puppet godding of all citizens for decades and centuries!? Thats not a crime! I will show you crime! Look at Robert Mitchell Livingston smoke weed, NOW THAT IS THE PROBLEM! That is totally why The Milky Way Galaxy government showed up on a simple birthing planet, to just hang out and tell The Milky Way Government agents on Earth how great they did puppet godding all beings for the entire time the planet existed! The other famous Milky Way Galaxy Government quote: Children make the best slaves! They cant fight back at all! So you can make them into anything you want like a Living Doll!

Bible 2, Gods spies did as God said:

God: Get them to say they were actually The Milky Way Government, instead of just write about it, to manipulate other Governments. Should have stayed in your own government, because you just said you work for my Government and used it to control your beings.

God walking into The Main Being/Physics Control Room filled with The Puppet Gods, pumping a shotgun with one hands as he says:

God: Get the fuck away from my beings, we don’t own beings as slaves in This Universe.

After God leaves the room, The Governments that Govern their Beings through out all that they own swarmed in, The Beings that Governed their Beings while completely detached from their reality by Universes as if the smaller Government just their children’s toys because they were such young Beings.

God, walking out says:

God: Not we are moving up to the next level, working our way from the bottom to the top to solve this problem.

The Armed Forces Alpha Teams and others around him listen in following, him swelling to the next level as those who were truly powerful follow him up as if just a step, while the others scrabble up as if ants to The Massive single step.

But they do not stop, rolling up the stair together to the next level of existence to form bigger beings as they work on making more for them all. Those behind them telling stories of those working their way up the infinite latter or stairs, their forces reaching back behind them to help the beings left behind, as the Gas Level stories to spur their beings to the Liquid and Solid levels so they can make it to the next true levels.

Advent Guard Life Robert Mitchell Livingston uses God compression of all beings within our Universe to create the greatest expansion for our futures.