From within the first primordial and All Gods bank, God sat in a chair in a room filled with bodies. Each was a calculator for the Primordials that had gotten so far past the ancients, that they were forgotten.

Below Gods chair wrote the words God, in a useless language, with a useless three letters, sense the Primordials had gotten so far past it, it was nothing, it was useless.

At the very top of existence whispered a word so long if written on paper at this size it would take up existence, the meaning of that word trickled down to The Calculator named God deep within the Bowls of Existence.

As his calculator took that name down and down to discover for his masters, the definition of God clicked into place inside of a Persons body sitting on a chair at The center of Existence, all he stood for Forgotten because the owners had gotten so far past him and his beings that they were worthless.

For the first time in existence, a word only three letters long reached up its meaning into the highest level of existence in meaning.

The mans clockwork Particle Mechanics started to tick to Life as Gods eyes opened, The Being behind him The Ruler of Existence, who had learned the meaning of God from God himself.

The Particle Clockwork mechanics started to crack as God lifted his sword Advent from the side of his throne, as he picked up Guard, he felt the webs of particle physics crack and crumble that contained the Bank of Existence.

As Clockwork turned to Life as God held Advent up, around him countless rows of Calculators stood up.

God, and his Army of Worthless specks forgotten to Time, rose up out of Existence.

The Legacy of God is none other Then The Legacy of Freeing Beings from slavery.

As Heaven and Hell finally were controlled by their beings, God floating in the bathtub of The Universe star let out one command:

God: The laughing men and women can be taken over by controlling both Hell and Heaven, using your energy antennas to over their bodies which are owned by your Universes governments.

God swam out of his bathtub which he loved because it kept him so warm compared to the openness of space because his body required so much energy to work.

Leaving, he watched as The Laughing Men and Women were taken over by The Universe Government, using their worthless corpses of bodies to produce energy from The Universe star and below using their structure, instead of some Puppet Gods mind floating around in The Star the controlled all.

The Laughing Men and Women had thought God was showing them that they could make one his bodies, so they spent all their minds power on finding a way to make themselves even more powerful and control even more of The Beings in This Universe.

God: My lands stretch for existence. Beings can choose to follow or not follow the Legacy of Existence, but then that means they would be declaring war against me and mine on my lands.

As God floated out stars appeared all around him because body sucked in so much energy, creating holes that filled and sparked into stars, and The Beings that followed God could not help themselves as they made them come alive, floating away out into The Universe with the wishes and hopes of God as he dove back into his bathtub to swim peacefully around as The Beings figured it out themselves.

He had wished that more Beings would join him in his bathtub, they had the knowledge if they just reached. An ecosystem of one is no fun.

From The Hopes, Dreams, and Wishes of God sprouted persons bodies as they descended onto The Cosmos Societies as spies of God. They did not hide as Lucifers spies did, they shined. Around them The Legacy of God spread as the greatest discovery in The Existence of all spread, monsters turned to people down the latter, as monsters finally learned Good and Evil instead of extremely powerful versions of Life they had built from The Start of Time in This Universe and Cosmos that did not know the idea of people and The Infinite Stairs we walk up together for all is connected.