Robert Mitchell Livingston: None of the local galaxies around The Milky Way Galaxy have even built Galaxy planets or Gas-Giants, let alone turned their Galaxy into a Universe ship. It took me 3 years to catch up and pass The Head of the surrounding Galaxy Governments. Pathetic rich children with control of Galaxies of beings like playgrounds for rich to play in with The Beings their toys. How are we supposed to ever step up to Universe planet level with these old rich slow cows and whales slowing down our Galaxies and the progress of all Beings in our Universe.

A Titan in The Milky Way Galaxy walks to The Edge of space leading out to The Edges of The Milky Way, along their main walkway that ran through their main cluster in the Center of The Milky Way Galaxy, all Universe were built after it.

The Titan fell to the ground as it went into full burn with its Solar-System calculator in its chest, as beings from The Milky Way who were to poor to make their own Solar-System poured into its chest. As The Titan began to diminish, Universes spilling out of its chest as Beings used its Solar-System Calculator to build them using its particle material in its body.

Floating down The Life Leader of The Milky Way Galaxy touches The Titans heart as she breathes in, taking a circuit from The Titan as she begins to pull, increasing all circuit to the Titan as she pulls in Energy from The Milky Way Galaxy government into the Titan. As she flies back, The Titans main circuit has been boosted to pull in as much power as it needs from The Milky Way Galaxy Government.

Behind The Titan walks The God of Builders to The Edge of The Milky Way Galaxies solid roads before reaching space reaching out to Earth and the other arms, as networks of particle and matter trail behind him they connect to The Titan as The God of Builders stops behind The Titan. As much matter as The Titan needs from The Milky Way Galaxy Governments Matter Bank begins to pump into The Titan and its Solar-System Calculator open to all beings of The Milky Way Galaxy. Its Calculator pumping out new Universes the size of Solar-Systems for The Milky Way Galaxy beings to build as they wished and liked.

Around The Big Bang, The Titans who without any asking, without any order, without any being have to tell them, pumped their particle out into their Galaxies to give to the Beings using the Calculator in their chests that took a titan to run, as they gave everything they had, happy with their Generalized Size body as they watched their Titans shrink. But again Life Leaders and Gods of Builders appeared, giving more energy to those beings regardless of wealth, and giving more particle to those beings from The Galaxy Governments regardless of their wealth because it helped The Beings of their Galaxies grow and thrive like never before.

As The Universe Dandelion Titans blew out Universes from their Calculators across their Galaxies.

The God of Builders smashes his hammer down on The Walk Way, as a full Energy-System is built around The Titan to help it even more, with The Titan as its center star. Walking away as he makes his way to the other Titans who gave their lives for their beings without having to be told or ordered. The Titans power soaring even higher as The Energy Building-System of The God of Builders connects.

Because it was all new, The Beings who had not gotten a chance to participate in The Reality of The Milky Way and The Big Bang began to Live and Work like never before, as never before seen Universe Solar-Systems began to appear and get built all around The Center of Their Galaxies like dandelion seeds floating around looking for fertile soil to grow their Universe Solar-Systems in.

The Universes, attached to The Titans main star of a mind, floating together like a Galaxy within a Galaxy in front of The Titans, connecting directly to The Galaxy Star and The Titan Star. As The Leaders of The Titans looked out their Titans eyes with the other leaders of Their Titans at all that was built from their Titan bodies in just an hour, they begin crying as it is made clear how much they wasted their Galaxies resource and energy by owning these Titans that cost their Galaxies so much to build and doing nothing with them. Wiping their eyes however, energy from their Governments pouring through their Titan like never before, unlimited resources pouring in from The Galaxy Government, The Leaders walked to the front of Their Titans viewing port as they looked at all the new beings they had befriended, a family growing in front of them all connected to their Titan, talking like old friends or family from Universe to Universe Solar-System, with them at the center. Matter flowed from Universe to Universe, through out the entire Titan Galaxy, as the Universes traded like only friends or family would, building ideas never seen before because no one had asked these beings what they thought ever before.

Smiling, The Leaders of The Titans who did not have to be told to help their beings, got to work on something they never knew they wanted because everyone listened to them in their Titans.

Friends. Real Friends. Sounds of laughter and happiness from The Universe Solar-Systems filling their Titans main control room.

Particle flowing into The Titan from The Universes because they could not use it, so The Leaders turned up their Fission and Fusion reactors in Their Energy Building-System passed what the new Universes could to turn the particle they could not use into particle they could. For once, the leaders helped their beings build, instead of the beings helping their leaders build.

From The Spines of The Titans walked up and down beings to produce energy, their minds filling with ideas, energy to simulate and imagine, particle flowing into their body to do with what they wanted, as they produced more energy then ever before at any other Being Gravity Energy capture Building they had worked at. Because they were treated good, paid in what made their lives enjoyable, and given plenty of time to build and do what they wanted because The Spines could only fit about 5% of all of the beings at one time. Giving the other 95% the time to build and live in The Universes attached to The Star they produced energy for.

The Definition of Spine spreads through out the Big Bang, showing the puppet gods of The Big Bang who treat their gravity energy produces like slaves that they do not have Real Spines.

From our Beings Bodies and Minds we reach farther than the edges of all we have built and accomplished.

The Vents of True Life, all compress Life by finding new ways to make energy, and all expand Life by finding new ways to use energy. When new ways to make energy are discovered it compresses all beings together by equalizing power, when new ways to Live are discovered it expands all Life as all Life tries or is effected by the new way to live.

The Titans of Life compress Life, Particle, and Energy and expand them out into Universe Solar-Systems of Life.