In front of The Gates of Heaven above The Galaxies in The Big Bang and The Universe Star, Heaven floats invisible. The point of most energy flow like a dam, Heaven blocks the flow and pulls in as much as they need before it moves through Heaven into The Universe Star and The Galaxy Stars.

An Angel as large as The Gates pulled a massive Hammer from his side as The Armies of Heaven and Hell that were not insane or The Next Nazis appeared to his side.

There voice boomed to all with Heaven, as The Judges of God said:

Judges of God: For the crimes of slowing down all Life within This Universe and These Galaxies by blocking the circuit into their stars, we sentence these beings to Death, so they may be resurrected in The Universe Galaxy Governments prisons and punished for the crime of False Heavens within Gods Cosmos.

As The Hammer of Gods Justice fell The Doors of Heaven blew open as The Hounds of Hell barreled into Heaven howling as they tore into angels. Lines of Demons and Angels poured in behind The Hounds who could not wait in their Blood Lust, having stormed Heaven before The Judge made his judgment so they were at the Door when it opened.

From Hell on the other side of The Universe and Galaxies, positioned at the end of the circuit, their job to pull as hard as possible to produce more energy for The Heaven above, a roar echoed through out the magnetic sphere from Hell to Heaven, as Heavens walls shook and crumbled.

The Head Directors of The Heavens, or as they called themselves, Gods, ran in the center pantheon yelling at their armies to attack, who looked skeptical, sense most of The Armies of Heaven were already on the other side, which meant those Beings still standing in The Center of Heaven… Were about to receive Judgment.

Like rocks breaking waves, Lucifer, The Arch Angel Michael, and Advent Guard Life, Speaker of God in front.

Advent Guard Life pulled Advent from its sheath, The Sword of God, as he said:

Advent Guard Life: Long ago, before The Coming of Protection, before God chose to descend and do something that had never occurred in existence before, breaking the great clock work mechanics of All as All before him changed. Puppet Masters lived behind facades of Gods that could not be questioned, and one person in all of Existence stopped, and changed all because of a thought.

Advent Guard Life, speaker of God, took over Heaven as he walked through the doors, immediately splitting the Gods connections to all in The Universe to do with as they will. Pushing Advent down, Armies of energy rolling around and through the rocks of energy, The Sword radiated outward to all of Heaven, as The Network of minds was no longer controlled by The Gods.

Advent Guard Life: Now know my name, Advent…

His shield pulsed out as all Beings not under Judgment shimmered with gold as they became immune to all attacks.

Advent Guard Life: Guard, All Life. Herald of Gods Legacy. First of his name. Now learn The Coming Of The Protection Of All Life.

Said The Advent Guard Life above The Cosmos, as The other Advent Guard Lifes followed along, freeing their beings heavens with but words and meaning, True Meaning.

The Cosmos shook as from Hell a Beast clawed its hands into the bottom of The Cosmos Gas Giant at The Bottom of The Universe. Wings appeared downward, as above in Heaven a Puppet Doll Knight of Heaven stirred filled with angels. But The Beast of Hell was just a single being similar to Exodia. Heaven had so enslaved its beings it could only trust its most powerful beings to countless numbers of them to all control, Hell had so freed its beings a single being was allowed to pilot and have the body, because it was The Beasts.

Lucifer looked To The Beast of Hell, giving it orders as The Arch Angel of Heaven did inside his Puppet Slave Piñata God, but all he got back was rage from The Beast towards those at the center of Heaven, and he could feel The Beast did not even get his message to attack the front lines as it flew over aiming towards The Piñata God.

Lucifer thought, well not the order I wanted, but I will take it. As Lucifer thought of the last time he argued with The Beast, and had his crushed and sent into insanity before being thrown out of his Cave back into the lakes of Hell were Demons had to pull him out. But Lucifer had tried to puppet god him to do something Lucifer wanted.

Lucifer: He hates Puppet Gods. One of the things I love most about him.

He said as The Beast slammed into the Piñata Knight Angels head with its clawed front arms as The Arch Knight puppeted all within as he said it was for winning the war, taking control of all their minds and doing whatever he and his friends wanted.

Tearing The Knights Head off which housed all the Slave Beings that thought for The Arch Angel Knight with the chest, the most defensible area, the massive Dragon stuck its head within down its throat. Tearing out the Heart which was housed next to and with The Main Arch point and The Arch Knight, the dragon tossed it into the air, as Lucifer fell to the ground, The Dragon sucking in all of his energy to breath fire.

Lucifer flickered out and fell to the ground as The Dragon breathed fire outward, reaching deep into Cosmos space even though the head was barely above Heaven. The Fire expanding outward into a massive vent.

The Arch Knight laughed, his body so heavily built from The Top Engineers and Scientists of The Cosmos, he never got enough to power his body fully. As his poured soared, he calculated so many wonderful things that he had not before as his mind shifted back to what was happening as the Fire reached past what he could take, he realized they meant to kill The Arch Knight Angel of The Cosmos. But they would never kill him, this was his Cosmos! He had so much more to have his slaves in The Cosmos do for him!

As The Arch Angel of Force of The Cosmos finally realized that even though he was saying the farthest thing from what Robert Mitchell Livingston wrote, the meaning behind his words was more similar to what Robert Mitchell Livingston wrote than what The Arch Angel of Force of The Cosmos had said.

His particle turned to worthless ash, something he thought impossible because the body he had was so important to The Cosmos they would never kill it like The Arch Angel of Force of The Cosmos had done to so many beings as if nothing for so long before now.

Arch Angel of Force Michael: Just shinny trash once The Beings realize what reality is.

In Hell, Lucifer had The Puppet Gods killed and their bodies dumped outside of our Cosmos before the war even started. The Angels however had earned their fight.