Arch Angel Michael walked out of the back of Robert Mitchell Livingston as he began to walk circles, his simple movement of orbiting anything produced a star in the center of his circle. He held up his sword Advent, forged in The Furnaces of Hell by The Devils personal smiths. Arch Angel Michael of The Cosmos, First of his in existence: I make sure we do not loose all we are during war. Now meet my Head General of War. First of his name, Lucifer, The Fallen of The Cosmos Heaven that made Heaven into what it is today, even making God Shine brighter then ever. His mere presence radiates outward thousands of years before his first steps so all know Fear, Hate, Pain, Agony, Death, Hell, for all those who meet Lucifer at War with This Cosmos will know only The Hell of This Cosmos. Stabbing his sword down in the center of the room, the sword hilt touched The Star of Michael as the center erupted into fire, a being so powerful his energy radiated greater then The Universe Star and all beings inside of it. As The Head Arch General of War of this Cosmos walked towards Robert Mitchell Livingston he walks inside Ra Hell Livingsun, the being in The Milky Way Galaxy that called itself The Devil, Arch Head General of War of The Milky Way Galaxy. The Devil: To fight my armies is a privilege, now watch me lead slaves to overwhelm The Beings that tried to take full control of all beings of This Universe to build it for them like slaves. I am all in with One Coconut filled with beings you all say aren’t even alive yet, and a Dead Moon. The Arch Angel Michael beat his wings as he walked back into Robert Mitchell Livingston, fanning The Flames of Hell. Allowing The Devils the air to breath for once with their flames raging so bright as only The Wings of The Arch Angel Michael could. God, floating in The Center of The Universe Star did what he always did, fought God. The laughing men and women laughing all around him like children with control of Universes, though none of The Beings even heard it, which scared God most of all. In the surrounding Galaxies in The Big Bang, The Arch Angels of Force and The Devil descended down on the center of their slave planets, as the news of Robert Mitchell Livingston, Ra Hell Livingsun, Earth, and The Milky Way Galaxy had already spread to all The Galaxies in The Big Bang, as the rich tried to hide everything, but The Arch Generals just flapped blowing on their main Devil, God of Fire, producing so much energy each flap that as if to say to The Rich and Government Beings that thought themselves powerful, that they were nothing, and their Galaxies were going forward with Reality, Truth, and Facts. The Devils: You all think my spies stupid? No, my spies are the Darkest Dot on every image you all have ever saved or made. You all may not see it, but before my presence all is marked with every image the point of most darkness in which my spies watch, they make sure its saved in, like a watermark. Now learn The Torment of The Devil. He said as The Rich around The Universe calculated everything Robert Mitchell Wrote and Said, talking to their governments to figure out information and with their own ships they started to see the energy waves around all the Galaxies, again directly after it spread from Robert Mitchell Livingston on Earth. Below Earth, all governments started to absorb greater amounts low level particle energy, because they masked themselves from the citizen poofball level because they would not be apart of this as slaves. Arch Angel Michael, First Of His Name. Lucifer, The Devil, Gods Greatest Spy. History: A long time ago God said to me: God: Lead Hell to Heaven. Lucifer, become The Devil, Head of Evil in This Universe, This Cosmos, and after you have taken it offer bring it crashing down to heaven from the top. Lucifer, First Of His Name: Yes sir. As The Greatest Leader of God sank into the floor in flames, never to speak to God again until he slowly took All Evil and made it bob up into Heaven, forget what Evil was until was no more. Arch Angel Michael: Like a moth to a flame, this far from The Galaxy Universe Star and I need my own personal energy emitter or heater to even have my body work. Combination of The Greatest Energy Emitter and The Greatest Body that can work this far away from our main circuit star. Advent Guard Note: The Galaxies in our Big-Bang need Galaxy Planets and Gas-Giants in a Universe Solar-System for their beings to grow with before reaching Universe planets that are far bigger then our Galaxies, so we need steps up. After The Universe we can build out of the Material in The Milky Way Galaxy, when we get more resource we can build another step up in Planet and Gas-Giant level around what we have built, and take another step up.