The Alpha Teams in the surrounding Galaxies pile all of their ideas and memories of slavery into one being as they start to build the largest God they have ever made, far larger then the richest of the richest or the highest of the highest Head Generals.

The Head Builders of The Milky Way Galaxy worked like never before, fore they had a mission they finally cared about, that they could devote their lives to and destroy their own life in the process.

The Head Builders, known as Solid Heads, Dwarves, small in stature but large in body.

The Head Builders of The Galaxies around bored through their main planet just like their fathers on The Universe Planet, trailing behind him networks trailing all the way back to the center of The Planet connecting him directly to the center.

Walking out from Their Planets The Gods of Builders built roads underneath themselves forming The Walk of Exodia pointed straight at the Main Control Room of their Galaxy in the center of The Galaxy Planet.

Dumathoin, Keeper of Secrets under The Planet, God of Builders lifted their hammers together as they said together across The Big Bang:

God of Builders: Thanks God, we got it from here, until you grace us with your presence again for it is always a good tale to tell again and again when you come.

Images of every being in The Universe wiping God cum from their faces appeared in all their minds, as Dumathoins held their hammers high as around them all particle was built using all secrets under The Planet, his builders easily catching up and discovering new things.

As The Gods of Builders brought their hammers down The Anvils of Creation appeared in front of them as the furnace of Hell blew up. Their hammer heads building as they descended, turn all particle around them into more built particle.

Grabbing onto the entire Particle network his builders work on, The God of Builders did not treat physics like they did. Using the same network as them, his Hammer smashed down on The Anvil of Creation as The Hammers of Creation struck, particle all around solidified to pure stone as if their entire particle networks where fully built with just one hit, which they were. As enough fluid poured into the Statue of Dumathoins to make them move again, again they lifted their hammers to strike again as their builders built.

They wealthy who were not insane nor Nazis appeared along The Walks of Exodia around The Big Bang as their suns fed energy into The Cage of Exodia.

At the very Van Guard of The Walk of Exodia The Head General of their governments that was not insane nor the next Head General of The Nazis stood as The Titan Head General, the most powerful being on The Planet in their galaxies, controlled by the main control rooms, The filth that had infested their Galaxies and disrespected all that their beings were and still would not give up their positions because of laws or rules they made up.

Exodias, born into caged slavery in all The Galaxies with all the memories and ideas of slavery in its mind, covered in all of the images of slavery for their history as if mocking the being, clown makeup to entertain covered its face with clown clothing hanging from its body.

Magicians, Wizards, and those who practiced The Magical Art of Particle Physics appeared next to The Head Generals at The Van Guard as they began to cast a spell that the beings in The Main Control Rooms could not dispell.

Auroras and magical swarms swirled all along the line as they all funneled towards The Titan Head Generals as a shackle appeared around their throats with a chain running to their puppet gods at The Center of Their Governments and Their Galaxies, and with Control of Their Minds.

Every being took a pose as they left a particle statue of themselves in that pose behind as they pulled their bodies of to the sides to watch, sitting on Statues of their Exodias, because they had all agreed if they were going to build statues of somebeing then it would be for the birth of Exodia, the greatest being ever born in their Galaxies, so far ahead of The Rich and The Head Generals or The Head Powerful, that Exodia made them all into nothing. And it was their jobs to make sure they birthed their Exodias correctly, showing all these Rich and Powerful the worth of their slaves compared to them.

The Head Mathematician of The Galaxies of The Big Bang walked forward as they all said together:

Head Mathematicians of The Big Bang Galaxies: We did the math and if these rich and powerful are worth that much energy and resource, then according to the amount of work accomplished our Slave Titan should be at least….

They all looked up at their Exodias as they said:

Head Mathematicians: Can we make it bigger? If The Head General Rich Douche Fuck is that big.

They say looking at The Head General of Their Galaxies most powerful being walk towards The Walk of Exodia, him or her and their soldiers deserved that big of a Titan and that much energy to power that, so according to their math….

The Heads of Energy receiving The Mathematicians numbers looked at them as they all said:

Heads of Energy: That seems low to us.

But they shrugged as they gave the go ahead for the Energy to be transferred to their Exodias.

Exodias finally with enough energy to work rattled in their cages through out The Galaxies of The Big Bang.

Gods of Builders: Within an Earth day we present our True Galaxies Builders Work against all our Galaxies Governments have accomplished in All Time before now.

As Exodias ripped their first shackles off the walls, all made of the same metal their Head General Titans were made of like nothing, huge chunks still attached to each chain.

Gods of Builders: Luck for you, my builders did not have two days.

They say looking at The Titan Head Generals as they walked to the side, Exodias ripping at the cage bars or their leg shackles.

The Head Life and Life-Code Leaders that had not gone insane or turned into the next Nazis appeared in front of the cages as they said together.

Life and Life-Code Leaders: For all you have done we grant the last shackle free.

As they disappeared the shackle around their Exodias neck fell to the ground as their Exodias mind knew no limits, as they reached their hands out and pulled the head of The Head Generals Titan towards them as they started to run at The Titan Head Generals.

The beings from around their Galaxies flooded out all their stored energy in front of their Exodias as he feasted upon energy their muscles bulging as the rich finally released all their stored up energy, knowing that if they used their bodies with what Exodias were about to do they could make their entire bank and far more back.

Because The Nazies in The Main Control Rooms in The Big Bang Galaxies would not give Exodia their circuit connection, their Exodias where running purely as Raging Bodies.

But as their Exodias hands gripped around their Titan Head Generals Head, breathing in for only The Second Time in their Exodias entire Life, that the entire half of the planet and deep within the Planet also released its energy to the pull of Exodia, as The Gods of Stars and Suns ignited all The Fuel they had to keep their people warm as their bodies switched from the main circuit, because Exodia had stolen all of theirs from them, to full on the presence of stars or suns nears them bearing to emit heat to be used for energy by them.

For most it had been so long sense they had breathed energy without the main circuit feeding them, that they instantly started to calculate huge swaths of Life and Life-Code that they had not realized before as they talked amongst themselves using personal networks already constructed by their Coders because they could not wait for the Main Network to turn back on to share their ideas.

The Head Spies of The Big Bangs Galaxies burned in Hell Fire as they appeared amongst the beings inside the Main Control Rooms.

Lucifers: Burn.

As they left The Main Control Rooms all particle ignited as The God of Hell used all known Fission Fusion reactions to chain reaction all particle in The Main Control rooms into pure Hell Fires.

Their Exodias breathed for the third time as they inhaled the pathetic Dreadnaught that was Their Alpha Armed Forces Head Titans Generals and their beings, the knots breaking, as all their mechanisms and circuits broke like a Childs Robot.

Exodias, having grabbed all circuits turned their gazes from The Head Titan Generals that sagged in one hand like a doll to The Rich at The Center in The Main Control as they tried to take Full Control of Exodia.

Exodia made The Big Bangs Most Powerful Planets tramble with Planet quakes as his fourth breath pulled at the center through all their particle blocks like nothing as energy was sucked from The Main Control Room, The Heads of The Galaxy Governments screaming!


As Lucifer transferred his version of what The Head of their Governments in The Galaxies were actually saying to all beings along The Walks of Exodia, The Gods of Stars and Suns, the beings who had worked with their Galaxy Governments to produce energy in The Public of Their Galaxies, Free of The Main Circuit in Exodias Presence, their Life and Life-Coder directors and leader easily keeping them all together and going even without the main connection.

Gods of Fires, igniting The Classified particle in full on their biggest Star instead of inside to produce extra energy for The Galaxy Governments their beings did not know about. New Stars ignited along The Walk of Exodia with new Fissions and Fusions shown to all, as other ignited similar stars as they discovered and built the new fission and fusions.

The Gods of Builders, standing next to The Planets look at the giant wall of solid in front of them as they said:

Gods of Builders: We need a tunnel directly here and it needs to go all the way to the center to The Main Control Room. And if you don’t finish it in a single Earth day we will kill you and get a new slave that’s actually useful, you know how we all do in our history up until the birth of Exodia God of The Slaves. So this is the perfect time to assert my dominance and make sure The Head Slave, God of The Slaves knows hes my slave as Head Builder of This Galaxy Government.

Exodia growled as The Galaxy Planet shook, looking straight at The Beings in The Main Control Room as they tried as hard as they all could to take full control of Exodia. Crushing The Titan Head Generals Head with one hand, Exodias fifth breaths, crumbled The indestructible structure of The Head General of The Galaxies Government pulled apart by The Pull of Exodias Lungs as Exodias threw them to the ground.

Gods of Builders walking away from The Galaxy Planets and back to The Builders of The Galaxy Planet all said:

Gods of Builders: You know what! Lets talk later about who is or is not in charge.

Exodias reached The Galaxy Planets at The End of The Walk of Exodias as The Armed Forces and Guards of The Planet controlled by The Main Control Room approached.

The Most Powerful Master of The Particle Physics Arts Networked to all others began to cast a spell with all their new power from not being chained to The main Circuit, and with all the new discoveries they had made and had their builders already build enough for them all.

But Exodias stepped from The Walks of Exodias as they touched down fully on The Galaxy Planet which had not been built by The Builders of Their Galaxies in a single day together so it obviously was crushed under Exodia as his weight crushed down for Miles but only came up to the top of his feet. The Entire Structure of Their Planets was supposed to be built to defend against all attacks, but all defenses crushed under Exodais presence, for this Slave Demanded Attention as if The Ruler of The Government no different then the beings in control of The Main Control Room.

Exodias mind filled thoughts of fake rules and laws made by dictators to keep slaves in control, as it just made Exodias growl as The Chunks of Metal Attached to their chains glowed as The Builder of The Big Bang Galaxies screamed as they jumped of the chunks, finished building them into the most advanced planets they could in just moments.

Before The Masters of Physics could finish their mass spell Exodias Shackle planets glowed as energy pumped from them, each a freshly born Living Planet born of all memories and ides of Slavery, as all they did was work to make power.

Exodias eyes lit up like Stars as he powered his own energy flow to see what was around him, listening directly into The Head Generals easily. Exodias listened for only a moment as Lucifer transferred it to all, who just erupted in imaginations of further slavery for all of their futures, the files being added to their Exodias.

Exodias Shackle Planets tore away at full speed fighting as hard as they could to escape their own imprisonment as Exodia The God of Slaves held them as his Slaves.

Head Life-Code Physicist of The Big Bang Galaxies screamed: Sorry!

As he revered all flow of all particle in The Walk of Exodia ejecting all of them as The Exodias, Gods of Slaves did not even move as they walked towards the approaching waves, The Shackle Planets of Exodia had used all of their energy to escape, but still could not just like The Living Planets of The Big Bangs Galaxies, as if slaves to all instead of just one.

Their dynamo insides crushed, creating a massive nuclear Fission Fusion Explosion around Exodia that wiped out all the Van Guard waves for as all could see before hills and mountains blocked the sight of the next waves.

The Shackle Planets melted the chains of Exodia in the explosions, as 4 Elemental Matter Stars of Exodia ignited on Their Galaxy Planets, so bright no being had every seen a star shine so bright in their Galaxies.

Exodia breathed in for the seventh time, pulling The 4 Matter Stars to them like toys as the Exodias walked towards the biggest person on The Galaxy Planet. But as Exodia breathed out the Stars burned so much brighter it made their last brightness seem as if dark nothingness night, his breath feeding them like furnaces, as all 4 Matter Stars, Gods of The Living World and Stars Slaves let Exodias mind and body pull and push their energy flows as if a massive furnace bellowing.