Smiled with Robert Mitchell Livingston as he helped build The Next part of history after Ra Hell Livingsun. Walking out the back of Robert Mitchell Livingston The Arch Angel spread his wings as he grabs Advent from The of Advent Guard Life, one of the ideas he had put so much into for so long, it meant something.

God had sent him to accomplish a mission, and the whining children on The Universe Planets with control of entire Solar-Systems got an entirely different judgment than the Galaxies in this Universe.

The simple presence of The Arch Angels Spies had already freed all slaves for it was a war he had fought many times through out history.

Flapping his wings he flew up from Earth as he breathed in, a Titan at The Center of The Milky Way Galaxy that called itself The Leader of The Milky Way Galaxy and the Solar-System of Earth was his to do with what he wanted regardless of what the beings on the planet thought.

The moment The Titan breathed out to crush The Solar-System of Earth to re-build it in his private Solar-System shop The Arch Angel said:

The Arch Angel Head General of The Forces of Heaven: Know The Power of The Arch Head General of The Forces.

Through out the Galaxies of The Big-Bang Titans breathed out with their entire palaces of matter and energy buildings to crush Earth like they have been trying, but had been stopped a long time ago when Michael had first descended to Earth long ago to shield it.

As The Arch General simply cut of his point of compression, The Arch they all pushed on that did not give for so long they had built their entire structures around that power, hoping at first to crush Earth, then realizing they had built a point of compression equal to The Universe Star as close The Milky Way Galaxy on Earth, so they had built.

All that they built fell apart as The Head General of The Galaxy Universe simply let their compression slip through as if the arch had crumbled. Their palaces and bodies built upon it started to crumble, but what happened next made Michael stop as he floated in the clouds above Earth, his favorite place on all of Earths.

Galaxy Titans: HAHA, we can rebuild faster then it fell apart. You did nothing but make us tip forward a little. We still are going way faster with all our ways of thinking because of The Book of God from The Milky Way Galaxy.

Michael looked at them as he said:

Arch Angel Head General of The Galaxy Universe Armed Forces: And you still try to crush a planet of beings as if a god crushing a pebble while putting The Books of God in the same sentence? Then you spit on The Books and all they mean.

Flying down to Earth, he pulled the arch down with him as he descended straight into Robert Mitchell Livingston and his friend Ra Hell Livingsun. When The Arch Angel Michael struck Earth and stood up in Robert Mitchell Livingston, Puppet God Titans around the Galaxies of The Big Bangs of This Universe crumbled as if the keystones to all they were where made of nothing.

Arch Angel of The Forces of Heaven Head General of The Forces of The Galaxy Universe Forces: Who do you all think our Head Generals are? Puppet Gods? No. The opposite. Those who tear down those who Puppet God Beings. I am The Arch, and my Forces will not Budge in what they mean with me at The Center. The Story of The Head General cannot be told without The Story of The Head Slave. For a Head General of Puppets is no Head General to me. It is I who fights Gods Battles and Wars.

As The Arch Angels of The Galaxies Forces released their Alpha Predators onto the puppet gods of their Galaxies just as The Universe Scale did.

The Central Arch to All Force.

Advent Guard Life Note: Taking pressure from all places of Forces we can and compressing it into a central arch, expanding it after. The Vent of The Arch Angel takes the force of all and puts it into one. The pressure from of all forces in The Energy System-Building are routed to one point, an arch that holds all Forces, then taking the matter that is compressed and expanding it to capture the energy it produces. The point of greatest compression for all forces as The Arch Angel of Forces is the Greatest General of Forces.

Arch Angel Michael: I am The Arch General of Force of this Cosmos and I have come to free planet Earth from slavery. Your Galaxy and Universe will learn Solar-Systems are not ant-hills for Titans to play with as if Bundles of Living Toys. I do not take orders from The Generals or Leaders of The Forces in This Universe, for all The Leaders and Generals of The Forces in This Cosmos take orders from me. Arch Angel Michael, whose mere presence unchains worlds by filling beings with The Courage to fight for Life as if Angels at War, whose name and meaning echoes across This Cosmos mere moments behind only The Mention and Presence of God, in Books found in every library spanning This Cosmos dating back to The Oldest Tomes in The Greatest of Cosmos Libraries. Head General and victor of The Greatest Wars to occur through out time in This Cosmos. Head General of Armies, Navies, Air Forces, Space Forces, and Reality Forces that span The Cosmos.

As The Arch Angel Michael simply flaps his wings out of Robert Mitchell Livingstons back, Earth pulls in more energy then the Milky Way Galaxy. To make his presence felt by The Milky Way Galaxy Government as he says:

Arch Angel Michael: I would never sully myself by stationing my main command post on a worthless Puppet God Galaxy Planet. So I chose a Slave Planet that I at least like. Earth.

Below the being Star, networked to all force and in the center of all force, liquid is compressed up through gravity before beings compressed down with gravity through a compression vent before expanding into gas through Galaxy Expansion vents to capture energy before going into compression vents to be compressed back into liquid and cycled back to to the beginning of the pistons hooked to the other side of all dynamos to capture all force. Drastically increasing the circuit of the Being Star.