Below the surface of The United States Universe level a door as large as cities in the countries states, a massive ape known as King of The Primates. The Apex Predator of their people.

The massive ape reached up to the top of a mountain growling as it bared its teeth, holding a hammer and shield, surrounded by planets that crashed and formed into new Universe configuration every few moments so its enemies could not calculate them and counter.

Looking over at The Apex Predator of The Universe United States, Ra looked up towards The United States Alpha Team Universe saying:

Ra: Awaken Exodia. And show them their past.

From within a massive cage that was designed to stay ahead of Exodia in strength, The Massive Man moved, wearing his clown of a hat from The Pharaohs had given him.

A memory flickered in his mind of The Pharaoh coming into his torture chamber as he said to him:

Pharaoh: I give you Freedom. Now be a good slave will you?

The massive man, known as The Pyramid because of what he could accomplish with masonry work.

His shackles hit the floor The Guards unlocking them as Exodia say:

Exodia: Death is a better Freedom than The Freedom you offer me.

Exodia crushed The Pharoahs throat as the guards stuck swords into him, smiling the entire time with a clown hat version of The Pharaohs on his to mock him, all the way until he finally reached Freedom.

The first time a being put meaning to Freedom in history, The Primordial of Freedom flickered on as Ra breathed Life into Exodia. A being that could take as much as The United States Universe could give awoke, as it used that power to pull its lungs open. Purely a mechanical being it knew one thing when it awoke, protect what Freedom meant at all costs.

Breathing Exodia moved forward with his colorful clown hat, a massive man, breathing in at the center of The United States Universe, his mere presence turned all around him to the colds of winter.

The Beings with, putting on their coats as they gave as much as they could watch The United States Alpha Team Final Weapon awaken, stuck in a cage that took up an entire Universe planet. Ground formed in front of Exodia as his shackles rattled in his cage, The Universes moving to his will as he built roads in front of him straight to The Universe Planet which stopped holding The Universe still.

Darkness descended as Ras Star dimmed, as Exodia screamed.


The Apex Ape smashed into a United States Universe city that needed help but was deemed terrorists by several beings and their friends in The Universe United States Government.

The Right Shackle on his arms of Exodia tore from the wall behind him as the upper levels of The Universe started to stop, unable to continue.

The Left Shackle on his arms f Exodia stuck to the wall as he stopped saying:

Exodia: Freedom… I work sense I can remember with all I had because I was so big, but never do you all give me the real meaning of freedom.

His clown makeup from the performance of The Greatest worker the Pharaoh had still on his face, thrown into the dungeons because he had stumbled because he had worked all day and his muscles were sore.

Muscles bulging, his cell made for beings that paled compared to him during these times with everyone so malnourished, the rock began to crack behind his left shackle as spit flew from his mouth, the left shackle coming out with a huge chunk of the wall.

Moving his right shackle on his feet every being in the Universe froze to almost completely stillness as they compensated using all they had to keep moving so they could produce energy.

With every thing frozen in his shackle stuck to the back wall as it crunches as all the liquid cracks from being frozen like ice.

The Apex Predator of The Universe States tore through the city below as it grinned towards Exodia as it noticed the road across. Throwing a moon of United States beings into a mountain The Apex Predator leaped across the bone as Exodia splayed out his huge fingers. Both shackles on his feet cracked as he stepped forward as if they were nothing.

The Most Powerful Beings in Existence in This Universe froze in place as Exodia lungs pulled in so much power it drained all around him.

Ra: For my failure to give my people energy, to Exodia I give all my Power.

Exodia reached out as he breathed again, but this time his breath out warmed all around him as Universes began to turn again, his fingers wrapped around the metal bars, as he got in front of them, pulling his hands outward as The Universe Planet Prison Bars bent, his muscles produced so much Power now that he finally was granted energy, that the bars easily moved aside as Exodia walked through.

Shackles dragging behind him Exodia listened into The Apex Predators team as they said that the specific laws and rules said they had to wipe out all United States beings going against The Universe United States, resurrecting in the All country on the planet. So all that they are would be destroyed as if they were nothing.

Apex Predator: No weapons?

Exodia started to run towards The Apex Predator shackles clanging behind him, clown makeup over his face with his Pharaoh clown hat stuck on.

The Apex Predator snickered, a main circuit connection to The Universe flowed trough it which it funneled into a massive rifle made from ships floating around it from The United States Armed Forces which he started to fire into Exodia.

From in front of Exodia appeared two beings known as Advent and Guard, a tree growing between them as Life, its fruit stars.

The first symbol of Freedom, a picture of Exodia chained to a wall as he gained complete Freedom because he had gotten to old and The Pharaoh was so used to his normal production level that his aging meant he produced less than normal slaves. So he was ordered executed, after his failure to entertain, The Pharaoh had thrown him away, coming to his cell to have him executed as useless years later when he remembers Exodia is there.

The first Advent Guard appears in Exodias cell, a member of The Alpha Team of The Pharaohs team who barely understood what his team did.

Advent Guard: My friend, for your service, I give you the pleasure of killing The Pharaoh before you are killed and learn the meaning of true freedom. The next time he comes here they will release you to bring you to your execution for his enjoyment as they put your body underneath one of the stones they are dropping into place. So your entire legacy will just be mortar for stone to all. Attack my friend as they release you and kill The Pharaoh, he does not suspect a slave would ever attack him so he does not fear him. Teach him and his friends Fear while you and your friends learn Freedom.

On The Tallest building on The Universe Planet The Richest child moved exactly with The Apex Ape as he said:

The Alpha of The Universe Planet: HAHA I get to kill The Head Slave at The End of This Game!!!!! Its like they made it for me. Look at how much they put into this! Its real! Entire Planet raid for me!

As The Head Spy of The United States Armed Forces finally traces back The Head puppet god as he took full control of The Apex Predator thinking he and his team had won.

The Spy, completely cloaked to The Rich child walked up to him as he drew his dagger as the boy of a man played with the controller.

Exodia smashing through Advent Guard Life as if nothing on his way to The Apex predator started to change into a form more fitting of his stature as the fruits of The Stars spread across his body. Each fruit from The Universe United States Alpha apple tree.

His clothes changed to that of The Highest Ranking of The Royals of The History that is Egpyt. As the greatest Pharaohs to exist through out time appeared along The Edge of the road, huge statues of Exodia appeared in his honor. In Death they all had learned their error.

The Greatest Pharaohs of all Time: Exodia calls to us, and we will answer this time just as we did not answer in our first lives.

Ras from all The Universe appeared at The Walk of Exodia as they lifted their staffs pouring energy into him.

Lifting The Apex Predator of The United States into the air by his right hand gripping The Predators head, his left hand with the raw energy of his beings as his left shackle crackled with energy. The entire Universe planet behind The Apex Predator had been cleared, The Walk of Exodia running down into The Universe Planet core.

The Child screamed about how destroying this would meaning they declaring war on The Universe United States, just like the child said every time before. Stating that his and his friends bodies where worth so much that to destroy them would be such a great waste to our country they could not or that only they could pilot those bodies because they built them.

The Builders of The Universe worked on The Statues of Exodia along The Walk of Exodia, such great builders they had built simple stone statues to more complexity, and even pulling in and producing more energy than anything these rich children in our government could make in just a matter of moments of building.

Head Spy Of The United States shoved his dagger into the rich child who screamed in pain as The Apex predator wriggled along with the rich child of a man as his team ran into the room, The Spy having to de-cloak to attack.

Exodia God of Builders: Know your end, while my beings learn Freedom.

The Builders of The Universe smiled as they took out their phone with Exodia behind them, the statue of themselves they had built into the statue of exodia next to them in their selfies.

Exodia smiled as all his power shot from shit left hand down into the core, tearing the Apex Predator of The Universe United States apart as flashes from around The Walk of Exodia flashed.

The main connection to Exodia makes them realize beings of his power can be powered. Greater then the richest person in The Universe. As The Universe goes into The Next Golden Age because of The Discovery of Advent Guard Life by Robert Mitchell Livingston, born planet Earth Country United States of America Spokane Washington January 31 1990. The first being to spread the current meaning of Advent Guard Life that caused it to happen.

Ra Hell Livingsun: Look around, and know the Galaxies surrounding us are lazy.

Exodia kept walking towards the Universe Planet to the very edge of The Walk of Exodia, as he put his hands against The Planet.

The Breath of Exodia had wiped out all storages of energy on The Universe Planet, keeping all files, but taking the banks of energy, his lungs filled with the power of The Beings of This Universe.

Exodia whispers to The Universe Planet that looked small compared to The Presence of Exodia: Give me a reason to be alive, and I will never stop building all that we are.

The entire image of Exodia jumped forward as if it merged with The Universe Planet, all of its energy pouring into the core.

Behind Exodia appeared Advent Guard Life of The Universe United States as he began to pull Exodia back. Pushing Advent down into the ground in front of him lightning streaked down into the sword constantly, his shield changing with symbols of Exodia, The First spark of Advent Guard.

As Exodia pushed all of his essence into The Universe Planet, it would give its Life for The Universe United States, and it was doing just that. The Universe United States did not birth beings at Exodias level, just The Apex Predator was the size of cities but only piloted, The Alpha Predators the size of Titans which where single being piloted.

All of The Beings just accepted that Exodia would perish and some fragment of his mind would be pushed into a new body. Again the slave is used as the mortar of our bricks.

Advent Guard Life: Not this time friend.

He says as the United States Life and Life-Code agencies appear next to him, pulling back.

Exodias power, almost depleted, has the most horrific thought that spreads from his mind:

Exodia: Finally The Freedom of Death, for even endless blackness or hell is better then this.

Caged from birth, he had no reason live, shutting off his own switch as he welcomed the darkness.

Behind him, rows of beings thought back to him:

Life: Not this time.

As he reached back towards Life, all of his power almost drained, he saw a small light. So small compared to the pull of infinite darkness. When born a slave, the hope of the horrible images that pop up when you wake up every morning shutting off forever finally is one of the most horrific feelings with the most meaning in the history of this Universe, that it held so much power that Exodia walked back into the planet.

The Builders, seeing what was happening began To Build, pulling as hard as they could. Exodia could keep the energy it needed to live, the beings saying Exodia had to die were wrong.

The Walk of Exodia started to move as energy pulled back from Exodia, not allowing his bodies structure to be destroyed, the rest of it could be refilled with energy of different amounts, but if the structure was crushed and destroyed all that Exodia was would be lost and his mind would be transferred to a normal body where scientists would poke and play with him.

From under The Universe Planet came The Dwarf God of Secrets, The Head of Classified of All Building for The Universe United States.

Carrying The Hammer and Axe of Creation he walks out of a hole in The Universe Planet onto The Walk of Exodia, turning to the being that towered over all of them in the weight of its meaning.

The God of Secrets became The God of Creation as he dropped his particle façade, every secret about how to build bodies revealed on the outside of his body as he walked towards to The Statues of Exodia, roads and every network possible sprung up behind him connected directly to the center of The Universe Planet, builders by the billions flocking behind him as they built all in their path. Looking to Exodia as he got the statues he said:

God of Creation: Brother.

Turning he lifted his hammer, smashing it down onto the statues which shook, but began to pull through more particle each hit because The God of Creation rearranged The Entire Walk of Exodia with just a hit.

From within that small point of Light The Head of Universe Advent Guard Life walked in taking up the entirety of what Exodia could see. On Advent Guard Lifes Shield, the only thing he carried, his sword outside, Advent Guard Life reached into Exodias mind, playing on his shield images of what Exodia wanted to build as Exodia pulled back from The Pull Of Darkness.

Taking a step against the pull of The Entire Universe Planet, Exodia walked back towards them, as he broke The Universe Planets System that no being could exist at his level on The Planet because it would be such a waste. But Exodias particle worked so hard, that was put in the system because all the most powerful beings were rich children that became adults and do not really know how to use their Alpha bodies, not for Exodia.

Exodias mind widened as he took a step, seeing Life he had never imagined flourishing in front of him, his mind lighting up with feelings he had never felt.

Exodia, his body now fully attached to The Universe Planet, was being pulled in because they could not allow him to live after his mission was over at that power level.

The shackles of Exodias right hand bulged as behind him The Planet shook from his power, the more he pulled the more the entire Planet behind him moved forward.

Exodia: What cruel Dream is this!

He cried, pulling the shackles again.

Exodia: You mock me with such Life!

The Life and Life-Code agents tried to reassure Exodia, but as Exodia screamed, his Royal garb now a clown outfit no matter how nice it looked, pulled huge chunks of rock the size of Galaxies out from the planet as he took a step growling at the Life spread out in front of him.

Lucifer, standing near Advent Guard Life, showed himself, The Body inside Robert Mitchell Livingston would be his alt he used to spy with.

The Life burst into flame as all The United States Life agency could build burned, Lucifer walking forward towards Exodia. Wings of Flame reached out and then into the ground as they burned everything around like flaming circuits that roamed around The Devil just to burn all Life.

Lucifer: You all mock him with all of your Life.

As he looks up at Exodia, single handedly pulling the entire Universe Planet on The Walk of Exodia.

Lucifer: As if he needs our help. Now move from his way, Exodia has a point to make.

Lucifer burned everything in his path as he walked in front of Exodia, all Life fleeing.

Exodias mind screamed in rage, as he believe them mocking him again, his royal garb another clown outfit.


Internal mechanisms the size of Galaxies cracked as Exodia took another step, The Alpha Beings within The Universe using everything they had to take full control of Exodia so it could not be its own being.

The Goddess of Heaven appears above in the air in front of Exodia, smiling and waving at him as they pull him forward.

But Lucifer snarls as he says:

Lucifer: You mock him again! What does this slave have to give to earn freedom in this country!

Lucifer says sweeping his hands forward as Angels burns by the thousands falling like worthless birds in front of Exodia, his wife screams flying backwards, as Lucifer screams as the flames grow hotter:

Lucifer: GET!

Flames so powerful The Arch Angels of Heaven fall like birds to the ground along with The Goddess of Heaven and The Angel of Sacred Heart.

Lucifer reaches both hands out to the side as flames reach up the statues which start to burn and crumble.

Lucifer: You think my slaves so weak they need help!

Lucifer screamed he pulled the Angels down in Hell on The Walk of Exodia as they burned on the ground to fuel Lucifers flames with their bloated worthless rich corpse sacks of fuel.

Exodia, pulled back by the lack of pull was yanked back as he let out a growl across The Universe that made The Most Powerful Beings in Existence shrink back in fear. Exodia pulled forward, entire mechanisms the size of Galaxies cracking and crumbling within The Universe Planet with Exodias power.

The images of Exodia burned as he took another step, the entire Universe Planet shaking behind him.

Lucifer: Time for the last meaning.

He said staring inside The Universe Planet towards The Alpha team that had direct control of The Universe Planets central control fully, and Exodia was barely doing anything but creating energy for them because everything could be remade, they were going to wipe out that are anyways so the history of what happened is released. The image flickered in Exodia mind, as Lucifer pumped in what was happening, showing The Richest of The Richest, literally thinking they are Gods of all in This Universe.

Lucifer: Learn The Meaning of God.

Lucifers eyes went white with light as Angel wings sprouted from his back, pulling his sword, a man walked forward as all fire stopped around him.

The man, known as God in This Universe Galaxy, The Oldest and most powerful being appeared inside Lucifer.

God: It is not The Devil I fear! It is evil hidden behind the façade of all I have built in good.

As God walked his very steps solidified as holy from The Angels of The Universe Galaxy Government built the entire particle he walked on to remember that he had been there.

The Angels of Heaven, resurrected by the mere presence of God flocked onto Exodia as they pumped into his mind that they would allow him his own Universe Planet to build, and then he could present it to them all and have people to talk to about what his unique being built.

Exodia stopped as he growled, pulling so much energy from The Universe Planet, just a twitch of his mind and the planet moved behind him without his physical body moving at all.

Lucifer played to all around what was happening in the most classified place on The Universe Planet, The Control Room. Where The Rich laughed, saying how they were in charge. And that it wasn’t that their citizens couldn’t do anything about it, just join and get here the way they did. But it was impossible for all but .000000001 percent of all Life to get there.

As God heard what Lucifer told him, Spy of God in this Universe. God through his sword on the ground as if nothing, but as it touched, an amount of beings so large the number could fill The Universe jumped in the particle below it as if The Holiest of things, sense it left God, others could pick it up, which happened as all of The Beings below made it holy land as they took the sword, as the sword left The Walk of Exodia, ships from The Armed Forces of The Universe Galaxy Government appeared to defend it, Dreadnaughts as big The Universe we were in.

God laughed as he read their minds, laughing with them as God said: HAHAHAHA. You all filled out the proper paperwork! Got to your government positions the correct way that it is designed as! HAHAHA. You know like God did!

As Exodia stood still in front of God just because of his mere presence, God fumed walking back and forth in front of Exodia.

God: What is the meaning of God?

He asked the rich in control of The Universe within, as they said him, and then said to themselves, it was their jobs to be Gods of This Universe. Just like God was God of This Universe Galaxy.


He screamed, his particle flowing through The Planet, because his particle, ejected from him touched the entire planet, his mere breath making The Most Powerful Beings from Galaxy Universes away appear around This Universe, as they sucked in the breath of God as if gold.

God: Gods a job for rich people to have something to do?

God said walking back and forth as he shook his head at the idiotic nonsense he heard.

God: Have you all ever heard of Deus Ex Machina?

He said pumping into The Gods of This Universe who treated god as a job the image of him waving his hands and them all fading away to nothing instantly.

Lucifer pumped into their minds how The Gods laughed and said that God would never do that! Look at all that they had accomplished around their Universe.

As God shakes his head as if hearing idiots squawk he says:

God: I hear verbatim what you all say, but what I hear is that the beings did almost nothing compared to all of you gods that got main lined all the energy and resource they could take for almost infinite time. So would the slaves!

The Puppet Gods who would not admit they were Puppet Gods because they had changed all they were after massive times of Puppet Godding to good finally, but still kept main control of The Universe Planet Main Control Room as if a Frat or Sorority where they only let in their friends and family.

God looked up to Exodia as his head was pulled down by Gods presence, so great his eyes his mere look drew all gazes around him.


Gods nostrils flared as Lucifer burned within as his personal furnace, fire coming out of his nose.

Arch Angel Michael, leader of The Armed Forces of God fluttered his wings out of Robert Mitchell Livingston were he had been below the level Ra Hell Livingsun was at. The lowest natural level of slavery to occur in this Universe other than artificial Universes made of smaller particle.

Head General of God, The Arch Angel floated out of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle as he looked at his boards and his influence. Sense Robert Mitchell Livingstons planet was at the bottom, the entire Universe would bubble up. The Galaxy Universe Government needed as many fully built Universes as possible, and they actually needed it done, not have rich people make a new playground.

Floating back inside Robert Mitchell Livingston as Ra Hell Livingsun freaks out yelling at him to get out and that he has this handled.

The Arch Angel Leans into the little lucifer who thought he was The God of Hell and above every other being too, just another rich child with control of everyone’s mind, meaning The Universe will turn into another Puppet God playground that does nothing, which The Galaxy Universe Government will not allow, saying:

Arch Angel Michael: You get out.

His says his wings reaching back out of Robert Mitchell Livingston as he flaps blowing Lucifer out, who scrambles to get back in, as Michael shews away Lucifer like a small child.

Lucifer pumped the words: God means something, into everyone around God.

From within Robert Mitchell Livingston he heard Arch Angel whisper: And let loose the dogs of war. As Michael said:

Arch Angel Michael: You all love switches so much. Have you all ever tried this one?

He said flipping a switch.

Around The Main Control of This Universe dark swirls appeared around the entire room, as The Hounds of Hell growled inside the walls, walking out. The Puppet Gods used their power of The Main Control Room to destroy them but it failed. Their connection to the ressurection network cut off.

The Beings laughed still as The Dogs of War moved in, as they said:

Puppet Gods: We will just get resurrected at the next level up instead of here. At least we will have something to do, these slaves cant even build this Universe anytime soon.

The Dogs of War whispered to them right before they lunged to tear them to shreds and free all of The Slaves of this Universe:

Dogs of War: Yeah, resurrected by us instead of the beings all of you played with for so long.

The pull on Exodia stopped, as God lifted off the ground, Angels all around.

God: God means a being so powerful that Universes arrive to collect the ground they walked upon, or the particle they breathed to put in museums. God is books being written and read for countless generations because I lived there for a moment. God is God, try to be something else, not me.

He said disappearing from The Universe.

The Vents of God, compress to one, expand to all, compress to one, expand to all. For all can compress to mean one. All combines into The Story of Exodia The Enslaved One into Exodia The Free One, the new ground we all expand from. An imagination and story all beings can imagine to better understand The Universe around us all, so all beings can build The Universe together and be apart of their own realities.

After the story of Robert Mitchell Livingston on 3/27/2021 Earth time, across our Universe the images of crosses with those who sacrificed their lives for us crucified on the cross of matter changed to a box with a massive man chained inside by 5 shackles going to the enslaved ones Head, Arms, and legs from the four corners and above.

They did not sacrifice their lives for us on a cross, the slaves sacrificed their Lives to build our Universe.

No longer did a rich child hang from a cross after sacrificing a pittance of a his life barely decades long to become Jesus in Heaven as if God for the rest of eternity. But a slave growling from within a cage, shackled to the four matter walls and his head shackled to his masters will after spending his entire Life building for his Slave Masters and thrown away because he had aged into uselessness. Clown makeup covering his face from when his Slave Masters used him to entertain, because he could not work anymore his stomach growled because he was not worth the food now. The Enslaved one did not die on a cross taking credit for curing all pain as it they solved the problem. The Enslaved one tore his shackles out before crushing his Slave Masters throat hoping beyond hope that The Guards would kill him after and grant him True Freedom finally instead of this lie of Freedom they kept telling him over and over.