Because Rabert Hell Livingsun had made everyone calculate what he was doing with Robert Mitchell Livingston, the most copied Slave CPU was Robert Mitchell Livingston, trapped in a room where all the slave does is calculate what will come next. Turned off like a switch by its masters when they are done.

Inside The United States Universe The Head Life-Code Leaders with their teams worked inside computer Universes, them at the center, grouped together into a Cosmos Calculator near the center of The Universe for energy, and attached to the outside and space to cool the electronics.

As The Titans of The Universe Planet that thought they owned this Universe and all in it flipped their switches, taking over the physics of The Universe.

Head Life_Coder of The United States: The Gods flip switches, now watch us show you the meaning of work.

As The Head Physicists Cosmos Calculator grabbed main Circuit from The Universe Star, as Rabert Hell Livingsun lets them take it, as he battles moons that keep getting shot at him from beings in The Universe.

The physicists, The Greatest scientists of The United States got filled with so much energy that like The Flash they moved around their Universe computer, attuning and calculating all particle physic’s of The Universe, going around and hack straight through the physics of The Titans, as they shut of all switches.

As all of The Robert Mitchell Livingstons got up out of their slave slumber, they reached into The Image of Advent Guard Life as they grabbed Advent The Sword and Guard The Shield, as they pushed through the door stabbing the first being as they lifted it up pushed it with their shield against the wall.

From inside of all The Slave Kings and Queens, the copies of Robert Mitchell Livingston that where fully alive, slaughtered everything in their way as they worked their way up The Titans bodies like an Ant working its way up an ant hill.

As Massive Wolves circled a group of Slave Titans on The Universe Planet, they laughed as The Titans scratched at their bodies, trying to crush The Ant that was slaughtering it from the inside.

On Robert Mitchell Livingstons clothes The Head Generals of The United States flickered between them as each Head General main connected to each Robert Mitchell Livingston helping him in different ways, to make it hurt the most as he worked his way up The Universe Titans.

Getting full access to The Entire Universe, The physicists unlock all slave cages through The Universe, and because Rabert Hell Livingsun had made most of them calculate Advent Guard Life most of them had it close by, as The Physicists transferred The Latest Swords and Shields their Top Smiths were making in their Universe forge, instantly upgrading and unlocking their bodies on contact.

Titans far bigger than Galaxies started to look down as in their bellies where they kept their Solar-System calculators of living people, slaves started to wake up carrying The Weapons and Shields of Advent Guard Life. Taking over the planets from within made them easy pray for The Predators roam The Universe Planet now to look for Puppet Gods as The Universe United States finally passed a law making it the most illegal crime to commit in The Universe.

A massive feline batted a Titan the size of a mouse to it in its paws up and down as the cat rolled around on its back, its mind sparked as the cat sent its main circuit to the slave Calculator within to feed them power and keep them stable, while the Titan was torn to shreds as the cat played with it.

Finally The Slaves in control of The Universe Calculators inside The Universe Titans between The Circling Wolves, so The Wolves could connect as they howled picking up speed in their circle to produce more energy for The Slaves within, as The Slaves tore them apart from the inside.