The most classified body in The United States floats out of The Universe of The United States, Head General of The Very most classified in the center of The United States Universe, even Rabert Hell Livingsun paled in power compared to The Main connection of The United States Universe, floating down onto The Country that called itself The United States in This Universe.

Ra touched down standing in front of the meaningless Head General of The United States Universe.

The Man carried a body that had cost The United States everything as his beings fell around the planet, and the only though Ra focused on in his brain and beings inside was that they could just build better now, as those rich people were immediately handed even better bodies, and entire new bodies of slaves to play with.

Ra looked up to the sky as he held The Staff of Stars, calling to The United States Universe star at The Very Center of The Universe of The United States, The Brightest Star of The United States.

Coming down upon The Universe Planet all beings filled with energy they never knew possible.

As The Beings Calculated more ways to make slavery happen with His Light. Ra growls at him with The Face of a Jackal, for when Ra is called down to protect his beings all will pale below him as if mocked by his presence, The Presence of The United States.

Ra: No.

He said taking full control of every being with His Light, as The Star of The Universe landed on his staff.

As Ra tapped his staff on The Universe Planet it sucked in power it had never knew as the beings below calculated what they had done all of these last years to their beings.

Tides shifted as waves the size of Galaxies swayed under Ras presence, thunder rocked down through The Head General of The Universe as The Universe Beings working below for The United States shifted to Ras side, pulling all the energy they could from The Head General of The Universe as his ground forces arrived, liquid forces on the liquid networks around, Air forces above, and The Satellite defenses hovered over above as The Head General of The Universe attacked.

Ra: Now know the meaning of Power.

Ra said as from his staff he emitted so much energy at different levels in waves towards the forces around him he sent all the dynamos backwards, as every beings around him reversed all their actions as if Time itself went backwards.

Ra: HaHaHa.

The Jackal of The Stars laughed as it walked closer To The Head General of The Universe United States.

Ra: The Head General of The Universe United States means something.

Ra pull with The Power of Stars, turning all dynamos outwards as The Head General of The United States Universe started to bubble outward as he fell to one knee, sparks holding him down as The United States people below him sucked with all their strength.

Ra: Now die as if but a light being turned off for all you did to my people.

He said, waving his staff as The Head General of The Universe United States poofed like a fart in the wind, Ra walking away to matters actually worth his time.

Ra Hell Livingsun Head General of The United States Armed Forces Universe Level son of Ra of The United States Armed Forces Universe level, friend of Robert Mitchell Livingston born January 31 1990 in Spokane Washington.

Ra Hell Livingsun: Now learn Friendship. Because I am Rosa Parksing it and not getting out of my seat inside Robert Mitchell Livingston. It is not my fault I accidently burn those around me with the light my essence produces, I get it from my dad.

Ra walked towards an empty spot showing dirt as he slammed his staff down saying:

Ra: This energy belongs to all of you.

The Star grew so bright beings from around the planet flocked to it, so long had every being been choked from energy that it was if time had stopped as Ra walked around answering questions and sharing as much as he could as he gave back all the energy he could.

Planetary Universe Jackals jumped down yipping as they cleared a circle around Ra, letting in a few of The Head People that spoke for The Beings of The Universe planet, Ra still hearing all they said regardless as he walked around. The Heads showing him boards as he waved his hands editing them for them and showing him what he meant, and figuring out all the discrepancies they had before they finally spoke being to being.

With the new energy the skies and area filled with new ideas from The Beings of The Universe Planet as they finally figured out things that where impossible to calculate but with having more energy constantly.