Reality was that All Life wanted to have wonderful Lives, so The Head General of Reality lived in a bubble to create a Reality. The essence of puppet godding as he appeared next to his father Anubis.

Around his body every Being type to ever exist was inside his Head General body, as his mind attached to Anubises Staff he felt pain for the first time.

As glowing ground of sparking colors appeared below The Head General of Life of The United States, Anubis began to rotate around The God of Life, as he pulled again enough power to match galaxies and attach to The Universe Star.

God of Life: Takes almost nothing to move you miles.

He said smiling at his father as he walked forward towards him reaching out his hand as the Staff began to pull towards The God of Life.

God of Life: You will not bring our people backwards anymore father.

He said as the beings inside him without any help from a Universe Star produced so much energy they easily matched Anubis, The Staff flying from his hands as the Wolf Headed Anubis growled and howled crushing all life to dust and ash, as it grew again on his soil of Death.

The Staff of Time stopped midway to The God of Death, as Anubis reached out with all the power he could to pull it back to him.

As The God of Life and Death fought, The Staff of Time between them, The Star, similar to Moon Moon was named after itself because it was exactly that floated towards the staff with a handful of Life forms that touched down beneath The Tree of Time as they touched the soil which glowed brighter with their touch.

God of Life: Coward. I was a coward because it was my job to be everything you were not. But we are all together in this Universe, reach the edges and realize that the entire Universe would have to be upgraded to get to another Universe, we are not going anywhere until we ally and build The Universe.

No matter how hard The God of Death tried, The God of Life’s Head Builders of Life nurtured The Life. As quickly as they could grow The Life, Anubis stole the idea and countered it as Life died down again.

The God of Life descended down upon the Staff of Time surrounded by an armed forces defense Universe that rotated around him, everything covered with troops or weaponry. Shield moons swirling around everything, prepared to absorb any hit.

Reaching ground, his defense Universe took up orbit above him, as his team gathered around, he controlled the big version of himself, because it had to have a built image, with everyone on the team, he rarely had full control of The God of Life. But his own body was built by The Head Engineers and Scientists of The Life and Life-Code Agencies of The United States.

He held The Staff of Life of this Universe, all known Life stored upon it. Which meant The Universe owned it.

God of Life: Come to me Yggdrasil.

He said to his staff as Yggdrasil pumped his soul into The Staff of Life and out as his seed hit the ground growing quickly to a twig, continuing to grow.

The Males and Females all used their micro ships to transport eggs and sperm to the Staff to fuel the Life in it, as The Staff of Life grabbed onto Yggdrasil, figuring out exactly what it needed to grow as it engineered that as it nurtured life.

The Deathknaught Solar-System Universe appeared outside of Earths Solar-System.

Behind The God of Life appeared every form of ship to ever exist, all upgraded fully to the latest Element.

The War began around the gods as Yggdrasil grew fully to match The Tree of Death, pulling all the Life to the surface as they rose peacefully, not being torn apart.

Before Anubis used The United States Army doomsday devices positioned around him, The Armed Forces was still ahead of Life so they would always win.

Anubis had been playing with his son, using the time to gauge his power, watched as Master Chief, head of The Armed Forces when at war, even if they out ranked him he was in charge during battle and would answer for his behavior after The War was over, appeared just as Yggdrasil burned, Anubis breathing in all The Life and energy his son grew him. A beam shot forth from the center of The Death Dynamo Planet that he held in his hand.

His sons God of Life body burned and rotted in the ground as he woke up inside The Titan version of The God of Life in a new body.

Master Chief lifted his shield blocking the beam as the Roots below his mjolnir armor that reached below him with roots that stuck him in place in space, but he still was pushed back, he held for a while but finally his shield caved in as it was shoved into his chest, the beam knocking through him as Master Chief is thrown, the beam of Death smashing into The God of Life, the front of the body caving in as billions died to ressurect in The God of Lifes Universe far away.

The Skull and Bones rose from The Planet, Moons, Gas-Giant, and Star, as they where unleashed from their Death chains, so happy to be on Energy medication again and doing what they loved, building. As they fortified Anubises Solar-System. Anubis breathed out Energy in his personal atmosphere that they consumed, the inner spheres spinning rapidly, but the outer shell stationary as The Skulls and Bones built.

The God of Life and Master Chief regrouped as war raged around them.

Between them all appeared an image of The Head General of The United States, Rabert Hell Livingsun and Robert Mitchell Livingston as they say:

Rabert Hell Livingsun and Robert Mitchell Livingsun: You all fight like little girls with bodies that cost this Universe all that it could give.

With a simple image of Rabert Hell Livingsun, he grabbed his Advent Sword and Guard Shield as the image of him walked out of the calculator it was in.

As Anubis attacked The Head General of The United States, The Alpha Team of The United States, focused solely on Anubis and opened fire. Disappearing, Anubis was on his knees bleeding everywhere, his twig staff floating in space next to him.

Rabert Hell Livngsun: Oh look I already won.

He said walking in front of Anubis, his now very real and built image, a new one he had built just in the last few minutes. He stabbed Advent into Anubis, saying:

Rabert Hell Livingsun: Huh Hu Huuuu. How does that feel?

As he poked The God of Death over and over again, but he just smiled back, enjoying the pain as he stood back up.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: You do not order The General of The United States Army to stand down when his people are at risk.

He said as Anubis swallowed all the light he could, the entire area going dark as The Universe ships around Earths Solar-System absorbed and stopped it from spreading past there.

His Star, completely destroyed, filled his body, as he made his slave soldiers fight harder to use the power of Death.

Rabert Hell Livingsun smashed Advent and Guard together in front of them as the outer metal connecting sparked he said:

Ra Hell Sun: Let There Be Light.

As a Star ignited in front of Ra God of The Sun, Anubis welcomed the fire and energy as a starved star absorbs almost madly all the energy it could, glowing more then Ras.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: Where did I go wrong raising all of you?

The image of Rabert Hell Livingsun started to disappear into glowing lights and then into nothing.

Who ever held the main circuit of The Universe was technically leader of The Universe, currently Anubis God of Death.

The Reality Head General of The United States, The Head General of The United States Navy, The Head General of The United States Air Force, and The Head General of The United States Space force, all manned their own walls, as The Reality Head general stood in the center and lead them all, a lower level Head General in The United States Army on the Ground Wall.

The Armed Forces poured out of the calculator to surround The Head Generals, as they built the entire structure, a Solar-System springing up in The Calculator.

The entire Armed Forces started to calculate together on one thing, The Head Generals Calculator, their fleets, forces, and vehicles spread around the room as the troops thought about what they were focusing on the walls of The Calculator.

Power began to be pulled from Anubis as they out calculated him to take full control of The Universe Star until they could fully upgrade The Universe Star.

Taking full control of The Main connection to The Universe Star, another image of Rabert Hell Livingsun appears outside of their Calculator.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: Wrong direction, until we can control The Universe Star completely, the circuit is spread.

As Rabert Hell Livingsun looked at The Universe Star, his beings telling him that the circuit was now resembling what all the beings and Life where actually pulling in, no more Anubises using The Main connection to super charge themselves.

A Titan on a Universe Planet orbiting our Universe got so angry at Rabert Hell Livingsun, he flung a Universe moon at The Milky Way Galaxy as The Universe United States laughed thinking it the correct thing to do.

The United States Armed Forces Universe, similar size to The Universe we all are in appeared outside of our Universe as the moon stopped, pulled down to the planet like a meteoroid.

The Titans of The Universe laughed like it was a game as they caught it and threw back into orbit, as their bodies where surrounded by beings like ants. However there was a difference, The Armed Forces had to do it for our beings protection, these rich people where gods completely lost from reality.

The United States sprung a body below itself as ground and atmosphere with clouds appeared around The Universe of The United States, The Universe formed a face which mimicked Rabert Hell Livingsun and Robert Mitchell Livingsun holding The Shield and Sword of Advent Guard.

Rabert Hell Livingsun: My claim on this Universe is the oldest descendant of this Universe from The United States. We may be All, but when my beings are in danger they think one person specifically to make them think they are safe and know that it is true, that Rabert Hell Livingsun and his team are on it. The owners of This Universe who currently inhabit the Universe Planets, Gas-Giants, and Dynamo road networks care nothing of all of The Life within.

From The United States Alpha Universe flooded forth the history of one man so old it echoed across Universes when The United States was brought up in conversation, Rabert Hell Livingsun of The United of Beings and The Head General of The United States.

The beings who called themselves United States on The Universe scale looked to the skies as the Universe de-clocked, The Milky Way Galaxy shuttering it out for beings who were not ready yet. Some of those beings knew that what they had done in the last time so long that it could fill Universes made them Nazis while being The United States Government Universe. But they were Universe level beings, they had so much put into them no one would destroy one? That would be the utmost murder, as if people at Robert Mitchell Livingston and below, the slave level, compared to my level is that it would take me that much time and effort to replace what I lost compared the slave loosing almost nothing.

As a Universe Planet emerged from Rabert Hell Livingsuns head as he and all the beings contributed to what was going on around The Universe in Rabert Hell Livingsuns head, as he cut circuit after circuit to stop their Alpha team from taking control of them.

Alpha Team of The United States floated above The Universe planet we lived in as massive monkies and other similar species beat swords and shields on the ground spittle flying from their lips as they all thought to each other, THESE PEOPLE WANT TO SEE SAVAGE! THESE PEOPLE WANT TO LEARN PAIN! AS IF OUR TEAM WAS NOT WATCHING ALL THESE PREVIOUS YEARS AND STILL REMEMBERS WHAT HAPPENED, THAN THEY GET ANIMALS!

As the Massive vanguard Gorillas and Monkies fell upon The Universe Planet, Massive Wolves behind, Gorilla, Monkey, human, and peoples best friends.

The Spies within the Titan Gods reported back to Rabert Hell Livingsun and Robert Mitchell Livingston that they really did not believe they could be touched after doing so much in the past.

A roar echoed out of a cave on Alpha Predator Planet, as the Cats, Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, and the top felines came out of their caves, their minds so powerful that stars formed around their minds with just their raw power going through air that was in light.

The first wave hit The Titans, as their outsides were torn to shreds by howling primates, the beings within finally escaping their grasp long enough to learn they were slaves within, and began to flee as The Titans power shrank.

A Chimpanzee smashed its hammer down into the face of The Titan as its head cracked the thing screaming:

Universe Titan Puppet God: You cannot do this! To kill me is such murder that everyone would go against you.

Chimpanzee: Then where are they!

The howling mass overwhelmed The Universe Titan Puppet God as the other Alpha Predators of The United States rained down from The United States Alpha Predator Universe Planet to do what they were designed for.

Above in the atmosphere the birds, Bald Eagles, to Goldilocks, hawks, and the other predatory birds.

Giant Bears of all colors and sorts came out of caves from deep hibernation with other cave the other large felines.